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What should we do?

What do we do with the thought that some things are more important than others? Specifically, how do we deal with the awareness that some human problems are more urgent and pressing than others? How do we sort them, how do we rank them, how do we decide which ones we should pay most attention […]

Victory! Law Society retreats over sharia

Insisting that sharia law ‘has a truly dreadful human rights record’ Charlie Klendjian of the Lawyers’ Secular Society this week welcomed news that the Law Society in the UK had withdrawn its formal practice note on ‘sharia succession rules’. According to a statement issued by Klendjian, the Law Society has now deleted the page of […]

‘Welcome to my world, Ben Affleck’

A Muslim who has been branded ‘an enemy of God’ berates Hollywood star Ben Affleck, above, for his ‘Islamophobia’ rant on Bill Maher’s recent Real Time show. “Eiynah” is a Pakistani-Canadian blogger/illustrator who writes about sexuality in Pakistan, and this week – “as a woman who was born and raised in Islam” – she wrote […]

Buses bearing ‘obscene’ ads stoned

It took years to get equality ads on buses in Jerusalem. When they finally appeared, ultra-orthodox Jews stoned the vehicles. Dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews, according to this report, hurled stones and slashed the tires of buses bearing ads promoting female worship at a key Jerusalem holy site. The attack, which happened on Monday night in […]

Born secondary

One of the duties of a vocal atheist is to try to keep up with the doings of the fundamentalist movement. That’s why I read things like a blog post titled “2 Reasons Why My Daughter Will Not Go to College” by a self-described pastor-teacher called Karl Heitman. Heitman writes at a group-blog of nine […]