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Rabbis appeased – and infant boys suffer the consequences

Several years ago Orthodox Jews in New York city kicked off when an attempt was made to regulate a ‘sacred’ ritual  – metzitzah b’peh – that involved mohels (circumcisers) sucking the penises of newly-mutilated infant boys. A parental consent form was introduced after a number of babies were infected with herpes, but rabbis screamed that […]

Danish doctors take a stand against infant circumcision

While stopping short of calling for a total ban on circumcision, the Danish Medical Association (Lægeforeningen) said in a weekend statement that no boys under the age of 18 be circumcised in Denmark. The association said that circumcision should be “an informed, personal choice” that young men should make for themselves. The association said that […]

Rabbi exposed for running a circumcision racket in Israel

Rabbi Eliyahu Asulin, of Hadera, above, is being paid thousands by students wanting to become official mohels (circumcisers) and are being sent unsupervised to mutilate Ethiopian and Somalian infants. According to this report, an investigation conducted by Kan, Israel’s new public broadcasting corporation, revealed that Asulin’s totally inexperienced students are conducting circumcisions among poor families, […]

In India, Muslim women who oppose FGM are called infidels

Before he tumbled off his perch in 2014, aged 102, Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, above – leader of a Shia Muslim sect in India – made it abundantly clear that female genital mutilation was a ‘religious duty’, and declared in a sermon: The act must be done. According to this report, he was reacting to […]

Court’s circumcision ruling welcomed by secular medic

Dr Antony Lempert , above, of the Secular Medical Forum, has welcomed a High Court judge’s ruling against a ‘controlling and violent’ Muslim who wanted his children circumcised. After Mrs Justice Roberts said that the boys should be able to make the choice themselves, Lempert described the ruling as a small but: Welcome step towards […]

UK ‘intactivists’ plan protest against a ‘mutilation’ clinic

Anti-circumcision activists led by Mike Buchanan, above, are to mount a protest on March 22 outside one of the UK’s largest circumcision clinics. The protesters, according to this Luton Today report, are targeting the Thornhill Clinic in Luton for carrying out “child abuse”. The protest is being organised by Justice for Men and Boys, and […]

Florida judge forces boy’s circumcision

In a ruling that has angered anti-circumcision activists, Judge Jeffrey Gillen ‘bullied’ a jailed woman – Heather Hironimus, above – into agreeing to have her four-year-old son, Chase, ritually mutilated. According to this report, Jewish couple Hironimus and her husband Dennis Nebus had initially agreed to the circumcision in a parenting agreement filed in court, […]

Florida judge: ‘Boy must be circumcised’

Earlier this month, an appeals court upheld a ruling allowing the father of a 4-year-old boy to circumcise his son against the wishes of his mother. And in a bizarre twist, the judge slapped a gagging order on the boy’s mum. This not only forbids her from talking about the issue to the media, but […]

Muslim circumciser guilty of misconduct

UK psychiatrist Dr Hassan Abdulla  ritually mutilated 41 boys at a ‘non-sterile’ clinic in a terraced house  in Leicester. Abdulla, according to this report, was not registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) when he operated at the Al-Khalill Clinic, where he performed non-profit operations for Muslim and Jewish families who could not afford to […]