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Who invited these imbeciles to the US’s Jerusalem embassy?

The Trump administration claims that it hasn’t a clue how two Christian supremacist preachers, Robert Jeffress, left, and John Hagee, became involved in the US’s new embassy in Jerusalem. In the wake of the bloodshed sparked by the opening – at more than 60 Palestinian protesters died when Israeli security forces opened fire on them […]

Lord Tebbit, 87, throws a wobbly over ‘sodomite’ dean

Former Conservative Party chairman Lord Tebbit, a vocal supporter of the Thatcher Government’s vile Section 28 which banned the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality in schools, said he won’t attend Sunday services at St Edmundsbury Cathedral in Bury Saint Edmunds anymore because its new dean, Rev Canon Joe Hawes, is gay. According to this report, the bigoted […]

Thai ghostbusters round up 600 lost souls with hell money

Hell money is a form of joss paper printed to resemble legal tender bank notes and are burned in China and across East Asia in various supernatural ceremonies, including the rounding up of ghosts. The latest report of hell money-burning comes from Thailand, where bonfires of the fake banknotes took place this week to attract […]

No rabbi, you do not promote learning by pandering to idiots

Rabbi Dr Natan Slifkin, above, founder and director of The Biblical Museum of Natural History in Beit Shemesh, tells the story of a ultra-Orthodox Jewish man who entered his museum. I recall seeing one visitor, an adult, standing in front of our lion exhibit, marveling at it. “It’s amazing!” he said to me. “Yes, it […]

Crazy evangelist who sparked cinema panic plays victim card

Pastor Michael Webber, who caused people to panic when he stood up to preach in a California cinema recently, wants people to know that he’s not mad, laments the fact that when he gets up to gabble about God people curse and throw things at him – and that being charged with a misdemeanor was […]

In California Christians fear that Bibles could be banned

In passing legislation to combat quack ‘gay cure’ therapies, California may have made it illegal to sell Bibles. Christians are in full panic mode … again! An op-ed published by The National Catholic Register today said that after Assembly Bill 2943 passed the state assembly in April, Christian groups and religious-freedom advocates warned that the measure […]

Jewish children injured in ritual burning of ‘evil’ smartphones

After a number of smartphones were thrown onto a Lag B’Omer bonfire in London’s Stamform Hill, home to a huge community of ultra-Orthodox Jews, a massive explosion occurred, injuring as many as 30 people, mostly children. The explosion, according to this report, occurred around 10 pm on Wednesday night near the Biala Shul in Stamford […]

Bavaria orders crosses to be displayed on all state buildings

In a moment of sheer lunacy, the government of Bavaria recently ruled that all entrances to state buildings must display a Christian cross – a move that has annoyed many, including a Catholic cardinal. Said Bavaria’s new leader, Markus Söder, pictured hanging a cross in the entrance area of the Bavarian state chancellery in Munich on April […]

Catholic pundit says hospital had ‘imprisoned’ Alfie Evans

In a swingeing attack on Liverpool’s Alder Hey Hospital, US-based Catholic commentator Matthew Archbold accused hospital administrators of ‘imprisoning’ Alfie Evans and wanting him dead to preserve ‘faith’ in a ‘socialised’ health care system. Shortly before the boy’s death last Saturday, Archbold, writing for The National Catholic Register, outrageously claimed: A young boy was imprisoned, […]

People hurt as mad evangelist causes panic in a US cinema

Michael Ray Webber, inset, a preacher with an outfit called Truth and Triumph Ministries, was arrested after he caused a stampede at a California cinema complex. At the end of a screening of the latest Avengers movie – Avengers: Infinity War – Webber, according to this report, stood up and started yelling, causing panic among […]