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Good news: hate preacher is barred from entering Jamaica

PASTOR Steven Anderson, of Arizona’s Faithful Word Baptist Church – notorious for his aggressive incitements to anti-gay violence – was just about to travel to Jamaica when he got news yesterday that officials has denied him entry. On January 8 he announced that he would be travelling to Jamaica to recruit supporters. Anderson came to […]

What Jesus never told Caesar

Jerry Falwell Junior, son of the more famous religious fanatic of the same name, tweeted a profound religious thought a couple of days ago. Jesus said love our neighbors as ourselves but never told Caesar how to run Rome – he never said Roman soldiers should turn the other cheek in battle or that Caesar […]

Creationist reappointed to Scottish education committee

Humanists in Scotland are among a number who have expressed concern that an evangelical creationist, Dr Nagy Iskander, above, has been reappointed to sit on the education committee of South Lanarkshire council. Iskander has been described as as one of “Europe’s most active creationists” by Ken Ham, the founder of Answers in Genesis, a US-based […]

US evangelist denies ‘pay up or face God’s wrath’ warning

A number of media reports this week revealed that televangelist and Chair of Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board was urging people to donate up to a month’s salary to ‘God’ via her her church’s First Fruits campaign – and that those who did not cough up at least something could face dire consequences. On her […]

James Dobson: fast to prevent the President’s impeachment

Certainly some – like the fella above – could do with shedding a stone or two, but it remains to be seen how many of Trump’s supporters will put down their forks in support of a national day of fasting and prayer for the President. The fast, according to this report, has been proposed by […]

Franklin Graham is warned not to incite hatred in the UK

Despite the fact that almost 7,500 people have signed a petition calling for Graham to be barred from entering the UK, he will be in the country in September to lead a ‘Festival of Hope’ evangelical extravaganza in the northern seaside resort of Blackpool. But, according to this report, he has been warned by local […]

Charges against ‘Islamophobic’ UK street preacher dropped

Christian Concern is crowing over a decision to drop charges against street preacher Pastor Oluwole Ilesanmi, 62, who was arrested for using threatening and abusive language in a rant against Islam. Preaching on the High Road in Wood Green, London, on 24 June 2017, Ilesanmi, of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, UK, told passersby […]

Killjoy preacher tells kids Santa is fantasy, but Jesus is for real

There is more historic evidence for the existence of Santa Claus (aka St Nicholas) than there is for Jesus Christ, but pastor David Grisham, above, doesn’t want children to know that – and he’s more than happy to wreck Christmas family days out by bellowing at youngsters that Santa is ‘make-believe’. His latest attack on […]

Street preacher and gun nut beats hate speech conviction

Daniel Courney, 33, a deranged evangelist who was convicted earlier this year of using “threatening and discriminatory language” during an anti-Islamic rant in Lincoln, had his conviction overturned this week. Courney, an American missionary who served in the US military and has been a missionary in Nepal and India for eight years, advocates for arming civilians […]

Why are bears appearing on a school’s Facebook page?

Because Stanton Elementary School in Powell County, Kentucky, is apparently teaching kids that atheists will be eaten by bears. Pranksters targeted the school’s Facebook page this week after it was reported that one of its pupils, ten-year-old Devin Estes, was being bullied because he decided to pull out of a daily Christian programme called the […]