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Why what Tim Hunt said in Seoul matters

On June 7 the biochemist Tim Hunt, above, a Nobel laureate, addressed a lunch for women scientists at the World Conference of Science Journalists in Seoul, South Korea. He started with his own experience: Let me tell you about my trouble with girls … three things happen when they are in the lab … You […]

Wanted: a god that surpasseth gender

Male language and imagery used to describe God should br scrapped and replaced with non-sexist terminology says a Church of England group. Rev Jody Stowell, a member of Women and the Church (Watch), the pressure group that led the campaign for female bishops, is quoted here as saying: Orthodox theology says all human beings are […]

God created women ‘less ambitious’

At the end of April, Pope Francis reportedly said that it was ‘a pure scandal‘ that women earn less money than men doing the same jobs. But Gavin McInnes, an American writer and former co-founder of Vice Media, yesterday declared that the gender pay gap exists because women are “less ambitious” than men and that […]

‘Feminist’ king is dead, women grieve

Among the fawning tributes paid to the dead King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who was buried today in an unmarked grave in the capital Riyadh, was this from Christine Lagarde, below, the first woman to head the IMF: Very saddened by his death, I had met him several times and he’s going to leave a […]

Femen activist snatches baby Jesus

The creepy picture above shows Pope Francis going down on a statue of the baby Jesus during Christmas night mass at St Peter’s Basilica. Hours before, another statue of the infant messiah had been recovered by  a Vatican plod from the clutches of a member of women’s rights group Femen. The Vatican, according to this […]

Missouri creationist now targets abortion

In 2013, Republican Rick Brattin sponsored a bill to put intelligent design and “destiny” on the same footing as evolution in Missouri textbooks. Now, according to this report, he’s pushing a bill that would prevent a woman having an abortion unless she has the consent of the man who got her pregnant. The measure would […]

Islamic law tramples women’s rights

A report by a human rights group has exposed the vulnerability of Muslim women living in Islamic ‘marriages’ in the UK. According to the National Secular Society the report finds that the widespread practice of polygamy has left Muslim women without legal rights upon “divorce”, and left entirely dependent on their “husbands”  for financial support. […]

What should we do?

What do we do with the thought that some things are more important than others? Specifically, how do we deal with the awareness that some human problems are more urgent and pressing than others? How do we sort them, how do we rank them, how do we decide which ones we should pay most attention […]

Victory! Law Society retreats over sharia

Insisting that sharia law ‘has a truly dreadful human rights record’ Charlie Klendjian of the Lawyers’ Secular Society this week welcomed news that the Law Society in the UK had withdrawn its formal practice note on ‘sharia succession rules’. According to a statement issued by Klendjian, the Law Society has now deleted the page of […]

‘Welcome to my world, Ben Affleck’

A Muslim who has been branded ‘an enemy of God’ berates Hollywood star Ben Affleck, above, for his ‘Islamophobia’ rant on Bill Maher’s recent Real Time show. “Eiynah” is a Pakistani-Canadian blogger/illustrator who writes about sexuality in Pakistan, and this week – “as a woman who was born and raised in Islam” – she wrote […]