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Christians say no to a condom factory on ‘holy’ ground

At the end of last year, 120 Orthodox Christians in the village of Bogolyubovo (a name which means “lovers of God”) gathered to protest against a plan to turn an abandoned brick factory into a condom manufacturing plant. According to this report, demonstrators prayed, holding icons, a large cross, and signs that said, “No condom […]

‘You can’t touch saints’: zealots threaten to torch cinemas

Orthodox Christians in Russia have began a campaign of intimidation against a movie it regards as ‘blasphemous’ – and one radical Christian group even sent hundreds of letters to cinemas, warning they would “burn” if they dared screen Matilda. The film, according to the BBC, is based on the love story of Russia’s last tsar […]

Orthodox Jewish hooligans create havoc on easyJet flight

Back in 2014, bad behaviour by Orthodox Jewish men who refuse to sit next to women on planes prompted a pair of American comedians – the Levinson Brothers – to create a spoof safety video about the problem (the picture above is a still from that video). Just how serious the problem has become was […]

Valentine’s Day in Indonesia sees condoms confiscated

Acting on complaints from residents, police in the city of Makassar on Sulawesi island, yesterday raided shops and seized condoms. According to this report, a police official said: These raids were done after we received reports from residents that the mini-marts were selling condoms in an unregulated way, especially on Valentine’s Day. Indonesia’s highest Islamic clerical council declared Valentine’s Day forbidden […]

Malaysian ‘purity police’ swoop on pig bristle paint brushes

Thousands of paint brushes suspected of containing pig bristles were seized last week by Malaysian authorities after consumers in this Muslim-majority nation demanded a crackdown. Pigs and dogs are considered unclean by many Muslims, who make up some 60 per cent of Malaysia’s 30 million people. It is illegal in the country to sell products […]

Ark Encounter’s rainbow stunt will be a permanent feature

At the end of last year, creationist Ken Ham turned his ridiculous Christian theme park into a veritable fairyland by bathing his replica ark in rainbow colours for the festive season. His aim was not attract swarms of gay visitors, who regard rainbow flags and the like as beacons of welcome, but to to let […]

God spake unto Australia, saying ‘build me a giant cross’

Acting on an order allegedly received from Him Upstairs, a dotty Christian outfit called the Walk-a-While Foundation has sought, and won permission to build a giant illuminated cross atop a hill in remote Central Australia. Now it need faith-heads to dig deep into their pockets to raise additional money for the ridiculous project which will […]

Scots cleric claims gays invite bullying with their behaviour

Chief Executive of Humanist Society Scotland, Gordon MacRae, above, has reacted angrily to an attack on LGBT school pupils by a clergyman who holds a position on a Highland Council Education Committee. According to this report, Alexander MacLean, a member of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, suggested young LGBT people are bullied because they […]

‘Religious cabal’ holds fast to Lewis Sabbath swimming ban

When The National reported last December that Scotland’s Isle of Lewis Council had decided to reject a donation of over £11,000 intended to fund the opening of a popular swimming pool on Sundays, the Council denied that religion was a factor in keeping the pool closed on Sundays. A council spokesman said: The Comhairle considered […]

Birmingham sets aside burial space for damaged Korans

Damaged Korans that need to be disposed of will soon have their own burial ground, thanks to a decision by Birmingham City Council. According to this report, devout Muslims are expected to carefully bury old, worn out and damaged copies on pieces of land where people do not normally walk. The special burial site approved […]