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G.W. Foote & Co has published the following books in digital format, available from Amazon.


Freethinker’s Classics, #1. “Secularism is often accused of being atheistic. It is, however, neither atheistic nor theistic. It ignores the problem of God’s existence. £2.99




BARBARA SMOKER, born into a devout Roman Catholic family in London in 1923, was brain-washed by her convent education, which left her with the ambition to become a nun. But wartime service in the Women’s Royal Naval Service in multi-credal Ceylon gave her the opportunity to re-think her religious assumptions. £2.99



The first edition of this book, intended mainly for teenagers, was published in 1973 as a textbook for secondary schools. This current edition (the seventh), again updated and expanded, makes a useful resource for Religious Education teachers in years 9 to 13, to present alongside information on the major world religions. £4.99



Freethinker’s Classics, #2. This reprint of Shelley’s groundbreaking essay, edited by Nicolas Walter,
closely follows the original edition of 1811, and is followed by appendices containing the editorial introduction to the first facsimile edition of 1906, and an editorial note to this edition (1998). £2.99



First published in print in 2002, this edition was the first full and faithful translation of Diderot’s aphorisms, together with two extra items included in the same collection. £2.99




One of the Marquis de Sade’s earliest writings, the Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man (written 1782) is also one of the earliest modern statements of open atheism, and after more than two centuries it remains a classic of freethought. £2.99




This collection of his essays illustrates E M Forster’s vital Humanism. It provides an insight into Forster’s beliefs for students and readers of his novels. It will also appeal both to self-declared humanists, and to readers who are seeking an alternative to religious faith. £3.99