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Argentine Culture Minister in hot water for eating Jesus cake

More than 26,000 people have signed a petition calling for sacking of the Culture Minister of Buenos Aires, Enrique Avogadro, for participating in a ‘blasphemous’ Jesus cake caper at an exhibition of modern art. The petition (in Spanish) said Avogadro, pictured centre at the exhibition, had committed: A grave offence against the Catholic religion, a […]

Glitzy Catholic fashion event in US attacked from all sides

On Monday night New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 70th Met Gala made Catholic fashion the theme of a new exhibition, which opens to the public tomorrow, May 10. Pop idol Rihanna, above turned up at the gala launch looking like a pope, and other big names in fashion and music decked themselves out in […]

Muslims condemn French call to rid the Koran of its nasty bits

The head of the Great Mosque of Bordeaux, Tareq Obrou, above, is one of a number of Muslim leaders who have expressed outrage over an  ‘almost blasphemous’ letter signed by by 300 public figures who want ‘hateful’ verses in the Koran struck out. According to this report, the letter, titled Manifesto against the new anti-Semitism, has […]

In this new church, the Holy Spirit comes in bottles & cans

Around eight months ago ‘Pope’ Tsietsi Makiti, above, launched a church intended to be a haven for boozers. Yesterday an AP report said that Gabola Church is gaining in popularity, and it quoted Makiti as saying: We are a church for those who have been rejected by other churches because they drink alcohol. Gabola Church […]

Indian cartoonist who ‘hurt Hindu feelings’ faces charges

The Hyderabad police have registered a case against Swathi Vadlamudi, a journalist working for an English daily, for a cartoon she created in response to high profile rape cases in India. According to this report, after Vadlamudi posted the cartoon on her Facebook page, an official complaint was lodged against her on Monday by Hindu […]

Indian court asked to rule on ‘blasphemous’ movie song

On Sunday it was wanking. Today winking. In February Pakistan’s Daily Times reported on how Priya Prakash Varrier had become an overnight sensation after she posted a video clip on Instagram, showing her winking at a young man. The scene is from a song in movie  – Oru Adaar Love – and the video went […]

Demand for atheism rises in countries under Islamic rule

The scientist and author Richard Dawkins is giving away translations of The God Delusion in countries under Islamic rule like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan. The reason behind the decision is the thirst for atheism in such countries. Whilst 3.3 million copies of the bestseller have been sold since 2006, the unofficial Arabic pdf alone […]

Christians in anger overdrive over Sweet Jesus ice cream

A petition launched in Canada is demanding that Toronto-based chain Sweet Jesus changes its name to something less ‘blasphemous’ and ‘hateful’ to Christians. And the Activist Mommy blog has another complaint: You will probably notice something else about the above image as well as the suggestion that the Sweet Jesus ice cream products are somehow […]

Church’s ‘Stations of the Cross’ exhibition sparks controversy

A church in London has been forced to move a life-size statue of a crucified Imperial Star Wars stormtrooper to less-prominent place after complaints from parishioners. The artwork, according to Artnet News, was to be the centrepiece of a “Stations of the Cross” exhibition due to open tomorrow (Thursday) at London’s historic St Stephen Walbrook church. […]

Pakistani judges exonerate man jailed for blasphemy

A 58-year-old Pakistani man, jailed for life in 2009 for blasphemy, was freed last week after a two-judge Supreme Court panel ruled that he had falsely been accused. Mohammad Mansha was arrested in 2008 after the imam of a mosque in the Bahawalnagar district in Punjab province told authorities he had desecrated a copy of […]