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Ireland made to look stupid over blasphemy complaint

News that actor, writer and comedian Stephen Fry is being investigated for possibly breaching Ireland’s blasphemy law, went viral at the weekend and has attracted condemnation from many quarters. Professor David Nash, above, an international expert on the history and contemporary status of blasphemy laws throughout Europe and beyond, told Atheist Ireland: This incident really […]

Three women are to be put on trial for parading a giant vagina

Thanks to an intervention by Spain’s Association of Christian Lawyers (ACL), three women who paraded a giant vagina through the streets of Seville in 2014 could be convicted for a ‘religious hate crime’. According to this report, at their first trial a judge acquitted the three, saying they had legitimately exercised freedom of expression. This […]

Play featuring biblical figures as gay branded ‘blasphemous’

America Needs Fatima, a conservative Catholic group, has slammed an Atlanta theatre for planning to stage The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, a play  that re-imagines biblical figures as queer. According to this report, the Out Front Theatre Company’s production the play doesn’t officially open until April 27, but has already been slammed as “blasphemous” by […]

Pakistan: another ‘blasphemer’ killed by murderous Islamists

University student Mashal Khan, above, was brutally slain in Pakistan on the morning of April 13, by fellow students who ‘turned into barbarians’. Rumours had started circulating on the morning of April 13 about Khan’s alleged gustakhi – literally disrespect, but in the context of Pakistan, blasphemy. Concerned by these rumours, some of his teachers drove  […]

International Atheist of the Year ceremony held in Poland

At the weekend, the International Atheist Award was jointly handed in Warsaw to Michael Nugent, of Atheist Ireland and Fauzia Ilyas, founder of the Atheist & Agnostic Alliance Pakistan (AAAP) which is affiliated to the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB). They are pictured above with holding their awards. The ceremony, organised by the Kazimierz Lyszczynski Foundation, […]

Good news: Singapore blogger is granted asylum in the US

Teenage blogger Amos Yee, above, who was jailed twice in Singapore for posting political and religious criticism online, has been granted asylum in the United States, according to the BBC. Yee, 18, was detained in the US when he arrived at Chicago’s O’Hare airport in December. He came into the country on a tourist visa […]

Pakistan wants help to silence ‘blasphemers’ worldwide

Satirists have jumped at the opportunity to point and laugh at Pakistan’s plan to to launch a worldwide hunt to identify and punish ‘blasphemers’ who use Facebook and Twitter to insult Islam. Pakistan Today, for example, ran a piece entitled “Facebook to add ‘Kafir! Kafir!’ emoji reaction amidst clampdown on blasphemous content.” In a major […]

Denmark hits Koran burner with its ancient blasphemy law

The ‘crime’ of blasphemy in Denmark has been around for over 150 years, and the last time it was used – unsuccessfuly – was in 1971. But it’s being dusted off again to prosecute a Danish man who posted a video of himself torching Koran on Facebook. According to this report, the 42-year-old put the […]

Christian killjoys queer the pitch for gay nativity figurines

When the demented Andrea Williams of Christian Concern got wind of the fact that Christmas decorations featuring same-sex couples were being sold on the crafts website Zazzle she went ballistic. According to Pink News, the loathsome woman said: These decorations are a desperate and ridiculous attempt to pretend that homosexual relationships are pure and holy. […]

MP slams BBC for vilifying Olympic athlete Louis Smith

Conservative MP Charles Walker has accused the BBC of placing itself ‘firmly at the head of the mob’ who attacked Louis Smith for lampooning Islam. Walker also said the Government was “nowhere to be seen” when it should have been defending free expression. He added that the Government’s silence over the hounding and death threats […]