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Priest’s guidelines on gay funerals branded ‘shameful’

The Vicar General of the Madison diocese in Wisconsin, Msgr James R Bartylla, above, recently issued an email communication called ‘Consideration of Funeral Rites for a Person in a Homosexual Civil or Notorious Union’ – and after it was leaked it caused outrage, and rightly so. The communication, according to Pray Tell, sets out guidelines […]

Kentucky taxpayers’ learn that bigotry comes at a high price

Rowan Country clerk, Kim Davis, above, returned from her whirlwind anti-gay marriage tour of Romania this month to learn that a judge is insisting that Kentucky taxpayers’ must pay the legal fees incurred when she was sued for refusing to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples. According to this report, in July, US District Judge […]

Richard Page: Christian Legal Centre suffers another loss

Richard Page, 71, who tried to sue the NHS after he was sacked as a director for speaking out against gay adoption has lost his case. Page was suspended by the NHS Trust Development Authority after he claimed it was better for a child to be brought up by both a man and a woman.He […]

World Meeting of Families slammed for welcoming gays

Ireland is to host the Catholic Church’s 2018 World Meeting of Families next August – but has already run into problems because the programme for the event makes clear that homosexual unions can legitimately recognised. The programme released under the oversight of Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin even contains a cropped version of the Getty image […]

NZ’s new PM ditched Mormon Church, supports LBGT equality

Faced with the choice of remaining within a deeply homophobic  Mormon Church or fighting discrimination on behalf of her gay friends, New Zealand’s new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, 37, chose to kick the church into the long grass. According to this report, Ardern’s work for equality began when she left the Church of Jesus Christ […]

Parents called ‘extremists’ for opposing Crossteach lessons

Crossteach is one of a number of Christians organisations that exist to brainwash schoolkids, but thanks to a growing awareness among parents that the messages being passed on to their children are designed to foster intolerance, they are facing increased opposition. This most recent example of a parental backlash occurred this week when St John’s […]

Australian voters give anti-gay marriage bigots a good kicking

Despite a determined push by Australia’s  anti-gay marriage lobby – and a whopping A$1 million (£593,000) injected by the Anglican Church into the ‘hysterical ‘No’ campaign – a new poll shows that ‘Yes’ voters are comfortably ahead. According to this report, a special Newspoll survey shows a massive 59 per cent of those who have […]

Funeral bells toll to mark the ‘murder’ of Christian morality

Christians can be such drama queens … The latest manifestation of priestly outrage, according to this report, comes from Greece where a number of churches said that will ring funeral bells every day until Saturday to protest a new law that makes it easier for people to change their legally recognised gender. Greece’s parliament passed […]

Jesuit priest slams church over canceled human rights festival

Rev James Martin, above, has waded into a row over the cancellation of a human rights arts festival that was to take place on yesterday (Sunday) at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in New York. The festival included a comedy improvisation, “Thank You for Coming Out”,  about revealing gay identity, and a series of original cabaret […]

Greek priests express horror over new transgender law

Thanks to a law approved by the Greek parliament, people can now legally change their gender on all official documents – and Metropolitan Nicholas of Phthiotis, above, centre, is furious. According to this report, he thundered: Do you see how far these Greek Orthodox deputies have sunk? … They have brought blasphemy upon the human […]