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Australian Anglican school slaps down anti-gay parents

When two sets of parents complained that an exclusive Sydney Anglican girls’ school – Kambala – was employing gay teachers, school council president and prominent businesswoman Sally Herman, above, came out fighting, Rather than respond directly to the homophobes, who accused the school of not “living up to our Christian values”, Herman wrote an open letter defending the […]

New animated movie slammed for being strongly anti-religious

Sausage Party, released in the UK this weekend, is a raunchy, animated adult comedy about food items that come to life, but Christian website Movieguide is less than amused: Filled with crude content and foul language, Sausage Party has a strong pagan, immoral worldview marred further by a strong pro-atheist, anti-faith message. Central to the […]

If Italy now accepts gay unions, it must also legalise polygamy

Muslim leader Hamza Piccardo, above, has ignited a row in Italy by calling for the legalisation of polygamy. According to this report, the founder of the Union of Islamic Communities and Organisations (UCOII) in Italy took to Facebook to declare that polygamy is a “civil right” and that Italy would benefit from the large number […]

Jesus Christ: ‘I turned wine into water – alcohol is bad for you’

A former bus driver and bed-and-breakfast owner – who changed his name from John Edward Birtwhistle to Jesus Christ after memories of his run-in with the authorities 2,000 years ago came flooding back to him – hopes to become a member of parliament for Burnley in Lancashire. According to this report, Christ, 77, changed his […]

Republicans’ convention targeted by atheists and gays

When delegates arrive next week in Cleveland, Ohio, for the Republican Party’s national convention, they will be be confronted by two giant billboards calling on them to stop being so damned religious and homophobic. According to this report, the first billboard, above, was erected by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, and the second by Planting […]

Brexit eclipsed another June 23 referendum – in Bermuda

Following a campaign spearheaded by a multi-ethnic consortium of Christian leaders, Bermuda residents rejected same-sex marriage by a 69-percent majority and same-sex civil unions by a 63 percent majority in a June 23 referendum that seems to have been totally ignored by the world’s media. However, the Baptist Press yesterday reported that a piety of […]

Tory Minister Stephen Crabb denies being homophobic

Tory leadership contender, evangelical Christian Stephen Crabb, has attacked ‘political opponents’ for spreading the ‘complete falsehood’ that he believes gay people are sinful and need treatment. The Conservative Work and Pensions Secretary today told the BBC’s Today programme: I don’t believe that being gay is a sin. I don’t believe it’s something to be cured. […]

UN votes to protect LGBT rights despite mainly Muslim protests

Faisal Trad, above, the permanent representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations in Geneva, is not a happy Muslim, following a decision this week by the UN Human Rights Council to appoint an independent investigator to help protect LGBT people worldwide from violence and discrimination. Trad, according to this report, argued against what he […]

Ex-President Carter dismisses creationism, favours gay rights

If Ken Ham, the ‘brain’ behind Kentucky’s Ark Encounter, imagined that a visit his silly creationist theme park yesterday by former US President Jimmy Carter would gain him positive PR points, he was in for a shock. For Carter told reporters that he doesn’t buy the idea that the earth is six thousand years old, […]

Chief Rabbi: synagogues must do more to welcome gay Jews

While insisting that the Torah takes a ‘clear position’ against homosexual acts, Britain’s Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, above, has called on synagogues under his auspices to do more to ‘open their hearts’ to gay community members in the wake the murder of the Orlando gay club atrocity. According to Jewish News, which carries a rainbow […]