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‘Cowardly, evil’ Catholic brother jailed in Brisbane for 8 years

Francis Brophy, 87, above, began an eight year jail sentence today (Monday) after Brisbane District Court judge William Everson found him guilty of sexually abusing nine ‘vulnerable and marginalised’ boys at a Queensland orphanage. Everson, according to this report, denounced Brophy as “a cowardly, evil paedophile” who preyed on defenceless boys at the Scenic Rim […]

Racial hatred: This message got a Newcastle man arrested

Jimmy Lamb, 24, was arrested earlier this month for appearing in public with the slogans, ‘White children matter’ and ‘Stop Muslim grooming gangs’ written on his skin. After standing on the street in Newcastle and Gateshead he was arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred. He is quoted in this report as saying: I […]

Imam charged for inciting violence against … Muslims

Muslims who neglect to pray in a local Islamic community in Switzerland should be killed, an Ethiopian imam said in a sermon. Now, according to this report, the preacher is in custody, having been charged for inciting violence. The step by prosecutors in the northern town of Winterthur comes amid heightened sensitivity to the risk […]

Yet another ‘whoops’ moment for the Roman Catholic Church

At the beginning of July, Marcin A Nurek, 37, above, was ordained a priest – but before he could take up his a post as parochial vicar this month at St Catherine of Siena Church in Mountain Lakes in New Jersey, he was arrested for allegedly fondling a teen’s butt and telling her ‘you’re sexy’. Richard Sokerka, […]

Suffolk rector used cellphone to film men in a public toilet

The Very Rev Martin Thrower, above, has been given a four-month suspended jail sentence for his voyeuristic behaviour in a shopping centre public toilet. The rector of Hadleigh, Layham and Shelley has also been suspended from all roles by the Diocese of St Edmundsbury in Ipswich. According to this report, Thrower admitted two counts of […]

Congregation asked to pray for priest who procured a girl of 13

Following the arrest in  the Philippines of Monsignor Arnel Lagarejos, above, for procuring a 13-year-old girl for sex, the Diocese of Antipolo asked for ‘prayers’ for the 55-year-old. According to this report, priest from a parish in Taytay, Rizal, was arrested on Friday night for allegedly “booking” a 13-year-old girl with the help of a […]

Worshipping an evil god

In Pakistan a village council ordered the rape of a 16-year-old girl because her brother had allegedly raped a 12-year-old girl. “A jirga [village council] had ordered the rape of a 16-year-old girl as punishment, as her brother had raped a 12-year-old,” police official Allah Baksh told AFP. He said the village council was approached […]

Connecticut rabbi, 77, arrested on sexual assault charges

A prominent Connecticut rabbi and hard-line morality campaigner, Rabbi Daniel Greer, has been charged with sexually assaulting of a minor – two months after he was ordered to pay $20 million in damages relating to the abuse. Greer, the founding rabbi of two Jewish schools in New Haven, turned himself in to police Wednesday morning and […]

Muslim ‘surprised’ that wife-beating is illegal in Canada

An Iranian immigrant who systematically brutalised his wife, and was subsequently given a light prison sentence by a Canadian judge, has been sent back to jail by the Ontario Court of Appeal. According to this report, the man expressed surprise at his original trial that there were serious consequences in Canada for beating one’s wife. […]

Islamic thugs jailed thanks to actions of courageous Muslim

When Edris Nosrati, above, saw a gang of drunken thugs attack strangers in Liverpool for being ‘white non-Muslims’ he sprang into action, calling the police and wrestling one of the attackers to the ground. According to this report, the 35-year-old, originally from Iran, was one of several people targeted in March of last year by […]