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In Alabama, a vote for Sandra Little Brown is a vote for Jesus

If Jefferson County Commissioner Sandra Little Brown is re-elected today, her victory will have been delivered by Jesus. Brown, according to this report, is claiming her re-election campaign has the blessing of Jesus “and his followers,” according to a piece of campaign literature that was distributed in District 2 ahead of today’s Democratic run-off with […]

Christian bigot threatens legal action over ferries’ rainbow flag

Earlier this month BC Ferries announced that it would be raising Pride flags on every vessel in its fleet to celebrate Pride events taking place across British Columbia this summer. The announcement sent Kari Simpson, a “respected Christian social activist” into paroxysms of hysteria. According to this report, Simpson, Executive Director of an outfit called […]

Catholic priest tells mourners ‘get the hell out of my church’

Father Michael Briese, pastor of St Mary’s Parish in Newport, Maryland, has been forced to apologise for losing his temper after a chalice was accidentally knocked over and damaged during a funeral. According to this report, Briese abruptly stopped the funeral of a black woman – 54-year old Agnes Hicks –  and told mourners: There will […]

This man says Depp’s life is in a mess, and he needs a Jesus fix

Under the heading ‘Will Johnny Depp Turn to God in His Time of Crisis?’, Larry Tomczak is asking Christians ‘to engage in fervent prayer for this gifted and needy man who’s so in need of God’s love and recalibration of his life.’ Tomzac had just read a Rolling Stone interview with Depp which leaves one […]

This Indian man believes that President Donald Trump is God

Bussa Krishna, a resident of Konne village in Telangana, India, worships Donald Trump – so much so that he lies prostrate in front of the narcissist’s image and even has a little shrine built for the President inside his home. He chants Trump’s name, meditates and even has some womenfolk praying along with him at […]

Ultra-Orthodox nutters disrupt an El Al flight from New York

By refusing to sit next to women or engage in any way with female flight attendants, four devout Jewish men succeeded in delaying an El Al flight from New York to Israel this week for well over an hour. According to this report, one of the men was was “particularly devout and ascetic”. He got […]

Police issue arrest warrant for crazy ‘green zombie’ preacher

Back in 2016 William ‘Bill’ Whatcott, inset, a Canadian evangelist notorious for his anti-LGBTQ activism, infiltrated a Toronto Gay Pride event together with a bunch of cohorts dressed as green zombies. They handed out information packs about the ‘physical and spiritual dangers’ of homosexuality. What happened next, according to this report, rather surprised the imbecile: […]

Op-ed: stop teaching Christian crap to kids in Florida schools

Ever since he took office, Donald Trump has been feverishly working alongside evangelical Christians to remake America in their own image: an idiocracy. Fortunately, America still has writers who have the courage to stand up to this trend: writers like Lauren Ritchie whose op-ed in yesterday’s Orlando Sentinel excoriated Florida schools that teach “fake science […]

Baptist buffoon’s ‘no gays’ sign reposted at his hardware store

When Jeff Amyx, above, learned that the US Supreme Court had ruled in favour of Christian baker Jack Phillips, who refused to provide a wedding cake to a gay couple, he immediately took the ruling as a green light to repost a ‘No gays allowed’ sign in his store window. Amyx, owner of Amyx Hardware […]

Muslims force removal of Saudi flag from World Cup bunting

When UK brewery giant Greene King decided to decorate its pubs with World Cup bunting, it had no inkling that such an act would annoy Muslims. Why? Because the flags of the 32 competing nations included one from Saudi Arabia, which proclaims: There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet. And you can’t […]