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Sadistic cult leader under investigation in South Korea

A doomsday cult – the Grace Road Church headed by Shin Ok-ju, above – set alarm bells ringing back in 2012 when it was alleged that a mentally ill man was so badly brutalised at a branch of the church in New York that he lost a leg as a result. Over the course of […]

Arrested: wife of Idaho pervert chose prayer over police action

Sarah Kester, 50, a member of the Followers of Christ Church, told police after her arrest last week that her religious beliefs prevented her from reporting her husband – Lester Kester Jr, 48 – to the police for sexually abusing their daughters. According to this report Lester Kester told detectives on July 11 that he […]

Deadly Oregon faith healing cult claims another victim

Travis Lee Mitchell, 22, and Sarah Elaine Mitchell, 25, were today sentenced to more than six years in prison for failing to get proper medical care for their newborn baby, who died last June. The couple – members of the deadly Followers of Christ Church in Oregon – pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide and […]

Movie glorifying billionaire evangelist fails to fill cinemas

Nada a Perder (Nothing to Lose) is an authorised biopic of Edir Macedo, founder and spiritual leader of The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God worldwide and owner of RecordTV in Brazil – but despite millions of tickets reportedly being sold, the movie is playing to empty cinema seats. When I saw a Guardian […]

Cult leader Hopeful Christian, a ‘dirty old man’, dies aged 92

The founder of a New Zealand cult who changed his name from Neville Cooper to Hopeful Christian, died today, leaving behind a trail of controversy, a sexual abuse conviction, and questions over the future of the sect called Gloriavale, located in Haupiri Valley, on the South Island’s West Coast. According to this report, the current leader, […]

Sex slaves rescued from SA cult after shoot-out with police

South Africa’s National Police Commissioner General Khehla Sithole, above, has confirmed that no fewer than 100 sex slaves, among them girls as young as 12, were freed after police were involved in a gun battle at the Mancoba Seven Angels Ministry Church on Friday. According to this report, the incident occurred after five police officers […]

Dangerous Danish cult recruits ‘world famous’ singer Lou Bega

The photo above shows Lou Bega, right, praying with Torben Sondergaard, leader of ‘a really dangerous’ cult called The Last Reformation, based in Denmark. The picture was taken from a recent The Last Reformation promotional video on YouTube in which Bega speaks of finding Jesus and dragging his family into the cult, which says: Lou […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses hit with a massive child abuse lawsuit

A $66 million class-action lawsuit has been launched against the the Jehovah’s Witnesses leadership, claiming that its policies protect members who sexually abuse children. The lawsuit, according to this report, was filed in Ontario on behalf of alleged victims of sexual abuse across Canada, where more than 100,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses reside. Said Bryan McPhadden, the […]

Scientology’s new UK ‘church’ met with a hostile response

Protesters, many of them former members of the wealthy international cult, gathered in Birmingham at the weekend to loudly decry the opening of a luxurious new Church of Scientology HQ in the city. According to this report, the cash-grabbing cult – which insists it is a “true religion” and not a cult – bought the […]

US cult leader faces lawsuit over alleged slave labour

Royall Jenkins, above, ‘spiritual’ leader of an organisation called The Value Creators and a man who likes to be call ‘Allah’,  is being sued by a woman who claims she was forced to work without pay for a decade — from the age of 11. According to this report, Kendra Ross, who is now 26, alleges […]