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‘You know the rules’ judge tells sacked gay C of E clergyman

Canon Jeremy Pemberton, left, who had his licence as a priest officially revoked for marrying his partner Laurence Cunnington, right, in 2014, has lost his discrimination case at the Court of Appeal. According to this report, Lord Justice Underhill told Pemberton, “if you belong to an institution with known and lawful rules”, it is justifiable that: […]

‘Gay cure’ therapist guilty of having sex with male patients

Toronto psychiatrist Dr Melvyn Iscove, 72, who believes homosexuality is a ‘sexual disorder’ that can be cured, has been found guilty by Ontario’s medical regulator of sexually abusing two of his male patients. According to this report, Iscove was described in a decision of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s discipline committee as […]

South Africa’s new President spells bad news for this man

The man pictured above is Errol Naidoo, an aggressively anti-LGBT evangelical who heads an outfit called the Family Policy Institute (FPI). Last year, according to this report, Naidoo – a fervent opponent of reproductive choice and LGBT rights – travelled to Budapest, Hungary for the 2017 World Congress of Families summit of ultra-conservative movements. There, […]

Christian bigots force Bermuda to abandon same-sex marriage

IN AN astonishing about-turn, Bermuda – a British Overseas Territory – voted last December 13 to reverse gay marriage legislation just six months after the Supreme Court ordered the introduction same-sex unions. The Government replaced it with a Domestic Partnership Bill. Reporting on this reversal for  the winter issue of the Pink Humanist, I pointed […]

Banned ‘gay cure’ propaganda: Christian Legal Centre steps in

The man pictured above is Dr Peter May, a retired Christian GP who features in a ‘gay-to-straight’ film that  was banned this week by a London cinema. May, a member of the Anglican General Synod between 1985 and 2010, is among a number of “experts” who appear in a film entitled Voices of the Silenced: […]

Academy accused of tolerating atheism but not Christianity

The T2 Apprenticeship Academy in Bristol allowed ‘an outspoken left-wing atheist’ to remain in his teaching post but sacked a teacher for expressing her Christian opinions about homosexuality. According to, the Bristol Employment Tribunal – hearing the case of Svetlana Powell – was told by Christian Legal Centre lawyer Pavel Stroilov that that the […]

Good news: hate preacher is barred from entering Jamaica

PASTOR Steven Anderson, of Arizona’s Faithful Word Baptist Church – notorious for his aggressive incitements to anti-gay violence – was just about to travel to Jamaica when he got news yesterday that officials has denied him entry. On January 8 he announced that he would be travelling to Jamaica to recruit supporters. Anderson came to […]

Ireland: anti-LGBT counselling services risk losing funding

Relationship and marriage services in Ireland risk losing state funding unless they adhere to a new government policy which says lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people should not be turned away. According to this report, such agencies “could be forced to close unless they bow to demands that they support same-sex couples”. The country’s largest […]

Study: gay pride and atheism is on the rise among the young

Encouraging news: Generation Z teens – the 70 million kids born between 1999 and 2015 – are at least twice as likely as American adults to identify as as LGBT or atheist, according to a study just released by the Barna Group. Christianity Today reports that study – which shows that 13 percent of teens […]

London store ‘celebrates sin’ with Garden of Eden biscuits

It didn’t take long for Christian outrage to erupt after news broke that London department store Fortnum & Mason is selling a biscuit collection based on the biblical myth of the Garden of Eden – featuring gay and lesbian couples. Tim Dieppe, speaking on Premier Radio this week, said that the promotion was: A celebration of […]