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‘Jesus’ takes a tumble on a narrow Hastings sidewalk

It ain’t easy being Jesus for crowds of gawkers who get a buzz out seeing Christian crazies re-enacting the crucifixion, as the picture above shows. According to this report,  an actor playing Jesus was stumbling under the weight of the cross in character, when, about halfway through the procession, he reached a “quite a narrow […]

London school kids get to meet an ‘extremist’ Muslim preacher

Outrage has been expressed over visits by state school students, aged eight and nine, to Lewisham Islamic Centre, where they got to meet chief imam Shakeel Begg, above. The visits, according to the The Telegraph, took place just months after a High Court judge branded the imam an “extremist” who had: Promoted and encouraged religious violence. Begg […]

Easter idiocy: London are buses displaying the words of Jesus

Deranged evangelical, Howard Conder, inset above, wants buses throughout the UK to display the words of Jesus, and his plan got off to a grand start in London, where 75 vehicles are displaying Jesus quotes until April 24. According to the Christian Institute, millions of people this Easter will be seeing the quotes “thanks to […]

Preacher warns Muslim men not urinate in public toilets

Abdulghani Albaf, above, an Islamist preacher in Sydney, has become an international laughing stock after he appeared in a video posted yesterday on YouTube warning Muslims not to expose their genitals in public toilets. According to this report, Albaf denounced public urinals during a sermon about death, and the punishments that will be inflicted on […]

C of E punctures ‘blasphemous’ plan to stage mock crucifixions

For a mere £750.00, Christian masochists could have bought themselves a place on a cross to enjoy ‘the full crucifixion experience‘ offered by the organisers of the Manchester Passion play, due to take place on Friday. But, thanks to Church of England killjoys, who thought the idea was both unsafe and “blasphemous”, those relishing the […]

Kindergarten resists Muslims’ demand to sack gay teacher

Muslim parents in Germany who want a a gay teacher removed from a kindergarten have been told to put up or shut up. The parents, according to this report, threw their tantrum in the northern district of Reinickendorf after they discovered the teacher’s sexuality. They then threatened to gather names for a petition against him. […]

Christian education is needed to put the fear of God into kids

Two Christian zealots – retired military chaplain Lt Col E Ray Moore, above left, and evangelist Dr James Dobson – have sounded a warning that the public education system in America is hastening the decline of churches, and  subjecting kids to ‘spiritual damage, extreme indoctrination, and other serious problems’. When the two got together to […]

Officials tell couple that they can’t name their child ‘Allah’

The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia has filed a lawsuit against two state officials for refusing to grant a birth certificate to a child because of the last name given to her by her parents – ‘Allah’. According to this report, the ACLU filed the suit Thursday on behalf of Elizabeth Handy and Bilal […]

Right-wing Mormons yearn for a return to the cult’s racist past

Back in December last year, Mormon Ayla ‘Purpose’, above, announced on her Nordic Sunrise blog – (motto: “In Search of the Christian Culture That Made Our Countries Great”) – that she had created a free ‘pro-white children’s book’. Then, on March 19, she reinforced her racist, anti-immigration sentiments on Red Ice TV, a far-right channel, […]

Deranged politicians: Jesus will head a new, ‘virtuous America’

South Carolina State Representative Josiah Magnuson, above, has a bold new vision for America in which ‘Christ is placed in His rightful position as the authority over all of life, and His law of liberty is made our rule of conduct’. Magnuson, 25, and fellow S Carolina State Rep Jonathon Hill, 32, inset – both […]