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Jailed pastor Kenneth Adkins: ‘I’m innocent, pray for me’

Pastor Ken Adkins, of the Greater Dimensions Christian Fellowship church in Georgia, has been jailed for life for aggravated child molestation involving a teenage boy and girl. Hours before the sentence was imposed, the rabidly anti-gay Adkins, who was found guilty of several charges earlier this month, said: I was convicted and sentenced because of […]

US doctor admits mutilating girls for religious reasons

Jumana Nagarwala, above, a Detroit-area Muslim doctor accused of mutilating the genitals of young girls, did so for religious reasons. Her attorney, Shannon Smith, acknowledged during a federal court hearing that Nagarwala, 44, removed the girls’ genital membrane as part of a custom practiced by the Dawoodi Bohra, a small sect of Indian Muslims of which Nagarwala […]

Catholic official arrested for photographing underage boys

Evrard-Nicolas Sarot, 53, above right, employed by the Church to offer pastoral care at Schiphol airport in Holland, was arrested in Cambodia this week for photographing naked underage boys. According to Dutch News, he was nabbed on suspicion of producing child pornography. He paid the boys, all younger than 15, to pose for him. Police […]

Evidence linking Catholics to slavery surfaces in Ireland

Tom Wall, above, who suffered horrific abuse at the hands of Christian Brothers at a notorious industrial school in Limerick in Ireland, claims the Catholic order tried to destroy documents that showed that boys at the school were being sold into slavery. According to this Sunday Independent report, in 1973, with the Glin Industrial School about […]

Irish revolt against a religious order getting a new hospital

More than 57,000 people have signed a petition seeking to prevent the Sisters of Charity in Ireland from becoming the owner of the new National Maternity Hospital. According to this report, survivors of the notorious Magdalene Launderies, which were run by the order, have highlighted the fact the order still has to pay millions of […]

Utah: ‘An extraordinarily good’ Mormon bishop jailed for rape

When Keith Robert Vallejo, above, was sentenced to life imprisonment for sexual abuse and rape, Utah judge Thomas Low, inset, described him as ‘an extraordinarily good man’, adding ‘but great men sometimes do bad things’. According to the Guardian, one of Vallejo’s victim said on Friday that Low appeared to care more about the person […]

Kinky Georgia pastor Kenneth Adkins faces a long term in jail

Last August Charlotte Stormy Adkins protested at the arrest of her husband, pastor Kenneth Adkins, 57, on eight counts of child molestation of a young boy and girl. His wife said: We are disappointed with what appears to be a rush to judgment by law enforcement authorities in this case. We are confident that Kenneth […]

Spanish police arrest Muslim couple for abuse of daughter

In a case indicative of Spain’s determination to clamp down on Islamic extremism and child abuse, a husband and wife were arrested this week for abusing their daughter who had who strayed from their devout Muslim lifestyle. According to this report, the girl from San Javier in Murcia was insulted and beaten for her “Western” […]

American Atheists sue over forced baptism of Ohio boy

Pam Iorio, above, heads an organisation called Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. It was established to team youngsters up with adult role models and says on its website: When children and teens have the influence of a caring adult, they are more likely to avoid risky behaviors and to focus on academics. Today’s youth […]

Salvation Army pair jailed for abusing a captive woman

A Northern Ireland couple who met when they were both working for the Salvation Army were jailed this week for keeping a woman as a sex slave for eight years. Keith Baker, 61, above, was sentenced to 15 years years and his wife Caroline, 54, received a three-year sentence, 18 months of which will be […]