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Street preacher and gun nut beats hate speech conviction

Daniel Courney, 33, a deranged evangelist who was convicted earlier this year of using “threatening and discriminatory language” during an anti-Islamic rant in Lincoln, had his conviction overturned this week. Courney, an American missionary who served in the US military and has been a missionary in Nepal and India for eight years, advocates for arming civilians […]

Why are bears appearing on a school’s Facebook page?

Because Stanton Elementary School in Powell County, Kentucky, is apparently teaching kids that atheists will be eaten by bears. Pranksters targeted the school’s Facebook page this week after it was reported that one of its pupils, ten-year-old Devin Estes, was being bullied because he decided to pull out of a daily Christian programme called the […]

Religion left out in the cold as Oz debates same-sex marriage

Opponents of gay marriage in Australia suffered defeat after defeat yesterday when religious exemptions were systematically kicked into the long grass as the equality bill was debated. According to this report, tempers flared as a series of conservative amendments to the same-sex marriage bill were voted down by large margins in the Senate, defeated by […]

Partial Sunday shopping ban displeases Polish Catholics

Last Friday Polish lawmakers voted to ban shopping  on Sundays twice a month – but Catholics aren’t pleased because they want Sunday trading outlawed completely, and they want it now. Instead, the poor dears are having to wait until 2020 for a total ban, according to this report. The ban was proposed by trade unions […]

Women arrested for procuring young girls for S African pastor

Two women were arrested this week in South Africa for allegedly procuring sex partners, some as young 13, for Nigerian-born pastor Timothy Omotoso, above. According to this report, the televangelist and senior pastor of the Jesus Dominion International Church in Durban, was arrested in April this year and faces charges of having sex with at […]

Roy Moore’s week has just taken a turn for the worse

The tearful woman pictured above is Beverly Young Nelson, and yesterday she accused Judge Roy Moore of attempted rape when she was just 16. Her testimony, at a press conference in New York, came as news broke that a number of pastors who had endorsed the Southern Baptist Alabama judge for the Senate earlier this […]

Roy Moore: ‘Liberals are out to silence conservative Christians’

Hop across to Reddit Atheism and you will find no fewer than seven links on its front page to reports about Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican nominee for the US Senate who was recently exposed as a hebephile. Clearly the revelations about Moore’s alleged interest in pubescent girls when he was in his 30s has […]

Bigoted artists to appeal Phoenix gay wedding ruling

Artists Joanna Duka, left, and Breanna Koski run a company called Brush & Nib. But because they are evangelical Christians they won’t create invitations for gay weddings. This put them at odds with a Phoenix, Arizona, anti-discrimination ordinance, which they challenged in court – and lost. Failure to comply with the law can lead to […]

Creationism and other idiotic beliefs trashed by Julie Payette

Oh, how I wish we had more politicians like Julie Payette, Canada’s Governor General, who have the courage to stand up in public for plain common sense. In a week that saw Rick Perry, America’s godly Energy Secretary, making a complete arse of himself by saying that fossils fuels could reduce sexual assaults in Africa, […]

Failed doomsday predictions turn people off Christianity

Russell Moore, President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, has had enough of evangelists making end-of-the-world predictions. According to this report, Moore last week argued that “any day could be Judgment Day,” but at the same time, warned that such doomsday predictions: Have little to do with religion and […]