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Polari service staged by trainee priests was ‘hugely regrettable’

The Rev Canon Chris Chivers, above, looks like a fella who enjoys a hearty laugh. But the Principal of Westcott House, a Church of England theological college in Cambridge, did not see the funny side of a service conducted in the antiquated gay slang language Polari to mark LGBT history month. According to the BBC, […]

Scots cleric claims gays invite bullying with their behaviour

Chief Executive of Humanist Society Scotland, Gordon MacRae, above, has reacted angrily to an attack on LGBT school pupils by a clergyman who holds a position on a Highland Council Education Committee. According to this report, Alexander MacLean, a member of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, suggested young LGBT people are bullied because they […]

Queen’s former chaplain tells Christians to leave the C of E

The Rev Dr Gavin Ashenden, above, has lashed out at the The Church of England, saying it is ‘dying’ and is ‘more comfortable with politics and power than it is with the Holy Spirit.’ Ashenden, according to this report, resigned his position as chaplain to the Queen last week after he voiced his opposition to […]

Burqa ban will serve to boost the sex industry in Morocco

A bad-tempered debate has erupted on the Morocco World News website following a report that the Muslim country has banned the sale, production and import of burqas. Someone called Zigma Zigma suggested that the ban would serve only to boost Morocco’s “sex industries” by drawing in more foreigners. Christian M Davidson rubbished the suggestion: Come […]

Warren Allen Smith, author of ‘Who’s Who in Hell’, has died

I was sad to learn today that Warren Allen Smith, a veteran US gay rights activist best known for his creation of a 1,237-page tome, Who’s Who in Hell: A Handbook and International Directory for Humanists, Freethinkers, Naturalists, Rationalists and Non-Theists, died peacefully at the age of 95. I have been in regular touch with […]

Will ‘Horror-Clown’ Trump keep his promises to Christians?

‘Although many pro-life and pro-family advocates are breathing sighs of relief at having dodged a Clinton presidency, they now have the task of ensuring Trump keeps his pro-life promises – and appoints Supreme Court justices opposed not only to Roe v Wade but also to same-sex “marriage” and Obergefell v Hodges.’ Those are the words […]

French court: ‘You can’t call homosexuality an abomination’

A hate-speech conviction imposed on French politician and former housing minister Christine Boutin, above, has been upheld by the Court of Appeals of Paris. Boutin breached France’s laws, which impose specific and extra heavy penalties on defamation, insults, and inciting to violence or hatred against a number of categories of persons including gay people, when […]

The futility of prayer: bigoted bakers lose court battle

The headline above a report on the Christian Institute’s website says: Ashers ‘hope and pray’ for Court ruling that protects conscience. Well, their prayers – as prayers always do – fell on deaf ears, and the Court of Appeal in Belfast today ruled against the owners of Ashers Baking Company. The McArthur family, owners of […]

Botswana’s ‘wide-open door’ slammed in evangelist’s face

After South Africa banned Steven Anderson from entering the country earlier this month, the American hate preacher trumpeted that he was still on course to ‘win souls’ in nearby Botswana. He wrote on Facebook: I feel sorry for people who live in South Africa, but thank God we still have a wide open door in […]

In Belgrade, priests ‘cleanse’ the streets after Pride event

Yesterday Belgrade’s third Pride Parade took place, much to the fury of a group of Serbian Orthodox priests and their supporters who moved in afterwards to ‘spiritually cleanse’ the streets along which the revellers had passed. Photos of priests carrying anti-gay banners appeared on the this Serbian site. One showed a homosexual being driven into […]