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Dutch politician Geert Wilders guilty of racial discrimination

Dutch politician Geert Wilders, convicted yesterday of inciting racial discrimination against Moroccans living in the Netherlands, is to appeal against the verdict reached by what he earlier described as ‘a kangeroo court’. Presiding Judge Hendrik Steenhuis said the court would not impose a sentence on Wilders, head of the right wing PVV Freedom Party. because the […]

Church law loophole allowed a paedophile to keep his job

Paedophile Catholic priest Fr Kevin Gugliotta, 54, above, is currently languishing in jail, awaiting trial on charges of downloading and sharing images and videos of children involved in sex acts. Now here’s a thing: according to this report, the Vatican was informed around 13 years ago that Gugliotta was alleged to have molested a 16-year-old […]

Islamic ‘enforcer’ jailed for attack on a London schoolboy

Back in August, we reported that a vicious Muslim thug, Michael Coe, above, was facing a ‘substantial’ jail sentence for knocking a schoolboy unconscious in east London. Well, yesterday at Southwark Crown Court, Judge Michael Gledhill QC sentenced Coe, who took on the name Mikaeel Ibrahim after converting to Islam, to 28 months in the […]

Catholic Church in Norway fined over membership fraud

Last year it was reported in Newsweek that Bernt Ivar Eidsvig, the bishop of Oslo, above, had been charged with ‘gross economic fraud’. He and his diocese was accused of overstating their membership numbers, thereby claiming state funding to which it was not entitled. This week, according to the Independent, the case culminated with the […]

‘I’m not a terrorist’ says woman jailed for abortion clinic bomb

Despite having been jailed for plotting to bomb an abortion clinic, Cheryl Sullenger, above, senior Vice President of Operation Rescue, a ‘pro-life’ Christian outfit in the US, is a very angry over the use of the word ‘terrorist’ by Dr Warren Hern, a Colorado doctor who performs later abortions. According to Jezebel, Sullenger, who was […]

Pious and scared: the Muslim who launched Ohio attack

Abdul Razak Ali Artan, the student who injured at least 11 people at Ohio State University yesterday morning before he was shot dead, claimed earlier this year that he was a pious and ‘scared’ Muslim. The attack took place in the morning when Artan, 18, aimed his Honda Civic at a group of pedestrians, jumping […]

Former Anglican priest on trial in Perth for molesting boys

Raymond Sydney Cheek, above, is facing charges of molesting five boys, one of whom was told that it was ‘church tradition’ for a priest to dress altar boys. According to this report, Perth District Court was told that Cheek, 84, warned one of his victims not to tell anyone about being molested because: God doesn’t […]

Bogus Catholic priest in LA sold tickets to see the Pope

Erwin Mena, above, has been jailed in Los Angeles for the second time for posing as a priest and ripping off the faithful. According to this report, in addition to delivered “uplifting” sermons, officiating at baptisms, confessions, funerals and weekly Masses, Mena, 60, was onto a nice little earner – selling bogus trips to see Pope […]

Turkey to free child rapists if they marry their victims

If passed, a draft bill in Turkey law will free prisoners guilty of sexually assaulting a minor if the act was committed without ‘force, threat, or any other restriction on consent’ and if the aggressor ‘marries the victim’. The proposed bill has caused widespread fury throughout the Muslim country, according to the Guardian, which published […]

Indian ‘god woman’ arrested after fatal wedding shooting

Flamboyant Indian ‘god woman’ and nationalist politician Sadhvi Deva Thakur has surrendered after a shooting incident at a wedding in which one person died and four others injured. According to this report, All Indian Hindu Mahasabha leader Thakur gave herself up today at a local court in Karnal, Haryana after she and her associates had […]