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Trouble ahead for Pope’s World Families gathering in Ireland

The World Meeting of Families congress, scheduled to take place in Dublin in August with Pope Francis at the helm, faces competition from an alternative gathering organised by conservative Catholics. Outraged by the fact that an LGBT-friendly priest, Fr James Martin, above, has been invited to be a keynote speaker at the WMOF 2018, the […]

Scottish MSP: ‘Catholics are being treated with contempt’

James Kelly, above, a Labour member of the Scottish parliament, has accused the government of ‘treating the Catholic community with complete contempt’ because a working group set up to define sectarianism contained no representatives of the Catholic Church or Irish community. According to this report, during a debate last week, Kelly said: I welcome the setting […]

Out with the priests: US School Board vote upsets Christians

Fairfax County School Board in Virginia yesterday voted to remove ‘clergy’ from a list of trusted adults with whom children could talk about their concerns regarding sex or sexuality. This despite the fact that – ahead of the vote – the Most Reverend Michael F Burbidge, above, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, warned […]

Anti-abortion US writer wants Catholics to boycott Irish goods

John Clark, above, an American writer and father of nine, last week lamented the result of the Irish referendum on abortion, saying that ‘God was voted down at the ballot box in Ireland’ – and it was Ireland’s ‘darkest hour’. He went on to call for an international boycott of Irish products. Though other countries […]

Jesus statue ‘too Catholic’ for a Baptist Church, and has to go

A hand-carved, 7-foot statue has been displayed outside the front entrance of Red Bank Baptist Church in Lexington, South Carolina, for a decade, but church members voted last month to have it removed. In a letter to Delbert Baker Jr – the man who created the statue and accompanying reliefs depicting scenes from Christ’s life […]

Judge hears sadistic Catholic nun confess to child cruelty

High Court judge Lady Smith, above, who is heading the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, this week heard a 77-year-old nun admitting to a series of cruel acts she inflicted on orphans. According to this report, the nun, who unfortunately cannot be identified, apologised to those she “mistreated” at Nazareth House homes in Aberdeen and Lasswade, […]

Spain’s new atheist PM wants religion kept out of schools

Pedro Sánchez, an atheist to the core, today became the first Spanish Prime Minister to be sworn in without a Bible or a crucifix on the table before him – a day after the stunning parliamentary defeat of his predecessor Mariano Rajoy. Four years ago Sánchez, then General Secretary of the Socialist Party (PSOE), confirmed […]

Argentine Culture Minister in hot water for eating Jesus cake

More than 26,000 people have signed a petition calling for sacking of the Culture Minister of Buenos Aires, Enrique Avogadro, for participating in a ‘blasphemous’ Jesus cake caper at an exhibition of modern art. The petition (in Spanish) said Avogadro, pictured centre at the exhibition, had committed: A grave offence against the Catholic religion, a […]

Oregon church hit with $2.3-million lawsuit for homophobia

The Holy Rosary Church in Portland is being sued by an events company that was forced by a ‘morals clause’ to turn down a gay event it was was asked to organise in 2015 in a building owned by the church. According to this report, the Ambridge Event Center was approached by PFLAG (Parents, Families […]

A landslide!

Amnesty UK on the facts about abortion in Ireland before the vote to repeal the 8th amendment (convert all verbs to the past tense): Any woman who has an abortion in Ireland faces up to 14 years in prison. The only case in which a woman is legally allowed to terminate her pregnancy, is when her […]