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‘Cowardly, evil’ Catholic brother jailed in Brisbane for 8 years

Francis Brophy, 87, above, began an eight year jail sentence today (Monday) after Brisbane District Court judge William Everson found him guilty of sexually abusing nine ‘vulnerable and marginalised’ boys at a Queensland orphanage. Everson, according to this report, denounced Brophy as “a cowardly, evil paedophile” who preyed on defenceless boys at the Scenic Rim […]

Woman weds Jesus but the groom was otherwise tied up

Catholics do stoopid on a scale few other religions can match. This was most recently demonstrated in Fort Wayne when Jessica Hayes, 38 – ‘a beloved theology’ teacher at Bishop Dwenger High School – took Jesus Christ to be her awful lawful wedded husband. Jesus, who apparently had better things to do than attend this silly […]

Yet another ‘whoops’ moment for the Roman Catholic Church

At the beginning of July, Marcin A Nurek, 37, above, was ordained a priest – but before he could take up his a post as parochial vicar this month at St Catherine of Siena Church in Mountain Lakes in New Jersey, he was arrested for allegedly fondling a teen’s butt and telling her ‘you’re sexy’. Richard Sokerka, […]

Seven Catholic priests walk into a pub in Cardiff and ….

They get told to remove themselves because a member of staff thinks they are on a stag do and are wearing clerical fancy dress. According to this report,  the seven seminarians, including Reverend Robert James, pictured above, found themselves barred from the City Arms last Saturday afternoon, despite protesting they weren’t in in priestly garb for […]

Congregation asked to pray for priest who procured a girl of 13

Following the arrest in  the Philippines of Monsignor Arnel Lagarejos, above, for procuring a 13-year-old girl for sex, the Diocese of Antipolo asked for ‘prayers’ for the 55-year-old. According to this report, priest from a parish in Taytay, Rizal, was arrested on Friday night for allegedly “booking” a 13-year-old girl with the help of a […]

More than 500 kids abused in Catholic schools over 60 years

Ulrich Weber, above, a German lawyer tasked with investigating abuse at two Catholic institutions – including the famous Regensburger Domspatzen boys’ choir – today revealed in a report that ‘at least’ 547 children had been the victims of sadists and sexual predators. According to the BBC, the alleged physical cruelty, including sexual abuse, relates to children […]

MT sari ‘trademarked’ to stop exploitation of her brand

Before she snuffed it in 1997 Mother Teresa reportedly said that her name ‘should not be exploited for commercial purposes’ – but that’s not stopped some folks from making dosh from MT memorabilia. For example, the signed photo above is currently available on eBay; a snip at $1,899.99. The same seller is offering a signed […]

Bishops reminded that ‘magic crackers’ can’t be gluten-free

Back in 2012 the US Conference of Catholic Bishops said in a statement that ‘it is impossible to consecrate a host made of something other than wheat and water.’ They were reacting to a trend which saw certain manufacturers producing communion wafters that were gluten-free. However, according to this report, low-gluten wafers were OK. Mark […]

Gay orgy in the Vatican: the truth about Luigi Capozzi

I held off from posting this week about  ‘drug-fuelled gay orgies’ in the Vatican because all the recent reports I read seemed thin on substance and were pretty damned garbled. But, thanks to veteran Catholic journalist Phil Lawler, we now have a much clearer picture of the man at the centre of the Vatican’s latest […]

Anger expressed over church screening of ‘satanic’ movies

Father Patrick McCafferty, parish priest for Corpus Christi Parish in west Belfast, ­has expressed anger over the fact that organisers of the 2017 Belfast Film Festival have chosen to to screen The Exorcist and The Omen in the disused Holy Rosary Church. Describing it as a “cheap stunt”, the priest asked: What is their motivation […]