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Pretty-in-pink cardinal claims homophobia is a Marxist hoax

It’s somewhat ironic that, shortly after I posted an item earlier today about the homophobia suffered by a lesbian at a school in Oregon, I learned that German cardinal Gerhard Müller – prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith from 2012 until June 2017 –  has claimed that  that homophobia ‘simply doesn’t exist’. […]

Police officer told bullied gay teen she was destined for hell

In America school resource officers are sworn law enforcement officers responsible for safety and crime prevention. But when Liv Funk reported homophobic abuse and a physical attack to Jason Griggs  – the officer at her school in Oregon (inset) – she was left stunned by his response. Detailing the homophobia and harrassment she experienced at […]

Moldovan police tear gas crazy Christians at equality march

An attempt by religious fanatics to disrupt a rally in support of Moldova’s LGBT community resulted in police tear gassing them. According to this report the Orthodox Christian protesters unsuccessfully attempted to break through a police line set up to guard dozens off demonstrators who marched through Chisinau in yesterday’s rally against homophobia. Video footage […]

Racist, homophobic ex-judge loses support of Dallas paper

Up until recently, The Dallas Morning News was recommending Vickers ‘Vic’ Cunningham, a former criminal district judge, for the Precinct 2 seat on the Dallas County Commissioners Court. But the paper withdrew its support when it came to light that Cunningham’s “Christian values” included racism and homophobia. In an editorial it said: Recent developments have […]

SA pastor gets a suspended jail sentence for hate speech

Back in 2014 South African pastor Oscar Bougardt, above, was ordered by a court to stop preaching against homosexuality. He didn’t. And yesterday Judge Lee Bozaleck in the Western Cape High Court handed him a jail sentence of 30 days, suspended for five years. Bougardt was found guilty of hate speech and contravening the 2014 […]

Victoria plans crackdown on quack Christian therapists

An inquiry launched by Australia’s state of Victoria could soon see practitioners of ‘highly damaging’ gay conversion therapy being prosecuted.  According to this report, Health Minister Jill Hennessy, above, has written to Health Complaints Commissioner Karen Cusack, requesting she investigate mainly religious practices which purport to “cure” homosexuality. The minister said she was prompted to […]

Yet another Christian lunatic is awarded a top American post

President Trump’s administration, infested by a truly terrifying array of Christian fanatics, has added yet another lunatic to its collection: Dr Robert Redfield, the new head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Redfield, according to this report, is a devout Roman Catholic who was associated with Americans for a Sound AIDS/HIV […]

Lord Tebbit, 87, throws a wobbly over ‘sodomite’ dean

Former Conservative Party chairman Lord Tebbit, a vocal supporter of the Thatcher Government’s vile Section 28 which banned the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality in schools, said he won’t attend Sunday services at St Edmundsbury Cathedral in Bury Saint Edmunds anymore because its new dean, Rev Canon Joe Hawes, is gay. According to this report, the bigoted […]

In California Christians fear that Bibles could be banned

In passing legislation to combat quack ‘gay cure’ therapies, California may have made it illegal to sell Bibles. Christians are in full panic mode … again! An op-ed published by The National Catholic Register today said that after Assembly Bill 2943 passed the state assembly in April, Christian groups and religious-freedom advocates warned that the measure […]

More American Muslims are supporting same-sex marriage

A new report just released shows that opposition to same-sex marriage has decreased across a broad swath of religious groups in the United States – and that, for the first time, Muslims are part of the significant shift towards equality. According to this report, findings from the Public Religion Research Institute’s 2017 American Values Atlas, published […]