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Scots court rules that feeble-mindedness is not a crime

Gordon Larmour, 42, above, suffers from ABCD – Advanced Brain Cell Deficiency – a condition that compels him to take to the streets and annoy the hell out of folks with Bible babble. This behaviour, according to the Telegraph, led to his arrest in his home town of Irvine, Ayrshire, for allegedly preaching against homosexuality. […]

Pastor slams evangelical Christians for voting for Trump

Jomo K Johnson, a founding member of the Black Lives Matter branch in Savannah, Georgia and a minister formerly associated with the conservative Presbyterian Church in America, has just published The Gospel: King Trump Version which castigates evangelical Christians for supporting Trump in the 2016 election. The “satirical gospel”, according to this report, is independently […]

Christian killjoys queer the pitch for gay nativity figurines

When the demented Andrea Williams of Christian Concern got wind of the fact that Christmas decorations featuring same-sex couples were being sold on the crafts website Zazzle she went ballistic. According to Pink News, the loathsome woman said: These decorations are a desperate and ridiculous attempt to pretend that homosexual relationships are pure and holy. […]

Well, blow me! You don’t often see nativity scenes like this.

Visitors to a nativity scene in Lucerne, Switzerland, got fits of the giggles when they saw a figure of Mary apparently performing oral sex on Joseph. But not everyone appreciated the work of the pranksters who rearranged the figures to suggest that Jesus’ mum was giving Joseph a Christmas a blow job. Franz Schumacher, who […]

Christians furious at Trump over gay marriage betrayal

President-elect Donald Trump said  in a CBS ’60 Minutes’ interview on Sunday that the Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling endorsing homosexual marriage is ‘settled’ law and that he has no intention of interfering with it. Amazement and anger among Christian conservatives swiftly followed. Writing for Life Site News, Peter LaBarbera, above, one of America’s leading Christian […]

Will ‘Horror-Clown’ Trump keep his promises to Christians?

‘Although many pro-life and pro-family advocates are breathing sighs of relief at having dodged a Clinton presidency, they now have the task of ensuring Trump keeps his pro-life promises – and appoints Supreme Court justices opposed not only to Roe v Wade but also to same-sex “marriage” and Obergefell v Hodges.’ Those are the words […]

Arizona dental assistant sworn at for refusing a free Bible

Mikey Weinstein, above, founder and President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, stepped in to defend a dental assistant who claims he was abused after refusing a Bible from a group of Christians who infiltrated a Phoenix hospital. According to this report, Jesse Gonzales, a dental assistant at the Carl T Hayden Veterans Affairs Medical Center, […]

Christian horror comic creator Jack Chick is dead aged 92

In 2015, trailing a little-known 2008 indie documentary – God’s Cartoonist: The Comic Crusade of Jack Chick – the Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah described the movie as:  A mind-blowing profile of 91-year-old author and illustrator Jack T Chick and Chick Publications. Well, the old fire and brimstone loon has died, but his “Chick tracts”, […]

Christians in Estonia kick up a fuss over Virgin Mary exhibit

Visitors to Estonia’s new National Museum are invited to kick the base of a glass box containing an image of the Virgin Mary, but the clever high-tech exhibit has enraged Christians who want it removed. According to this report, when people kick a spot on the plinth below the glass box, the Mary image fragments […]

Christians lay hands on Trump to ward off a ‘satanic attack’

At one of his creepiest appearances to date, Donald Trump allowed himself to be pawed this week by a clot of dimwitted evangelicals in Cleveland, Ohio, as a protective measure against demonic attacks. Speaking at the Midwest Vision and Values Pastors Leadership Conference held at his church in Cleveland, Rev Darrell Scott,  CEO of the National […]