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Suffolk rector used cellphone to film men in a public toilet

The Very Rev Martin Thrower, above, has been given a four-month suspended jail sentence for his voyeuristic behaviour in a shopping centre public toilet. The rector of Hadleigh, Layham and Shelley has also been suspended from all roles by the Diocese of St Edmundsbury in Ipswich. According to this report, Thrower admitted two counts of […]

Pastor’s Sunday tweet sends titters though the blogosphere

When Tennessee pastor Greg Locke posted the picture above on Twitter at the weekend the imbecile did so without thinking how much mirth it would generate. But Locke, of the Global Vision Bible Church doesn’t appear to do much thinking at all. Example: Back in 2015, he branded religious history classes in Wilson County as […]

Seven Catholic priests walk into a pub in Cardiff and ….

They get told to remove themselves because a member of staff thinks they are on a stag do and are wearing clerical fancy dress. According to this report,  the seven seminarians, including Reverend Robert James, pictured above, found themselves barred from the City Arms last Saturday afternoon, despite protesting they weren’t in in priestly garb for […]

Christians condemn ‘nasty, vulgar’ tycoon. No, not Trump.

Another day, another tawdry cat fight in Trump’s administration – Anthony Scaramucci, above, recently hired to become White House Communications Director, was sacked at the weekend, much to the delight of Christian conservatives who apparently disapprove of foul language (unless of course it’s used by the President). Scaramucci hit the headlines last week when he […]

Lunatic Labour councillor suspended for homophobia

A Labour councillor in London – Chika Amadi, a charity worker and evangelical pastor – has been suspended by the party for her anti-gay rants on social media. On her Facebook page last month, Amadi posted: Recently one respectable man in my constituency questioned me on my faith especially on homosexuality (…) I warned him […]

Congregation asked to pray for priest who procured a girl of 13

Following the arrest in  the Philippines of Monsignor Arnel Lagarejos, above, for procuring a 13-year-old girl for sex, the Diocese of Antipolo asked for ‘prayers’ for the 55-year-old. According to this report, priest from a parish in Taytay, Rizal, was arrested on Friday night for allegedly “booking” a 13-year-old girl with the help of a […]

British actor’s God blunder highlights Star Trek’s atheism

In the new Star Trek: Discovery TV series Captain Gabriel Lorca, played by Jason Isaacs,  strides across the Starship Discovery bridge in the midst of a battle against the Klingons, and says ‘fire at something, for God’s sakes! According to Entertainment, the director abruptly halts the action and Isaacs, of Harry Potter fame, steps off […]

Religious right overjoyed by Trump’s transgender ban

Religious Right leaders have been falling over one another over the past 24 hours in a bid to trumpet their approval of Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the US military. Right Wing Watch reported that Trump’s reinstatement of a ban – lifted during the Obama administration – has figured large on the Religious […]

Kentucky: Ark Encounter’s dodgy land deal reversed

The story so far … Ken Ham’s ludicrous Ark Encounter, unhappy with having to pay a proposed safety tax, decides to get itself tax exempted by selling the land it sits on to a non-profit associate for $10.00. State tourism authorities in Kentucky smartly retaliate by withdrawing the biblical theme park’s $18-million tax incentive. Ark […]

North Carolina megachurch was used as a hub of slavery

She loves Jesus. And dogs. And infants. She’s got big hair and a well-practised smile. So why is Jane Whaley, of North Carolina’s Word of Faith Fellowship, getting mercilessly savaged by the press, AP in particular? Well, back in February this year, we reported that Whaley, 77, was running her megachurch like a sadistic dictator. […]