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Catholic trashes Satanic display

‘Catholic Warrior’ Susan Hemeryck, 54,  was charged with criminal mischief yesterday after the Satanic Temple’s holiday diorama in the Florida Capitol was vandalised just a day after it was set up. The criminal mischief charge is a second-degree misdemeanor. The falling-angel diorama, which a year ago was barred from the Capitol because it was deemed […]

Nativity zombies violate an Ohio law

It’s not entirely clear from various reports why, precisely, Jasen Dixon’s hallowe’en-meets-Christmas garden display has violated the law in Sycamore Township, just outside of Cincinnati, but it would seem that his zombie nativity scene is simply too large. According to this report, local law prohibits structures to be placed in the front or side yard […]

Happy Christmas – from an atheist!

I love Christmas – but not its mass of crassness. Christmas and religion have long since doffed their hats at each other and gone their separate ways. The idea that the festive season is something of a religious festival is as fanciful as the concept of a jolly fat man riding around the night sky […]

Atheists are ruining ‘Saving Christmas’

In a desperate bid to save Saving Christmas from being rated one of Rotten Tomato‘s worst films of the year – maybe even of the century – Kirk Cameron took to Facebook yesterday to urge his Christian fundie fans to vote this turkey up. Trumpeting “help me storm the gates of Rotten Tomatoes!” the evangelical […]