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The she-demons of Ireland

Last week two women set up a Twitter account, TwoWomenTravel, to document their journey from Ireland to the UK for an abortion. Priest-ridden Ireland of course still bans all abortion except (grudgingly) those absolutely necessary to save the woman’s life. They tweeted a photo of the plane under a lowering sky, of their message of […]

Pressure mounts on Ireland to scrap its foolish abortion ban

Two women have travelled from Ireland to the UK in order to get an abortion, and to protest and highlight the fact that abortion is illegal in the Republic of Ireland. According to this report, the pair recorded their journey on a Twitter account, TwoWomenTravel, posting photos and updates of their journey by plane, train, […]

Politician says he knows ‘for a fact’ that God does not exist

John Halligan, above, Ireland’s Minister of State for Training, Skills and Innovation, has outraged faith-heads by claiming that God does not exist, and that some people in the pro-life movement are ‘bastards’. According to this report, he equated anti-abortionists with the Jihadi terror group Isis. If that wasn’t enough to ruffle the fundies’ feathers, Halligan […]

Texas abortion ruling a major blow to the religious right

A decision by the US Supreme Court to strike down Texas’s anti-abortion law has angered the state’s godly Republican Governor Greg Abbot, above. Abbott condemned the decision by arguing that it jeopardises the state’s objective: To protect innocent life. The decision erodes State’s lawmaking authority to safeguard the health and safety of women and subjects […]

Drone challenges N Ireland’s draconian abortion laws

This week a drone, carrying a supply of pregnancy termination drugs, was flown into Northern Ireland as a protest against NI’s draconian anti-abortion laws. Northern Ireland’s status as the most religious part of the UK might be a relevant factor in its opposition to abortion. In the 2011 Census, some 82.3 percent of its residents […]

NI abortion sentence ‘unduly lenient’ says Christian crackpot

Bernadette Smyth, above, founder of Northern Ireland’s largest anti-abortion outfit, Precious Life, has expressed anger over an ‘unduly lenient’ three-month suspended sentence imposed by Belfast Crown Court on a 21-year-old woman who bought drugs online to terminate a pregnancy. Smyth is reported here as saying she was “very concerned about the judgement” and was: Very […]

Archbishop sparks a moral panic over Girl Scout cookies

A ‘spiritual crisis’ over the selling of  Girl Scout cookies on Catholic premises has been triggered by the archbishop of St Louis, Robert Carlson, above. In a letter circulated to the region’s priests and scout leaders, he questions whether the Girl Scout movement is spiritually in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church, according […]

Zika epidemic puts Catholic Church in a difficult position

The Catholic catechism states that besides ‘natural family planning’, anything else that works to render procreation impossible is ‘intrinsically evil’. The Rev Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, an anti-abortion outfit in the US, said that means birth control is wrong no matter what. That prohibition doesn’t change based on circumstances. So […]

Anti-abortion extremists could be jailed for up to 20 years

Anti-abortion filmmaker David Daleiden, 27, above, is in deep trouble. The man who was lauded last year by Christianity Today for his efforts to bring down ‘abortion giant’ Planned Parenthood, has been indicted by a Texas jury, along with cohort Sandra Merritt, for tampering with a governmental record. According to The Guardian, Daleiden, who received […]

Reactionary forces in Northern Ireland block abortion reform

An alliance of evangelical Protestants, the Catholic church and a majority of Northern Ireland’s  Assembly’s politicians has prevented the UK Abortion Act of 1967 from being extended to the region. According to the Guardian, Northern Ireland’s first female leader Arlene Foster, above, vowed to maintain the Democratic Unionist party’s opposition to any reform of the […]