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Swedish midwife loses her religious ‘persecution’ case

Ellinor Grimmark, above, has been refused permission to sue a local authority for denying her employment when she refused to carry out abortions due to her religious beliefs. According to this report, the Swedish Labour Court (Arbetsdomstolen) ruled today (Wednesday) that Grimmark had not been discriminated against by Jönköping County Council because the county had […]

Kinky Georgia pastor Kenneth Adkins faces a long term in jail

Last August Charlotte Stormy Adkins protested at the arrest of her husband, pastor Kenneth Adkins, 57, on eight counts of child molestation of a young boy and girl. His wife said: We are disappointed with what appears to be a rush to judgment by law enforcement authorities in this case. We are confident that Kenneth […]

Faith-heads allegedly face increased mockery in the UK

As many as a million workers in the UK may have faced harassment, discrimination or bullying because of their religious beliefs according to a new study on British cultural attitudes at the workplace. The recently released ComRes study says that religion has become the “butt of jokes”, where workers who would not make sexist or […]

Bible pest Michael Jones gets £3,000 payout from police

The annoying evangelist who upset people in the East Yorkshire town of Beverley with his persistent street preaching was awarded the cash by Humberside Police after charges of religious harassment against him were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service. According to this report, Jones, 66, was due to face trial for religious harassment over claims he […]

Arrested kiddie porn principal sacked by Oklahoma church

Jeffrey Goss, 56, above, who is accused of possessing, distributing and receiving child pornography, has lost his job as of principal at a school run by the Tulsa Hills Church of the Nazarene. The church’s pastor, Jim Thornton, said in a statement following Goss’s arrest that he no longer holds the post of principal of the […]

C of E punctures ‘blasphemous’ plan to stage mock crucifixions

For a mere £750.00, Christian masochists could have bought themselves a place on a cross to enjoy ‘the full crucifixion experience‘ offered by the organisers of the Manchester Passion play, due to take place on Friday. But, thanks to Church of England killjoys, who thought the idea was both unsafe and “blasphemous”, those relishing the […]

American Atheists sue over forced baptism of Ohio boy

Pam Iorio, above, heads an organisation called Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. It was established to team youngsters up with adult role models and says on its website: When children and teens have the influence of a caring adult, they are more likely to avoid risky behaviors and to focus on academics. Today’s youth […]

Salvation Army pair jailed for abusing a captive woman

A Northern Ireland couple who met when they were both working for the Salvation Army were jailed this week for keeping a woman as a sex slave for eight years. Keith Baker, 61, above, was sentenced to 15 years years and his wife Caroline, 54, received a three-year sentence, 18 months of which will be […]

London bishop and accomplice jailed over sexual assaults

Bishop Benjamin Egbujor, 55, and his sectretary Rose Nwenwu, 43, of the Jubilee Christian Centre in Peckham, yesterday received jail sentences for sexually assaulting a teenage girl and a woman during private prayer sessions. According to this Metropolitan Police report, Egbujor was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for the sexual assault and four months, to […]

Inappropriate praying: nurse loses her appeal over sacking

Last year, Sarah Kuteh, above, complained that she was being persecuted for her Christian beliefs after she was sacked by Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent, following a series of complaints from patients. She appealed against her sacking, but this week Victoria Leivers-Carruth, who chaired the hospital trust’s appeal hearing, said the panel believed Kuteh […]