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Ark Encounter’s rainbow stunt will be a permanent feature

At the end of last year, creationist Ken Ham turned his ridiculous Christian theme park into a veritable fairyland by bathing his replica ark in rainbow colours for the festive season. His aim was not attract swarms of gay visitors, who regard rainbow flags and the like as beacons of welcome, but to to let […]

Warning sounded by man who helped bring Trump to power

Terry Heaton, above, once a key figure in televangelist Pat Robertson’s The 700 Club,  recently announced that he was about to publish a book that would show how right-wing Christian zealots succeeded in hijacking the Republican Party. He wrote here: As political events began to take shape last year in the US and specifically with […]

Fatal church beating: dead teen’s parents jailed in NY

Bruce Leonard, 66,  and his wife Deborah, 60. above, were sentenced this week to 10 and five years in prison following the death of 19-year-old Lucas Leonard who received fatal injuries at the Word of Life Christian Church in New Hartford. Lucas’s brother Christopher, who was 17 at the time of the beating was severely […]

Polari service staged by trainee priests was ‘hugely regrettable’

The Rev Canon Chris Chivers, above, looks like a fella who enjoys a hearty laugh. But the Principal of Westcott House, a Church of England theological college in Cambridge, did not see the funny side of a service conducted in the antiquated gay slang language Polari to mark LGBT history month. According to the BBC, […]

From cult member to apatheist

Where do I start narrating my God apathy? My teenage years, or from way back to my childhood? My childhood it is! I was raised in a family of Grail Message adherents. It’s very unlikely you’ve heard of them as the Grail Message is not a popular religious movement. The Grail Message was written by […]

Sadistic Christian ‘morality campaigner’ accused of abuse

In a programme scheduled to be screened tonight (Friday) Channel 4 News will report that John Smyth QC, above, a former friend of the Archbishop of Canterbury now living in South Africa, had forced young men to endure savage beatings after grooming them at Christian holiday camps in the late Seventies. An Ungodly Crime? will […]

God spake unto Australia, saying ‘build me a giant cross’

Acting on an order allegedly received from Him Upstairs, a dotty Christian outfit called the Walk-a-While Foundation has sought, and won permission to build a giant illuminated cross atop a hill in remote Central Australia. Now it need faith-heads to dig deep into their pockets to raise additional money for the ridiculous project which will […]

A Clash of the Uncivilised

Trump, Muslim Profiling and the Far-Right’s Assault Donald Trump’s suspension of new refugee admissions for 120 days and the barring of nationals from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia for 90 days (likely to be extended) is fundamentally about a far-right restructuring of US society under the guise of ‘stopping terrorism’ and defending […]

Devout Ten Commandments sheriff faces jail in Tennessee

A few years back, the County Sheriff in Rutherford, Tennessee – Robert Arnold, above –  posted a framed copy of the Ten Commandments inside the lobby of the sheriff’s department, which also serves as a jail. He also adorned the premises with the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. At least one resident  – […]

Scots cleric claims gays invite bullying with their behaviour

Chief Executive of Humanist Society Scotland, Gordon MacRae, above, has reacted angrily to an attack on LGBT school pupils by a clergyman who holds a position on a Highland Council Education Committee. According to this report, Alexander MacLean, a member of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, suggested young LGBT people are bullied because they […]