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Indian cartoonist who ‘hurt Hindu feelings’ faces charges

The Hyderabad police have registered a case against Swathi Vadlamudi, a journalist working for an English daily, for a cartoon she created in response to high profile rape cases in India. According to this report, after Vadlamudi posted the cartoon on her Facebook page, an official complaint was lodged against her on Monday by Hindu […]

Indian court asked to rule on ‘blasphemous’ movie song

On Sunday it was wanking. Today winking. In February Pakistan’s Daily Times reported on how Priya Prakash Varrier had become an overnight sensation after she posted a video clip on Instagram, showing her winking at a young man. The scene is from a song in movie  – Oru Adaar Love – and the video went […]

Demand for atheism rises in countries under Islamic rule

The scientist and author Richard Dawkins is giving away translations of The God Delusion in countries under Islamic rule like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan. The reason behind the decision is the thirst for atheism in such countries. Whilst 3.3 million copies of the bestseller have been sold since 2006, the unofficial Arabic pdf alone […]

Christians in anger overdrive over Sweet Jesus ice cream

A petition launched in Canada is demanding that Toronto-based chain Sweet Jesus changes its name to something less ‘blasphemous’ and ‘hateful’ to Christians. And the Activist Mommy blog has another complaint: You will probably notice something else about the above image as well as the suggestion that the Sweet Jesus ice cream products are somehow […]

Church’s ‘Stations of the Cross’ exhibition sparks controversy

A church in London has been forced to move a life-size statue of a crucified Imperial Star Wars stormtrooper to less-prominent place after complaints from parishioners. The artwork, according to Artnet News, was to be the centrepiece of a “Stations of the Cross” exhibition due to open tomorrow (Thursday) at London’s historic St Stephen Walbrook church. […]

Pakistani judges exonerate man jailed for blasphemy

A 58-year-old Pakistani man, jailed for life in 2009 for blasphemy, was freed last week after a two-judge Supreme Court panel ruled that he had falsely been accused. Mohammad Mansha was arrested in 2008 after the imam of a mosque in the Bahawalnagar district in Punjab province told authorities he had desecrated a copy of […]

Holy Cow! Crucified bovine outrages Flemish Catholics.

A ‘sodomite artist’ named Tom Herck has outraged Catholics by placing a crucified cow in the Saint John the Baptist Church of Kuttekoven, in the Flemish town of Borgloon. I have no idea whether Herck, pictured above with his provocative artwork, is gay or straight, but check out this headline: It appears on the Pope […]

Islamists in Libya shut down ‘blasphemous’ comic event

Libya’s second Comic Con event was brought to a sudden end on Friday when an Islamist paramilitary group raided it, citing a range of offences against Islam. According to this report, the so-called RADA Special Deterrence Forces (SDF) paramilitary group detained and assaulted some 20 fans. They also seized computers and other equipment, saying that […]

New horror movie will outrage Christians, Catholics especially

In a scathing attack on a movie called Mother!, Kyle Smith of The National Review wrote this week that the film ‘is a macabre pastiche of people’s most cherished and deeply held beliefs.’ Deliberately grotesque and nauseating, and seemingly engineered to outrage Christians, especially Catholics, Mother! represents a stain on the reputation of Paramount Pictures […]

Death sentence for man who blasphemed on Facebook

In a week that saw Canada ditch its 90-year-old blasphemy law, an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan sentenced a man to death for committing blasphemy on Facebook. A court in Bahawalpur yesterday handed down the verdict – the harshest yet for such a crime – after finding Taimoor Raza, 30, above, guilty of insulting the “prophet” […]