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Heaven populated by gays says Catholic priest Fr James Martin

The controversial Catholic priest –  appointed by Pope Francis last month to the Vatican’s communications office – has ruffled feathers by claiming that faithful Catholics may be in for a ‘surprise’ when they ‘get to heaven to be greeted by LGBT men and women’. Reporting that Martin, editor-at-large of the Jesuit-run America magazine, made the […]

Ohio televangelist used slave labour to run his restaurant

Last month a federal judge ordered 95-year-old Cuyahoga Falls televangelist Ernest Angley, above, to pay more than $388,000 (£299,000) in damages and back wages to a group of employees forced to work at Angley’s Cathedral Buffet as unpaid volunteers. Following the court order Angley announced that he was shutting the buffet. US District Judge Benita […]

Trump rewards evangelicals with religious freedom order

US President Donald Trump today made good on a promise to allow faith-heads – particularly those of an evangelical stripe – greater freedom by signing an Executive Order called ‘Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty’. He is quoted by NBC News as saying at political speech at a National Day of Prayer event at the […]

‘We don’t deal with their kind’ funeral home faces lawsuit

Mississippi’s Picayune Funeral Home claims that ‘we are committed to providing our community with the best possible service in their time of need’. But when it was asked last year to collect the body of Robert Huskey, 86, PFH flatly refused to do so when it discovered that Huskey was a gay man who was married […]

Apologise? No way!

A FEW months back I was appointed by Round Town News, a weekly newspaper on the Costa Blanca in Spain, to write a regular, LGBT-slanted column, and in the Easter edition I reported on the death of Gilbert Baker, above, the San Francisco artist who, in 1978, created the rainbow for the LGBT community. Within […]

Methodist court rules against lesbian bishop’s consecration

Bishop Karen P Oliveto, above, was elected by the United Methodist Church’s Western Jurisdiction last summer and assigned to oversee about 400 congregations in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. This caused outrage, and – according to this report –  her election was immediately challenged by the church’s South Central Jurisdiction, which argued that the […]

Judge to recuse himself from same-sex adoption cases

Highly religious Kentucky Judge W Mitchell Nance has announced he will no longer hear adoption cases involving ‘homosexual parties’ because he believes allowing a gay person to adopt could never be in the child’s best interest. Not surprisingly, the judge’s homophobic stance has led to calls for his resignation, and some experts said that Nance, […]

Kill Bill: Science Guy’s ‘gay cure’ video riles the religious

American science presenter Bill Nye recently poured scorn on the idea that gays can be cured, and in doing so incurred the wrath of homophobic religious nutters. PinkNews reports that the popular science educator and TV host received death threats after an episode from his new Netflix talk show – Bill Nye Saves the World […]

Gay couple face 100 lashes each for breaching sharia law

Back in 2014, Indonesia’s Aceh province approved a law known as qanun jinaya which punishes people for having sex outside marriage with up to 100 lashes with a cane. Now it’s being reported that a couple face 100 lashes each after neighbours reported them to the shariah police for having gay sex. Officers said the […]

‘Gay cure’ charlatan Joseph Nicolosi is dead aged 70

When news broke earlier this month that Nicolosi, above – known as ‘the father of gay reparative therapy’ – had died, LifeSiteNews ran a grossly inaccurate headline: ‘Joseph Nicolosi helped thousands coping with unwanted homosexual desires’. He most certainly did not. In fact, the devout Catholic quack, according to Christian writer Jonathan Merritt, wrecked “countless” […]