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Woman faces jail for stealing cash from a Catholic church

A Wisconsin woman, Deborah Marcellus, 63, inset, faces a lengthy jail sentence for stealing more than $800,000 from a Catholic Church. Marcellus, who held the position of Director of Development at Rice Lake’s St. Joseph Catholic Church, was indicted on two counts: filing of incorrect income tax return and wire fraud. She pleaded guilty earlier […]

Pressure mounts on Pope to sack convicted archbishop

Anger is mounting in Australia over the refusal of Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson, 67, to resign after he was sentenced this week to a year’s detention for covering up clerical sex abuse – and pressure is being put on Pope Francis to sack him. According to this report, child sexual abuse survivor Peter Gogarty has […]

Christians join Pride march to apologise for past intolerance

Members of the Church of Freedom in Christ Ministries – ‘an inclusive and LGBT affirming’ evangelical and Pentecostal church in Makati – in the the Philippines, joined a Gay Pride event that attracted more than 20,000 people last weekend to say sorry for anti-LGBT Christian bigotry. Church members, according to this report, carried placards and […]

Catholic priest tells mourners ‘get the hell out of my church’

Father Michael Briese, pastor of St Mary’s Parish in Newport, Maryland, has been forced to apologise for losing his temper after a chalice was accidentally knocked over and damaged during a funeral. According to this report, Briese abruptly stopped the funeral of a black woman – 54-year old Agnes Hicks –  and told mourners: There will […]

This man says Depp’s life is in a mess, and he needs a Jesus fix

Under the heading ‘Will Johnny Depp Turn to God in His Time of Crisis?’, Larry Tomczak is asking Christians ‘to engage in fervent prayer for this gifted and needy man who’s so in need of God’s love and recalibration of his life.’ Tomzac had just read a Rolling Stone interview with Depp which leaves one […]

Clerical sex abuse: archbishop gets 12 months’ detention

The most senior clergyman in the world to be convicted of concealing child sex abuse, Adelaide’s Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson, has just been sentenced to 12 months’ detention – but not behind bars. According to this report, magistrate Robert Stone adjourned Wilson’s case to August 14 while the priest is assessed for home detention. He […]

Priest faces investigation over botched St George restoration

A Catholic priest in Navarre, northern Spain, has been accused of negligence for allowing a local schoolteacher to restore a wooden carving of St George. According to this report, Navarre’s mayor, Koldo Leoz, thinks the amateurish restoration of the figure in the church of San Miguel de Estella is a disaster, and some on Twitter […]

Florida city challenges court ruling over police prayer vigil

The city council of Ocala, Florida, is vigorously defending its Police Chief Greg Graham, above, who violated the Establishment Clause by organising a 2014 prayer vigil. He separately stands accused of sexual misconduct. US District Judge Timothy J Corrigan ruled in May that Graham and city leaders broke the Establishment Clause when it held the […]

This man is judged too crazy to warrant Republican support

It takes some doing to be rejected by a political party packed to the rafters with fat, gun-loving Christian bigots, but Russell Walker, 75, has just managed to lose the support of the Republicans in North Carolina. Walker has his eyes on the prize of a seat in District 48 of the The North Carolina […]

Protesters devise a plan to sabotage Pope’s Ireland visit

Organisers of Pope Francis’s visit to Ireland in August were delighted this week by a huge demand for free tickets for a clutch of events – until it became clear that they were being booked by people who have no intention of attending any of them. According to this report, the demand for tickets spiked […]