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‘So much universe, and so little time’

Terry Pratchett, who died this week aged 66, was not one of those aggressive ‘new atheists’ Christian fundamentalists are constantly shrieking about. Strange, really, that he never became a key target for their whinges and poisonous barbs because his humorous approach to theology – to my mind – did as much, if not more, to […]

Euthanasia: Canada’s ‘dreadful’ court ruling

Christians in Canada have reacted with horror to the Supreme Court’s decision on February 6 to overturn Canada’s prohibition on physician-assisted suicide. The plaintiff’s in the case were Lee Carter, above left,  and Hollis Johnson, right, who traveled with Kay Carter, Lee’s mother, for her suicide in Switzerland in 2010. A petition against the ruling […]

Oregon suicide woman ‘ignored God’

In an ideal world we should have absolute freedom to choose when and how to die in dignified manner if we have a compelling reason to do so. Unfortunately, there are far too few places where euthanasia is legal. But Oregon is an an exception, and it was to this state that Brittany Maynard, a […]

The Meaning of Life 4

Welcome to the final part of PETER BRIETBART’S interview with Professor A C GRAYLING. Here we ask what Eutopia might look like, what lies in store for the future of humanity, where the best philosophy is to be found and whether the right to die should be a legal right. PB: In your view, and, […]

Choosing a clean break with life is a basic human right

WE at the Freethinker rarely get the opportunity to praise members of the clergy, but today we salute the Rev David Coleman, of the United Reform Church in Brighton, for allowing Dr Philip Nitschke to hold a public discussion on euthanasia  at the church-owned Brighthelm Centre yesterday. True, Rev Coleman – in the face of […]