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Oz gay marriage vote puts daft couple back in the headlines

Back in 2015 Nick and Sarah Jensen – both devout Christians – vowed to divorce if gay marriage was ever legalised in Australia. Their silly pronouncement prompted a backlash, and among the first to speak out against the couple’s bigotry was Nick Jensen’s older brother, Soren Jensen, who penned an open letter on Facebook disapproving […]

Jewish cultural centre targeted by ultra-Orthodox zealots

Fanatical London rabbi, Aaron Bassous, above, is one of 25 ultra-Orthodox leaders who have signed a letter calling on their congregations to boycott a Jewish cultural centre because it held a gay-themed week of events and provides a meeting space for gay Jewish parents. Bassous, head of a Sephardi congregation in Golders Green, was in the news […]

Offensive to Christians: zealots destroy a Sydney mural

A mural described as ‘a direct attack on Christians or anyone who believes in a God’ was obliterated last week by Christian vigilantes. According to this report, the work – “The Happy Ending” – by street artist Scott Marsh was done to celebrate Australia’s vote in favour of marriage equality in a plebicite. It featured […]

Religion left out in the cold as Oz debates same-sex marriage

Opponents of gay marriage in Australia suffered defeat after defeat yesterday when religious exemptions were systematically kicked into the long grass as the equality bill was debated. According to this report, tempers flared as a series of conservative amendments to the same-sex marriage bill were voted down by large margins in the Senate, defeated by […]

Christian moron: put crocodile problem ahead of gay marriage

Back in 2011, an Australian independent MP, Bob Katter above, was slammed by his gay half-brother for saying that the idea of same-sex marriage deserved to be ridiculed. The Christian fundamentalist told an anti-gay rally at Parliament House in Canberra: Truly this proposition deserves to be laughed at and ridiculed. It doesn’t serve any serious […]

Australia overwhelming says ‘Yes’ to same-sex marriage

Following the result of controversial postal ballot, Australia could have same-sex marriage by Christmas – and enjoy a massive financial windfall in the immediate aftermath. According to this report, gay marriage would provide an estimated cash injection of nearly $1 billion into the Australian economy over the first three years. That’s the “conservative” estimate economists […]

Woman gets religion, sets out to sabotage pet expo company

Amazing Pet Expos, a company that hosts events in centres around the US, was reportedly sabotaged by a female employee who got religion and began a hate campaign against the ‘satanic’ Chief Operating Office and gay staff employed by the head of the enterprise, Sheila Rilenge, above. News of the problem emerged after it was reported […]

Catholic diocese calls ‘foul’ over petition against bishop

Earlier this month we carried a report that said Catholic priests in Wisconsin were warned to be wary of conducting funerals for homosexuals who were known to be in a same-sex marriages or civil partnerships. Well, the shit’s hit the fan big time. According to this report,  an online petition is accusing Bishop Robert Morlino,  […]

Priest’s guidelines on gay funerals branded ‘shameful’

The Vicar General of the Madison diocese in Wisconsin, Msgr James R Bartylla, above, recently issued an email communication called ‘Consideration of Funeral Rites for a Person in a Homosexual Civil or Notorious Union’ – and after it was leaked it caused outrage, and rightly so. The communication, according to Pray Tell, sets out guidelines […]

Kentucky taxpayers’ learn that bigotry comes at a high price

Rowan Country clerk, Kim Davis, above, returned from her whirlwind anti-gay marriage tour of Romania this month to learn that a judge is insisting that Kentucky taxpayers’ must pay the legal fees incurred when she was sued for refusing to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples. According to this report, in July, US District Judge […]