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Outside a US courthouse a noodley nativity scene appears

This Xmas Eve I offer Freethinker readers greetings for the festive season … and this Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster banner spotted on the lawn outside a courthouse in America. It was posted on Reddit yesterday by “Nintendoplayer 64”. “Un_theist” responded with this prayer: Our pasta, who art in a colander, draining be your […]

Spanish sex shop forced to remove display of holy dildos

The shop – Non Sit Peccatum – in the town of Talavera de la Reina near Toledo removed the display after it received complaints from locals. According to this report, a group calling themselves the Children of the Virgin Mary launched a boycott of the store. Shop owner Héctor Valdivielso commissioned an artist to paint […]

Well, blow me! You don’t often see nativity scenes like this.

Visitors to a nativity scene in Lucerne, Switzerland, got fits of the giggles when they saw a figure of Mary apparently performing oral sex on Joseph. But not everyone appreciated the work of the pranksters who rearranged the figures to suggest that Jesus’ mum was giving Joseph a Christmas a blow job. Franz Schumacher, who […]

Santa vs Jesus game slammed for being ‘blasphemous’

A Christmas-themed board game that pits Jesus against Santa ‘trivialises Christian belief’ by portraying the the two ‘as fictional characters’, according to Evangelical Alliance spokesman Danny Webster. The BBC reports that Santa vs Jesus, made by London company Komo Games, is played by two teams – one for each of the festive figures – who […]

Taking a rain check on Jesus

Inspired by the online ravings of Kent evangelist, Bob Hutton, Barry Duke used a lazy Sunday afternoon to pen this piece, which first appeared on the Freethinker website on October 14, 2012. (Warning: has adult gay content!)   “GOOD afternoon sir, nice weather for this time of the year”, says the squinty-eyed old geezer clutching […]

The Freedom of Will

Stuart Hartill reviews a novel by Kenneth Clatterbaugh, pictured above. Will Tillett is young, Texas born but abandoned soon after and raised in small town Louisiana by a kindly aunt and uncle, the fourth generation of an American preacher dynasty. As the novel starts, his uncle’s traditional ministry is losing its last punters to the […]

Charlie Hebdo again sparks fury with bare Muslims cover

Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine, unleashed a fresh wave of death threats last week with the publication of an edition showing two naked Muslims, along with the words ‘Musulmans … Dé-coin-cez-vous ! which loosely translates to ‘Muslims, free yourselves!’ According to this report, the Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into threats against […]

Meet the world’s first CFSM couple to be legally hitched

Members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Pastafarians Toby Ricketts from the UK  and New Zealander Marianna Fenn, made history at the weekend when they were married aboard a pirate ship in New Zealand. The couple decided on an official Pastafarian wedding after the CFSM received approval to legally conduct marriages in 2015 […]

Police protection for comedian who insulted Turkish President

German TV comic, Jan Boehmermann, above, has been placed under police protection after he read an ‘obscene’ poem about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom he accused of having sex with goats and sheep. Erdogan has filed a criminal complaint against the satirist in a case that has prompted a debate in Germany over freedom […]

Charlie Hebdo angers Vatican with a murderous God cartoon

The Vatican has accused the French satirical magazine of insulting religious people of all faiths by portraying God as a as a gun-toting terrorist on an anniversary cover. The Guardian reports that the Vatican’s newspaper, Osservatore Romano, this week slammed the cover of an issue published to mark the first anniversary of a terrorist attack […]