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‘Renowned’ Essex psychic exposed as a benefits cheat

If Amanda Barrymore’s clairvoyance was a good as she claims, she should have known that the UK tax authorities had her in their sights, and that she’d end up in court for fraudulently claiming benefits. But Barrymore was apparently so closely focused on hoodwinking the gullible that she never saw the tax people coming, and, […]

Charlatan appointed Trump’s Christian policy advisor

Frank Amedia, of Touch Heaven Ministries in Ohio, above, is a self-proclaimed faith-healing prophet who believes he can perform ‘miracles’, including controlling the weather. According to this report, Trump has taken on Amedia as his new “liaison for Christian policy”. Amedia is a controversial televangelist associated with the New Apostolic Reformation. His biography on his […]

It was a decision that almost cost the young man his life

In the first of a chilling two-part expose, the Des Moines Register reports on how a faith-based treatment organisation run by two Assembly of God pastors persuaded the 26-year-old from Iowa to immediately stop taking the medications he was prescribed for anxiety and depression. Within days of entering the programme run by the Dream Center, […]

Real Water®, a Scientologist and very Catholic lawsuit

Scientologist Brent A Jones, above centre, who serves as a Republican member of the Nevada Assembly, has a nice little scam going on the side, selling Real Water® to gullible fools. But his Las Vegas company, Real Alkalized Water, is getting some unwelcome attention, thanks to a lawsuit filed by one Grecia Echevarria-Hernandez. According to this […]

Scientology head threatens lawsuit over his father’s book

Lawyers acting for the Church of Scientology’s  head honcho David Miscavige’s have threatened to file a lawsuit against Miscavige’s father Ron, who has written a ‘tell all’ book about the cult. According to this report, London-based publisher Silvertail Books has received a letter from Johnsons Solicitors, a law firm that specialises in high-profile defamation cases. The threat […]

Evidence of pastor’s ascension to Heaven was allegedly stolen

On Easter Sunday, South African ‘prophet’ Paseka Motsoeneng, of the Incredible Happenings Church in Katlehong, went to Heaven where he was given permission by the Celestial Authorities to take photos of his visit with his expensive G-5 Galaxy cellphone. According to this report, the ascension took place just after midday on Easter Sunday and was […]

Texas taxpayers billed for lawmaker’s quack ‘Jesus shot’

Back in 2014, the Friendly Atheist reported on the activities of a certain Dr John Michael Lonergan, a convicted felon, who, after leaving prison in Ohio where he was serving a sentence involving tax evasion, mail fraud, and healthcare fraud, moved to Oklahoma to start marketing a “miracle” injection – at $300 a prick. His […]

Church fined for noisy 3 am services to drive out demons

This YouTube video claims that ‘Bishop’ Climate Irungu (aka ‘Dr’ Climate Wiseman) ‘sees the invisible, he hears the inaudible’ – but the services ‘The Prophet’ conducted in London at ungodly hours were so audible that his church was fined for noise pollution. According to this report, the Camberwell branch of the Kingdom Church was fined […]

New warning sounded in US over a ‘miracle cure’ church

Back in 2010, The Guardian introduced its readers to ‘bishop’ Jim Humble, above, a man who, on a visit to South America in 1996, allegedly discovered a ‘cure’ for virtually all known diseases and ailments: MMS, also known as Miracle Mineral Solution or Miracle Mineral Supplement. MMS is basically an industrial bleach – and anyone […]

Israel’s celebrity Rabbi Pinto is headed for jail for bribing a cop

Mighty ‘mystic’ Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, above, allegedly has extraordinary supernatural powers, ranging from the ability to read minds to creating successful business empires. But, despite these powers, his desperate attempts to avoid a prison sentence for bribery have failed, and he’s is about to be jailed. On September 17, 2014, Pinto was indicted on […]