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Pope’s ‘special envoy’ blunder infuriates Scranton Catholics

There was uproar among Catholics in Scranton, Pennsylvania, when it was announced last week that Pope Francis had chosen disgraced Cardinal Roger Mahony, above, to be his special envoy at an event to celebrate the local diocese’s 150th anniversary Mass on March 4. Their anger was understandable. For, according to this report, Mahony – Archbishop Emeritus […]

Secularism is as great a threat to Christianity as terrorism

Former US House Speaker Newt Gingrich – a Catholic Republican – claimed last night that Western secularism is as great a threat to Christianity as that posed by terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaida. However he believes that in the current culture war raging between faith-heads and secularists, religion will eventually win. Addressing about 300 […]

Planned Parenthood supporter wins Catholic school battle

Last week Kate Murray, a student at Sacred Heart Greenwich Girls’ school in Connecticut, was given an ultimatum: ‘Remove a Planned Parenthood sticker from your laptop computer or be expelled.’  But, according to this report, the school quickly backed down after students and parents expressed outrage. Many sent letters to the administration to express their […]

Time running out for Australia’s devoutly Catholic Deputy PM

Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s staunchly Catholic Deputy Prime Minister, could be ‘rolled out of office like a dangerously bulging tin of deeply dodgy potted meat’ by the end of this week, according to John Birmingham, writing for The Sydney Morning Herald. And if he is, there will be jubilation among the country’s LGBT communities. For Joyce, […]

Catholic school feels parents’ wrath for sacking gay teacher

Shortly after teacher Jocelyn Morffi married Natasha Hass at the beginning of February, Miami’s Sts Peter and Paul Catholic School sacked her – then, in a letter to parents, asked them to pray for the school. Instead, according to this report, about a dozen angry parents showed up at the school the next day, demanding an […]

Yoga may not send you to Hell, but it won’t get you to Heaven

Matt Walsh, above, described here as ‘a hipster Christian blogger’ and ‘basically an outright asshole’, last week went gunning for Christians who see no harm in yoga. He reported here that he tweeted: It’s kind of amazing to see all of the Christians who think nothing of going to a yoga class. There are many […]

A shortage of Irish exorcists has led to an upsurge of evil

Father Pat Collins, described as ‘a renowned exorcist’, has accused the Catholic Church of failing to deal adequately with an increase of evil in Ireland. According to this report, the priest – in an open letter to the church hierarchy – exhorted his country’s bishops to provide more backup in dealing with an “exponential” surge […]

Ireland: anti-LGBT counselling services risk losing funding

Relationship and marriage services in Ireland risk losing state funding unless they adhere to a new government policy which says lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people should not be turned away. According to this report, such agencies “could be forced to close unless they bow to demands that they support same-sex couples”. The country’s largest […]

More Catholic schools needed to project children into heaven

Growing secularism in the US has led to an increasing number of Catholic schools closing, but bishop George V Murry, above, of Youngstown, Ohio, imagines the trend can be reversed if parents were made to believe that a Catholic education would fast-track their kids to heaven. According to this report, he said: Many parents don’t […]

US’s ‘most unpopular Governor’ plunges into religious waters

When it was announced by the Trump administration last year that Catholic Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, above, was to be nominated as an Ambassador for Religious Freedom,  Minority Leader Anthony Hensley suggested that the state would be well rid of Brownback. In a statement, Hensley said: Sam Brownback will be remembered for becoming the most […]