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New app launched to block out Radio 4’s ‘Thought for the Day’

The National Secular Society is today launching a new app that will allow Radio 4 listeners to avoid ‘Thought for the Day’ when listening to the BBC’s ‘Today’ programme. The application will enable listeners to pre-select alternative content during the religious slot – their favourite music, a podcast or simply another radio station, which will […]

UK gay couple have a Ugandan classroom named after them

UGANDAN tabloids are notorious for their lurid anti-gay headlines, such as the one above, but, so far, I have not seen one declaring ‘Godless Homos Have Classroom Named After Them’. This, most likely, is because Ugandan gutter press hacks haven’t yet cottoned onto the fact that in Uganda’s northern Gulu region, an organisation called Humanist […]

Atheist numbers soar at Air Force base in Texas

Back in 2013, Lackland Air Force Base in Texas gave non-religious recruits permission to organise secular gatherings in lieu of attending church services. Given that the previous alternative to going to church was to stay back and clean the dorms, this was a welcome third option. There were only five attendees when the alternative programme […]

Judge: exclusion of humanism from religious studies is wrong

In a landmark ruling today, High Court judge Mr Justice Warby, above, found that the British Government was wrong to exclude humanism from the GCSE RS subject curriculum. The exclusion, according to this report, flew in the face of the Government’s own consultation results, and went against the opinion of RE subject experts and religious […]

Darwin for youngsters

In Engand lessons about evolution designed for kids aged from ten have begun – thanks to the efforts of the British Humanist Association. A new primary national curriculum in English schools was introduced on September 1. For the first time it includes a module on evolution as part of the year six programme of study […]

Valuable gain for humanist charity

The UK LGBT Humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) has gained a new patron, Sophie in’t Veldt MEP, above, who was awarded the Irwin Prize for Secularist of the Year at a ceremony hosted by the National Secular Society in 2011. In ‘t Veld has been a Member of the European Parliament for D66, […]

Judge’s harsh lesson for US school district

Back in 2013, a lawsuit was filed against the Rankin County School District in Missippi for sponsoring student events that included religious proselytising. In November 2014, the American Humanist Association, which filed the lawsuit, and school district officials, entered into a Consent Decree, which prohibited the district from exposing students to further religious shenanigans. Despite […]

It’s Yoga Day – so let’s throw a tantrum

In a message on the eve of International Day of Yoga – today, as it happens – India’s Nagaland and Assam Governor P B Acharya said the world had finally recognised the importance of yoga in ensuring a sound mind and a healthy body. He termed it as a ‘victory for our ancient saint Patanjali’. […]

My Family

It is easy, looking around us, to believe that humans are the pinnacle of evolution, the masters of the world. We have developed tools with which we have spilt atoms, put probes on other planets and cured diseases amongst many thousands of other incredible achievements. We drive to work in super-efficient cars, take calls on […]

IHEU condemns slaying of blogger

The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) has issued a statement condemning yesterday’s killing of Ananta Bijoy Das in Bangladesh. Prior to Ananta’s murder, blogger Md Washiqur (or Oyasiqur) Rahman Babu was hacked to death on March 30 this year in Bangladesh. His attackers claiming they had been instructed to kill him as their “Islamic duty”. […]