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Canadian police issue arrest warrant for Vatican diplomat

Ontario lawyer Robert Talach, above, has lashed out at the Vatican, alleging that it swiftly moved to protect a priest who is wanted by police in Canada where he faces child pornography charges. According to this report, Monsignor Carlo Capella, a high-ranking Catholic diplomat, was hastily whisked from the US to the Vatican earlier this month […]

‘God makes no mistakes’ pair charged over baby’s death

A Christian couple – Rachel Joy Piland, 30, and her husband, Joshua Barry Piland, 36 – have each been charged with a single count of involuntary manslaughter arising out of the death in February of their newborn daughter. According to this report, when the infant became ill, the mother, from Lansing, Michigan, refused to have […]

Rape arrest: another Indian ‘godman’ falls foul of the law

Falahari Maharaj , 70, a popular ‘spiritual’ guru, has been arrested in India for the alleged rape of a 21-year-old woman. According to the BBC, Maharaj is accused of raping the law student at his ashram in Alwar, a village in Rajasthan state. The self-styled “godman” faces 10 years in prison if convicted. Last month […]

Buddhists’ religious ceremony caused environmental damage

Two Buddhists who who released foreign crustaceans into the sea at the UK resort of Brighton as part of a religious ceremony have been fined almost £15,000 for causing ‘untold damage’ to the environment. According to this Guardian report, Londoners Zhixiong Li, an estate agent, and Ni Li, a City banker – both pictured above […]

Christian teacher arrested for allegedly having sex with pupils

Jessie Goline, 25, pictured above with her husband Stephen, 26, was arrested this week at her home in Jonesboro, Arkansas, for allegedly having sex with four of her pupils. According to this report, Goline, an art teacher who had publicly praised her husband for his purity and faith, could be sentenced to 10- to 40-years […]

Court rejects racist’s objection to Jewish and Indian lawyers

Dylann Storm Roof, sentenced to death for killing nine church worshippers in 2015,  has been told by a court that he has to accept two lawyers appointed to handle his appeal. Roof, 23, according to this report, filed a handwritten request in his federal appeals case on Monday seeking new attorneys, saying: Because of my […]

Abuse in the Catholic Church: seven priests to go on trial

Philippe Barbarin, the Archbishop of Lyon, above – along with six other priests – is to be tried in France on charges of failing to report historical child abuse According to this report, the seven have been ordered to appear in court for allegedly not speaking out against abuse said to have been committed by another […]

Hindu woman abducted and forced to marry a Muslim

Arti Kumari Sharma, 20, was allegedly abducted at gunpoint at the weekend in the Khairpur District in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province and forced to marry a Muslim. According to this report, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has called for the immediate release of Sharma, and her uncle, Kishwar Sharma, a Houston resident who escaped religious persecution […]

‘Biblical economist’ jailed for ‘end of the world’ cash scam

‘Fine Christian man’ Larry Bates, 73, former House of Representative for Tennessee and ex-Chairman of the Bank and Commerce Committee who went on to become publisher and editor of the Monetary and Economic Review this week took on a new role: that of a jailbird. According to this report, Bates told listeners of Christian broadcast […]

In Pakistan, Muslims beat a Christian schoolboy to death

A campaign of bullying and harassment of Sharoon Masih, 17, culminated last week in the murder of the Christian pupil at a school in the Punjab. According to this report, the gifted pupil who was head of his class was the only Christian student in his grade. He had faced isolation and bullying from the first […]