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UK man, critical of Christianity, is banned from churches

Robert Skynner, above – creator of The Christian Comedy Channel on YouTube who was jailed for eight weeks for harassing a Christian couple – has now been barred from entering any church or place of worship for five years. According to this report, Skynner, 55, appealed his sentence and conviction after serving his sentence, but […]

Doctor-assisted suicide: bishop slams ‘culture of death’

The Hawaii Senate voted overwhelmingly this week to advance a bill permitting physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients – despite strong opposition from the Catholic Church. Honolulu Bishop Larry Silva, above, in a recent letter to parishioners in his diocese, called the effort to legalise physician-assisted suicide as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and: Another […]

Vicious Christians who ran a ‘gay cure’ boot camp jailed

Shortly before he was sentenced to 20 years in jail on three counts of aggravated child abuse, ‘pastor’ William Knott, above, of the Saving Youth Foundation  in Alabama, had a heated exchange with a reporter from ABC News. His hostile reaction to the reporter was shown by ABC News’ 20/20 last night in a special […]

Bus driver told boy that his lesbian moms would go to hell

Natalie Encarnacion, above, is demanding action against a Florida school bus driver who told her son that his same-sex parents were sinful, and handed the boy a Jehovah’s Witness card. According to this report, Encarnacion claims that the driver, identified as Violeta Jacobo, told her seven-year-old son that his two mothers would go to hell […]

Christian blogger ‘shocked’ by hostile reaction to anti-gay post

Last December ‘a small town mama’ who operates This Modest Mom blog, enjoyed a family trip to Disney World in Florida, as the photo above shows. But because Disney has chosen to feature “an exclusively gay moment” in its new production of Beauty and the Beast, this Jesus lovin’ mama  – her name is Brooke […]

Homophobic Wyoming judge censured but not sacked

In August last year Wyoming’s Judicial Ethics Commission recommended that Ruth Neely, above, be relieved of her position as a magistrate in the small northwestern town of Pinedale after she told the local newspaper that she would ‘not be able to do’ marriage ceremonies for gay couples. It ruled that she violated ethics rules requiring […]

Fuck modesty for International Women’s Day on March 8!

Wherever Islamism gains power and influence, it comes for women first. And it’s always a sign of worse to come, hence the saying: ‘the freedom of society is measured by the freedom of women.’ Islamism but also the Christian-Right, Buddhist-Right,  Jewish-Right,  Hindu-Right, Sikh-Right … have turned misogyny into an art form. They police women’s behaviour […]

Scots cleric had a string of lovers before he killed himself

The Free Church in Scotland has launched an investigation into allegations that one of its top clerics – Reverend Dr Iain D Campbell, above – may have had affairs with as many as five women on the Isle of Lewis before he committed suicide in January. According to this report, the allegations of adultery against […]

Row erupts after MP appears at Westminster with ash cross

Glasgow MP Carol Monaghan was attacked for ‘promoting sectarianism’ after she appeared at a Westminster committee with an Ash Wednesday cross daubed on her forehead. This prompted Scott Nicholson, a Labour parliamentary candidate at the 2016 Holyrood elections and until last week a member of its National Executive, to accuse the Scottish National Party MP […]

US pastor attacks insensitive hospital ‘prayer warriors’

Jared Laskey, above, who heads a ‘supernatural’ ministry school in Virginia, has attacked a bunch of ‘aggressive’ Christians for behaving abominably in a hospital’s intensive care unit. Writing for Charisma News, Laskey – of the Destiny Open Bible Church and Fireborn Ministries – tells of how a woman in a coma was targeted by a […]