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‘Gay cure’ charlatan Joseph Nicolosi is dead aged 70

When news broke earlier this month that Nicolosi, above – known as ‘the father of gay reparative therapy’ – had died, LifeSiteNews ran a grossly inaccurate headline: ‘Joseph Nicolosi helped thousands coping with unwanted homosexual desires’. He most certainly did not. In fact, the devout Catholic quack, according to Christian writer Jonathan Merritt, wrecked “countless” […]

Naturopath accused of causing woman’s death shot dead

Omer Ahmetovic, centre, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, was arrested this week for allegedly shooting dead naturopath Dr Juan S Gonzalez, inset, whom he blamed for causing his wife’s death. According to this report, Ahmetovic of Bowling Green has pleaded not guilty to a murder charge and was being held in the local jail on Friday. […]

Ark Encounter is proving to be Kentucky’s white mammoth

Officials in Grant County, Kentucky were so convinced that creationist Ken Ham’s $92-million Ark Encounter would lead to a major tourism boom that they decided to fork out as much as $18 million in tax incentives for the project. The state also designated $11 million in road funds for an expanded interchange off Interstate 75 […]

What a surprise: study found that prayer won’t cure AIDS

The Chicago Tribune today carries a shocking report detailing the amount of taxpayers’ money used to fund studies into quack therapies in the US. For example, scientists were given $666,000 in federal research money to investigate whether distant prayer could heal AIDS. They found it could not. And a study that cost $374,000 found that […]

Pastor seizes & shakes trouser snakes to make them bigger

Want a whopping great chopper? Or a larger butt? Well, the man who can provide these and many more ‘divine’ augmentations is Ghanaian preacher Daniel Obinim, above. How does he deliver the goods? According to this report, by fondling the genitals and buttocks of his followers. In some cases, he will keep hold of penises […]

Trump supporters are ‘afraid for their lives’ says televangelist

Just the other day, the Almighty took some time off from running the universe to speak to televangelist and former jailbird Jim Bakker about polls that show Donald Trump trailing Hillary Clinton in the race for the US presidency. In this video, posted on YouTube yesterday, Bakker – once described by Baptist preacher Jerry Falwell […]

Vatican staging a ‘black magic’ ceremony for Mother Teresa

A petition launched in India, demanding that the country should not send a top-level delegation to the Vatican to attend the canonisation of Mother Teresa, sets out a a comprehensive list of reasons why India should boycott the event. The list includes: There have been several cases against Mother Teresa for financial irregularities as well as […]

Dodgy ministry sold ‘miracle’ Aldi olive oil at a huge profit

Bog standard supermarket olive oil was sold as a ‘miracle’ cure by a UK charity linked to controversial preacher Gilbert Deya, above. The self-styled “archbishop”, according to this report, is notorious charlatan who has spent ten years battling an extradition to his native Kenya, where he is alleged to have trafficked babies out of Kenya. […]

Got Jinn? Derby-based exorcist claims he has the right tonic

If you are a jinn, be afraid – be very afraid – of Muslim exorcist Ahmed Ali, above, for his powers include the ability to convert you to Islam. According to this report, Ali, of the Al Fajr Centre in Derby, did just that in Pakistan in July when he was called to the house […]

Pastor’s ‘miracle’ stunt kills young South African woman

Pastor Lethebo Rabalago has reportedly blamed a young woman for lack of faith after she died from injuries sustained when he placed a heavy speaker on her body. According to this report, Rabalago, of the Mount Zion General Assembly, the woman fainted after he put speaker on top of her, then sat on it. He […]