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Pakistan: another ‘blasphemer’ killed by murderous Islamists

University student Mashal Khan, above, was brutally slain in Pakistan on the morning of April 13, by fellow students who ‘turned into barbarians’. Rumours had started circulating on the morning of April 13 about Khan’s alleged gustakhi – literally disrespect, but in the context of Pakistan, blasphemy. Concerned by these rumours, some of his teachers drove  […]

Minnesota atheist finds ‘leave town’ warning on his vehicle

On his Facebook page Jeff, Carter, inset above, describes himself as a ‘Faithless Vagabond … Godless Heathen … Freethinker … realist …’ A resident of Crookston, Carter also let it be known to people in the town that he was an unbeliever – and yesterday (Saturday)  he woke up to discover that his pickup truck […]

Utah: ‘An extraordinarily good’ Mormon bishop jailed for rape

When Keith Robert Vallejo, above, was sentenced to life imprisonment for sexual abuse and rape, Utah judge Thomas Low, inset, described him as ‘an extraordinarily good man’, adding ‘but great men sometimes do bad things’. According to the Guardian, one of Vallejo’s victim said on Friday that Low appeared to care more about the person […]

Muslim convert introduces sharia patrols in Minneapolis

Abdullah Rashid, 22, above, a convert to Islam, has reportedly angered Muslims in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis for trying to impose sharia law on them. On his arrival in Minneapolis last year, one of the first things he did was to apply for a permit to carry a gun. When Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office […]

Kinky Georgia pastor Kenneth Adkins faces a long term in jail

Last August Charlotte Stormy Adkins protested at the arrest of her husband, pastor Kenneth Adkins, 57, on eight counts of child molestation of a young boy and girl. His wife said: We are disappointed with what appears to be a rush to judgment by law enforcement authorities in this case. We are confident that Kenneth […]

Raudha Athif: did she commit suicide or was she murdered?

An autopsy report on Athif, a 20-year-old Maldivian model who was found hanged in Bangladesh last month, concluded that she had committed suicide. But her family aren’t buying it. According to this report they believe she was murdered by Islamist extremists in the country. Athif, 20, who was featured on the cover of Vogue India, […]

Spanish police arrest Muslim couple for abuse of daughter

In a case indicative of Spain’s determination to clamp down on Islamic extremism and child abuse, a husband and wife were arrested this week for abusing their daughter who had who strayed from their devout Muslim lifestyle. According to this report, the girl from San Javier in Murcia was insulted and beaten for her “Western” […]

Arrested kiddie porn principal sacked by Oklahoma church

Jeffrey Goss, 56, above, who is accused of possessing, distributing and receiving child pornography, has lost his job as of principal at a school run by the Tulsa Hills Church of the Nazarene. The church’s pastor, Jim Thornton, said in a statement following Goss’s arrest that he no longer holds the post of principal of the […]

Salvation Army pair jailed for abusing a captive woman

A Northern Ireland couple who met when they were both working for the Salvation Army were jailed this week for keeping a woman as a sex slave for eight years. Keith Baker, 61, above, was sentenced to 15 years years and his wife Caroline, 54, received a three-year sentence, 18 months of which will be […]

Rabbi allegedly stole funds from special needs school

Rabbi Osher Eisemann, 60, above, of Lakewood in New Jersey, has been indicted for stealing $630,000 worth of public tuition money from a special needs school that he founded – and used much of the cash to invest in a clothing business. The tuition funds, according to this report, were meant to go towards students […]