Under the duvet with Under the Dome

Stephen King revives memories of South Africa’s fascist past for Barry Duke FOR years now, I have been in the habit of reading myself to sleep each night. No matter how tired I am, I will turn on my cherished Sony E-reader and absorb a few pages until the words start swimming on the screen, […]

What You Don’t know about Religion (but Should)

Professor JOHN RADFORD, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of East London, reviews What You Don’t Know About Religion (but should), by Ryan T Cragun.  Pitchstone Publishing, Durham NC, USA, 2013 (available as hard copy or e-book) THE author, pictured above,  is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Tampa, Florida. The “You”  […]

The New Encyclopedia of Unbelief

THE fact that I contributed one small article to this massive work hardly debars me, I think, from reviewing it. Owing little to A Rationalist Encyclopedia (1948) by Joseph McCabe, the book under review is edited by Tom Flynn, who also edits the American journal Free Inquiry, and it is the direct, expanded and updated, […]

D M Bennett, The Truth Seeker

DEROBIGNE Mortimer Bennett (1818-1882) was an American freethinker of strength and integrity. He founded the oldest freethought magazine still in existence – The Truth Seeker – and wrote and lectured prolifically. He was imprisoned for sending “obscene” material through the post; in his later years he travelled the world and developed an interest in Theosophy. […]

The Big Questions in Science and Religion

JOHN RADFORD, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at East London University, examines the views of ‘moderate and courteous’ theologian Keith Ward  (pictured above) contained in The Big Questions in Science and Religion – from the Freethinker, April 2009   THOSE criticising religion are often accused by theologians of not understanding “modern theology”. Keith Ward is Regius […]

So, which religion, if any, is ‘true’?

JOHN RADFORD, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at East London University, reviews The Outsider Test for Faith: How to Know Which Religion is True by John W Loftus. Prometheus Books, 2013. Available in hard copy and e-book format.   JOHN Loftus was raised as a Roman Catholic, was for 14 years an Evangelical Christian minister of […]

A Classic Introduction to Humanism

BARBARA Smoker first wrote this 80-page booklet 40 years ago as a primer for secondary schools so that adolescents could be introduced to Humanism during religious education lessons. The first edition was published by a mainstream publisher, Ward Lock Educational, and circulated to schools. It has since been re-published by freethinker publishers up to this […]

A story of revelation and rebirth

PETER BRIETBART reviews Losing My Religion by WILLIAM LOBDELL (pictured above) PACING across the bright, flood-lit stage, a faith-healer screeches Alleluiahs into the microphone, his voice echoing around the packed auditorium. As the offering buckets fill, an elderly man in a wheelchair empties what little money he has, catching the eye of the rock-star priest […]