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More than 500 kids abused in Catholic schools over 60 years

Ulrich Weber, above, a German lawyer tasked with investigating abuse at two Catholic institutions – including the famous Regensburger Domspatzen boys’ choir – today revealed in a report that ‘at least’ 547 children had been the victims of sadists and sexual predators. According to the BBC, the alleged physical cruelty, including sexual abuse, relates to children […]

MT sari ‘trademarked’ to stop exploitation of her brand

Before she snuffed it in 1997 Mother Teresa reportedly said that her name ‘should not be exploited for commercial purposes’ – but that’s not stopped some folks from making dosh from MT memorabilia. For example, the signed photo above is currently available on eBay; a snip at $1,899.99. The same seller is offering a signed […]

Bishops reminded that ‘magic crackers’ can’t be gluten-free

Back in 2012 the US Conference of Catholic Bishops said in a statement that ‘it is impossible to consecrate a host made of something other than wheat and water.’ They were reacting to a trend which saw certain manufacturers producing communion wafters that were gluten-free. However, according to this report, low-gluten wafers were OK. Mark […]

Gay orgy in the Vatican: the truth about Luigi Capozzi

I held off from posting this week about  ‘drug-fuelled gay orgies’ in the Vatican because all the recent reports I read seemed thin on substance and were pretty damned garbled. But, thanks to veteran Catholic journalist Phil Lawler, we now have a much clearer picture of the man at the centre of the Vatican’s latest […]

Anger expressed over church screening of ‘satanic’ movies

Father Patrick McCafferty, parish priest for Corpus Christi Parish in west Belfast, ­has expressed anger over the fact that organisers of the 2017 Belfast Film Festival have chosen to to screen The Exorcist and The Omen in the disused Holy Rosary Church. Describing it as a “cheap stunt”, the priest asked: What is their motivation […]

Priest, up to his neck in a cash scandal, is made a cardinal

There was widespread speculation a few weeks back that Mali Archbishop Jean Zerbo, above, due to made a cardinal by Pope Francis, would not get his prized red hat because of alleged dodgy dealings involving €12 million (£10.5 million) that had accumulated in Swiss bank accounts. However, the allegations did nothing to change Frankie mind, […]

Catholic Malta aims to be a world champion of gay rights

Last month LifeShiteNews went into outrage overdrive when it reported that a rainbow flag had ‘sacrilegiously’ been used as an altar cloth as part of sustained campaign by a gay Catholic activist group to get the church in Malta to ‘accept homosexual marriage, sodomy and adoption of children by same-sex couples’. Worse still, the group […]

Poles apart: religion and the real world

When I was growing up in a religious Polish family I found myself really close to the church. I spend years helping with all all the ceremonies, and watching people who were attending them. I could not speak against the religion as this would have been unacceptable, but what I could do was simply observe […]

Holy See ‘regrets’ charges against Cardinal George Pell

The Holy See today issued a statement in response to news that one of the Vatican’s top officials – Cardinal George Pell, 76, above, left, with Pope Francis – had been charged with multiple “historical” sexual offences. Its press office said: The Holy See has learned with regret the news of charges filed in Australia […]

Catholic comedian’s big gay day out attracts criticism

Yesterday, LifeSiteNews published a bunch of contact details for US comedian Jim Gaffigan, above. To what end? The right-wing site apparently wants its readers to let Gaffigan know – in a “respectful” manner, of course – that it’s not OK to attend a Gay Pride Parade with one’s family. And Gaffigan, a popular Catholic entertainer, […]