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Jesuit priest slams church over canceled human rights festival

Rev James Martin, above, has waded into a row over the cancellation of a human rights arts festival that was to take place on yesterday (Sunday) at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in New York. The festival included a comedy improvisation, “Thank You for Coming Out”,  about revealing gay identity, and a series of original cabaret […]

Vatican hit by fresh scandals

Indonesian Bishop Hubertus Leteng, above, has resigned following allegations by dozens of priests in the Diocese of Ruteng of having a mistress and misusing tens of thousands of dollars of church funds. According to this report, Pope Francis accepted his resignation this week, though the bishop did not provide a reason for his departure. The […]

Catholic seminary head resigns over fatherhood scandal

Father Oscar Turrion,  above, head of the Rome seminary of the Legionaries of Christ, is to leave the priesthood after it was revealed last week that he had fathered two children. The order said in a statement late on Friday that Turrion would would no longer serve as a priest. It also released a letter […]

Jesus Christ! Is this the worst Christian video ever made?

Do you know who Trisha Kay Paytas is? If you do, you’re one up on me, as I’d never heard of the busty blonde until a Freethinker reader messaged me today with a link and the words ‘you’re gonna LOVE this video’. So I clicked on the YouTube link to “I Love You Jesus” and […]

Gagged priest gets his voice back and attacks xenophobia

A few years back priest and journalist Fr Adam Boniecki, above, angered  the Catholic Church in Poland by sounding off about its too cozy relationship with racist, right-wing elements in the country. Things came to a head in 2011 when he when he defended efforts by the liberal, anti-clerical Palikot Movement – now called Your […]

Canadian police issue arrest warrant for Vatican diplomat

Ontario lawyer Robert Talach, above, has lashed out at the Vatican, alleging that it swiftly moved to protect a priest who is wanted by police in Canada where he faces child pornography charges. According to this report, Monsignor Carlo Capella, a high-ranking Catholic diplomat, was hastily whisked from the US to the Vatican earlier this month […]

Catholic Church should have no part in gay marriage debate

Louisa Wall, above, the MP who authored New Zealand’s same-sex marriage bill, has slammed the Catholic Church for poking its nose into Australia’s postal survey on gay marriage. Wall is reported here as saying that, given its record of child sexual abuse, the Church has no moral authority to interfere with the same-sex marriage ballot […]

Seeking publicity in the name of absurd religious sentiments

Gaurav Tyagi, a new contributor to the Freethinker, reflects on the recent row over an Australian advertisement for meat. India has lodged a diplomatic protest with Australia over the ad. The Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) in India also raised objections to it and sought a boycott of Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and a ban […]

Jesus turns wine into water – Catholics in India are appalled

An amusing ad for Australian meat was attacked today by the the Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) in India for, among other things, showing Jesus turning wine into water for a ‘designated driver’ attending a dinner party. According to this report, the Australian advertising campaign launched by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) features “revered” mythical figures […]

Bishop: ‘gays are like drunks, you can’t reason with them’

Portsmouth Bishop Philip Egan, above, reckons that when they are challenged, homosexuals ‘lash out, full of rage’ as a way of justifying their lifestyles. According to this report, he insisted: Like with a drunk, you can’t reason with them. Egan was commenting on angry reactions to comments made last Thursday on Good Morning Britain by […]