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‘Keep your mouth shut!’

On Wednesday The New York Times talked to Donald Trump’s chief White House strategist, Steve Bannon, above, formerly executive chair of the far-right website Breitbart News. What Bannon had to say is startling. “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while,” Mr. Bannon said during […]

Charlie Hebdo has ‘gone soft’ on Islamic extremists

Despite the fact that French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo continues to flourish – it has just launched a German edition – it has been accused of surrendering to Islamic extremists by avoiding depictions of the ‘prophet’ Mohammed. The accusation was made by one of its staff members, Zineb El Rhazoui, 35, above, who survived the […]

Shiva party poster censored in the wake of Hindu fury

A grovelling apology has been issued to the Hindus in the UK after outrage was expressed over a poster advertising a Bollywood event in Manchester. The poster,  for a party in February called “Bollywood themed chaos” at the Albert Hall, Manchester, shows the Indian god Shiva smoking and drinking. The Albert Hall in Manchester has […]

Homosexual ‘bullies’ force removal of Lord Carey portrait

The Christian Institute has vented it’s anger over a decision by King’s College in London top remove a window depicting former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey. The CI reports that it was removed because of a successful five-year campaign by LGBT “bullies” who had branded Carey a “homophobe”. In 2012, Lord Carey, a King’s College […]

Expelled from Boston Atheists for Thought Crime

I have written for the atheist/secular humanist press since 1974, when my first article appeared in the venerable British monthly, The Freethinker (established 1881).  I remember that, from time to time, we would debate the best names to apply to ourselves: atheist, agnostic, freethinker, or secular humanist.  I myself have always liked freethinker — someone […]

Vatican gets all prissy over Anne Boleyn’s ‘pritty duckys’

The Vatican has reportedly denied the BBC permission to film a letter written by Henry VIII to his sweetheart because it refers to his kissing Bolyn’s ‘pritty duckys’. Apparently, the Vatican thought the letter was far too risqué for viewers of an upcoming BBC’s programme, Six Wives with Lucy Worsley. However, Vatican authorities did allow […]

Jewish newspaper publishes ‘modest’ photo of Clinton

An Orthodox Jewish newpaper based in Monsey, New York, has become the target of scorn after it published a photo of Hillary Clinton with her face obscured. According to this report,, an Orthodox dating website, reacted to the Yated Ne’eman picture by saying: History is made as Yated Ne’eman publishes a picture of Hillary […]

Christians in Estonia kick up a fuss over Virgin Mary exhibit

Visitors to Estonia’s new National Museum are invited to kick the base of a glass box containing an image of the Virgin Mary, but the clever high-tech exhibit has enraged Christians who want it removed. According to this report, when people kick a spot on the plinth below the glass box, the Mary image fragments […]

Censorship is being forced on Facebook over atheist pages

A coordinated campaign by fundamentalist Islamic groups has led to Facebook shutting down a number of Arabic atheist pages. According to this report, the social media platform has removed more than 16 Arabic-speaking atheist pages due to “violations” of its “Community Standards”. The closure has left more than 100,000 atheists in Muslim dominant countries without […]

Two Turkish journalists jailed over Charlie Hebdo cartoons

Turkish journalists Hikmet Cetinkaya, left, and Ceyda Karan, are to appeal two-year jail sentences imposed on them yesterday for fomenting ‘hatred and enmity in the people via means of the press’ by republishing cartoons of the ‘prophet’ Mohammed from the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. According to this report, the cartoons in Cumhuriyet, an opposition […]