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Meet the world’s first CFSM couple to be legally hitched

Members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Pastafarians Toby Ricketts from the UK  and New Zealander Marianna Fenn, made history at the weekend when they were married aboard a pirate ship in New Zealand. The couple decided on an official Pastafarian wedding after the CFSM received approval to legally conduct marriages in 2015 […]

Police protection for comedian who insulted Turkish President

German TV comic, Jan Boehmermann, above, has been placed under police protection after he read an ‘obscene’ poem about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom he accused of having sex with goats and sheep. Erdogan has filed a criminal complaint against the satirist in a case that has prompted a debate in Germany over freedom […]

Charlie Hebdo angers Vatican with a murderous God cartoon

The Vatican has accused the French satirical magazine of insulting religious people of all faiths by portraying God as a as a gun-toting terrorist on an anniversary cover. The Guardian reports that the Vatican’s newspaper, Osservatore Romano, this week slammed the cover of an issue published to mark the first anniversary of a terrorist attack […]

Christians have been whinging about hurt feeling for decades

In this week’s Freethinker bulletin I had the pleasure of sharing a with readers a booklet entitled The Freethinkers’ Pictorial Text-Book. It was published in 1896 and illustrated in most part by Watson Heston, whose work appeared regularly in The Truth Seeker. I was immediately struck by the fact that his illustrations are as relevant […]

Catholics want Mrs Jesus book scrapped

Last year Emmy Award winner Dan O’Shannon published a satirical cartoon book,  The Adventures of Mrs. Jesus – but not everyone’s happy about it, and we learn today that America Needs Fatima has launched a petition to have the book withdrawn. Addressed to Michael Morrison, President and Publisher of US General Books and Canada HarperCollins […]

Comedy group forced to cut prophet sketch

A decision by Bath Student Union and university chaplains to block a Mohammed comedy sketch has been condemned by Terry Sanderson, President of the National Secular Society. Sanderson said: This is another example of Islamic blasphemy codes being normalised. The decision taken assumes that Muslim students would have been offended, and takes that as a […]

‘So much universe, and so little time’

Terry Pratchett, who died this week aged 66, was not one of those aggressive ‘new atheists’ Christian fundamentalists are constantly shrieking about. Strange, really, that he never became a key target for their whinges and poisonous barbs because his humorous approach to theology – to my mind – did as much, if not more, to […]

François Cavanna’s grim prediction

In a call to arms to atheists, François Cavanna, above, founder of Charlie Hebdo who died a year ago aged 90, once ordered non-believers not to be ‘too discreet, too timid, too resigned!’ More than 20 years ago he warned that, if atheists stood idly by, complacent in the face of increasing Islamic fundamentalism, other […]

Dialling God

A couple recently complained that they had been inundated by phone callers trying to contact God after a spoof article had given out a very similar number as that of the Deity. For a laugh I dialled the offending number. “Thank you for calling God,” said an automated voice. “Calls are monitored and may be […]

Nativity zombies violate an Ohio law

It’s not entirely clear from various reports why, precisely, Jasen Dixon’s hallowe’en-meets-Christmas garden display has violated the law in Sycamore Township, just outside of Cincinnati, but it would seem that his zombie nativity scene is simply too large. According to this report, local law prohibits structures to be placed in the front or side yard […]