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San Diego gay cure pastor rebuffed by US Supreme Court

Donald W Welch, a quack Christian therapist and an ordained minister at Skyline Church in Rancho San Diego, inset, had failed in his bid to overturn to a California law banning gay conversion therapy for minors. According to this report, the US Supreme Court yesterday declined to take up Welch’s challenge to the law. The […]

Methodist court rules against lesbian bishop’s consecration

Bishop Karen P Oliveto, above, was elected by the United Methodist Church’s Western Jurisdiction last summer and assigned to oversee about 400 congregations in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. This caused outrage, and – according to this report –  her election was immediately challenged by the church’s South Central Jurisdiction, which argued that the […]

Judge to recuse himself from same-sex adoption cases

Highly religious Kentucky Judge W Mitchell Nance has announced he will no longer hear adoption cases involving ‘homosexual parties’ because he believes allowing a gay person to adopt could never be in the child’s best interest. Not surprisingly, the judge’s homophobic stance has led to calls for his resignation, and some experts said that Nance, […]

Kill Bill: Science Guy’s ‘gay cure’ video riles the religious

American science presenter Bill Nye recently poured scorn on the idea that gays can be cured, and in doing so incurred the wrath of homophobic religious nutters. PinkNews reports that the popular science educator and TV host received death threats after an episode from his new Netflix talk show – Bill Nye Saves the World […]

Kadyrov wants to rid Chechnya of gays before Ramadan

The Muslim President of Chechnya – the gun-toting lunatic Ramzan Kadyrov, above – has publicly declared he wants to see his country’s homosexual population eliminated by the start of Ramadan. According to PinkNews, Sir Alan Duncan, Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, revealed the terrifying threat from the Chechen leader while taking an […]

Play featuring biblical figures as gay branded ‘blasphemous’

America Needs Fatima, a conservative Catholic group, has slammed an Atlanta theatre for planning to stage The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, a play  that re-imagines biblical figures as queer. According to this report, the Out Front Theatre Company’s production the play doesn’t officially open until April 27, but has already been slammed as “blasphemous” by […]

Kinky Georgia pastor Kenneth Adkins faces a long term in jail

Last August Charlotte Stormy Adkins protested at the arrest of her husband, pastor Kenneth Adkins, 57, on eight counts of child molestation of a young boy and girl. His wife said: We are disappointed with what appears to be a rush to judgment by law enforcement authorities in this case. We are confident that Kenneth […]

Kindergarten resists Muslims’ demand to sack gay teacher

Muslim parents in Germany who want a a gay teacher removed from a kindergarten have been told to put up or shut up. The parents, according to this report, threw their tantrum in the northern district of Reinickendorf after they discovered the teacher’s sexuality. They then threatened to gather names for a petition against him. […]

‘Gay cure’ charlatan Joseph Nicolosi is dead aged 70

When news broke earlier this month that Nicolosi, above – known as ‘the father of gay reparative therapy’ – had died, LifeSiteNews ran a grossly inaccurate headline: ‘Joseph Nicolosi helped thousands coping with unwanted homosexual desires’. He most certainly did not. In fact, the devout Catholic quack, according to Christian writer Jonathan Merritt, wrecked “countless” […]

Deranged politicians: Jesus will head a new, ‘virtuous America’

South Carolina State Representative Josiah Magnuson, above, has a bold new vision for America in which ‘Christ is placed in His rightful position as the authority over all of life, and His law of liberty is made our rule of conduct’. Magnuson, 25, and fellow S Carolina State Rep Jonathon Hill, 32, inset – both […]