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Pastor jailed for causing death of a ‘demonic’ two-year-old boy

Aracely Meza, above, pastor at a Texas church called Iglesia Internacional Jesus es el Rey, was jailed last Friday for 99 years for starving a child she believed was possessed by the devil. According to this report, Benjamin Aparicio died on March 22, 2015. Weeks before his death, Meza, 52, had ordered that food be withheld from him […]

Catholic bishop and several cohorts arrested for theft

Bishop José Ronaldo Ribeiro, above, has been arrested in Brazil. He and several Catholic other priests are accused of fleecing the faithful to the tune of around $600,000 (£425,000). According to this report, the arrests took place as part of an operation called “Caiphas,” which began at the crack of dawn on Monday. Close to […]

‘Nazi pug’ case: Scottish court finds man guilty of hate crime

Mark Meechan, 30, pictured above with a pug called Buddha, will be sentenced next month after he was found guilty this week of posting a video on YouTube that was ‘anti-semitic and racist in nature’. According to this report, Meechan filmed the dog – his girlfriend’s pet – giving Nazi salutes. It responded to statements such […]

Faith-based probation order led to teenager’s abuse by priest

After a 17-year-old Michigan teen had been ordered by a court to complete community service under the supervision of a Catholic priest – Fr Robert DeLand, above – he fell victim to sexual abuse by the priest. DeLand, according to this report, was subsequently arrested late last month for sexually assaulting the teen as well […]

‘Historic’ judgment sees priest jailed in Mexico for 63 years

Legal history was made in Mexico this week when Carlos López Valdez, above, became the first priest in the country to receive a jail sentence for sexual abuse. The priest, according to this report, was officially removed from ministry in 2011, but according to several Mexican newspapers, he continued to celebrate Mass in Mexico City […]

Sheltered religious upbringing warped pervert’s judgement

Manchester paedophile Luke Simpson, 23, was spared a jail sentence this week after a court was told that ‘he lives in an enclosed religious community and has had little opportunity to socialise with women of his own age’. Simpson, according to this report, had pleaded guilty to grooming a 12-year-old girl, enticing her to engage […]

Priest warns of ‘Russophobia’ in the wake of Salisbury attack

Fr Joseph Skinner,  a priest at the Russian Orthodox cathedral in London, has urged UK ministers not to blame the Kremlin for an attack on a former spy in Salisbury, given the extent of mystery surrounding the case. According to this report, the Director of Inter-Orthodox Relations for the Church in Great Britain and Ireland […]

Hate letters sent to UK Muslims sparks police probe

Letters offering ‘rewards’ to people who abuse or attack Muslims and mosques are being investigated by UK counter-terrorism forces. At the foot of each letter is a box that says: For further enquiries please contact HM Courts and Tribunal Services, 102 Petty France, London  SW1. According to this report, the letters – titled “Punish A […]

Kansas missionaries’ penalty for vicious abuse: 32 months!

Jim and Paige Nachtigal, a pair of missionaries from North Newton in Kansas,  tomorrow begin sentences of 32 months each for the extreme cruelty they meted out to three children they adopted from Peru. According to this report, North Newton Police Chief Randy Jordan removed the three Peruvian orphans from the Christian couple’s home three […]

Louisiana’ giant cross pastor busted for drug possession

Andy C Harris, senior pastor at The Church of the Cross in Haughton, is in police custody after after he was found in possession of methamphetamine. The pastor is best known for having inflicted America’s third largest cross on the local landscape in 2009. According to this report, church officials confirmed that Harris had resigned […]