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Vatican staging a ‘black magic’ ceremony for Mother Teresa

A petition launched in India, demanding that the country should not send a top-level delegation to the Vatican to attend the canonisation of Mother Teresa, sets out a a comprehensive list of reasons why India should boycott the event. The list includes: There have been several cases against Mother Teresa for financial irregularities as well as […]

Dodgy ministry sold ‘miracle’ Aldi olive oil at a huge profit

Bog standard supermarket olive oil was sold as a ‘miracle’ cure by a UK charity linked to controversial preacher Gilbert Deya, above. The self-styled “archbishop”, according to this report, is notorious charlatan who has spent ten years battling an extradition to his native Kenya, where he is alleged to have trafficked babies out of Kenya. […]

Got Jinn? Derby-based exorcist claims he has the right tonic

If you are a jinn, be afraid – be very afraid – of Muslim exorcist Ahmed Ali, above, for his powers include the ability to convert you to Islam. According to this report, Ali, of the Al Fajr Centre in Derby, did just that in Pakistan in July when he was called to the house […]

Pastor’s ‘miracle’ stunt kills young South African woman

Pastor Lethebo Rabalago has reportedly blamed a young woman for lack of faith after she died from injuries sustained when he placed a heavy speaker on her body. According to this report, Rabalago, of the Mount Zion General Assembly, the woman fainted after he put speaker on top of her, then sat on it. He […]

Jesus Christ: ‘I turned wine into water – alcohol is bad for you’

A former bus driver and bed-and-breakfast owner – who changed his name from John Edward Birtwhistle to Jesus Christ after memories of his run-in with the authorities 2,000 years ago came flooding back to him – hopes to become a member of parliament for Burnley in Lancashire. According to this report, Christ, 77, changed his […]

Hindu fundamentalists spark fresh row over Mother Teresa

An allegation that Mother Teresa’s activities in India were primarily motivated by her desire to Christianise Indians has been brushed aside by the Catholic Church. Speaking of the latest allegations against the self-serving old fraud by Hindu fundamentalists, Bishop Theodore Masceranhas, Secretary General of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, said: They are known for […]

Democracy in America

The US has a long inglorious history of hucksterism and fraud. You’d think it was something we took pride in, along with the Enlightenment ideas in the Declaration of Independence and the hot dog. Think of the meeting of the Duke and the Dauphin in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, for example. “What got you […]

‘Renowned’ Essex psychic exposed as a benefits cheat

If Amanda Barrymore’s clairvoyance was a good as she claims, she should have known that the UK tax authorities had her in their sights, and that she’d end up in court for fraudulently claiming benefits. But Barrymore was apparently so closely focused on hoodwinking the gullible that she never saw the tax people coming, and, […]

Charlatan appointed Trump’s Christian policy advisor

Frank Amedia, of Touch Heaven Ministries in Ohio, above, is a self-proclaimed faith-healing prophet who believes he can perform ‘miracles’, including controlling the weather. According to this report, Trump has taken on Amedia as his new “liaison for Christian policy”. Amedia is a controversial televangelist associated with the New Apostolic Reformation. His biography on his […]

It was a decision that almost cost the young man his life

In the first of a chilling two-part expose, the Des Moines Register reports on how a faith-based treatment organisation run by two Assembly of God pastors persuaded the 26-year-old from Iowa to immediately stop taking the medications he was prescribed for anxiety and depression. Within days of entering the programme run by the Dream Center, […]