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Stephen Hawking kept alive for years by ‘demonic forces’

Master debater ‘on the topics of atheism and evolution‘, Mike Shoesmith, Executive Editor of PNN (Pathetic Nutter News Network), claimed last week  that famed physicist Stephen Hawking was able to live for decades with ALS because he was being kept alive by demons. According to Right Wing Watch, he insisted that it was no coincidence […]

Burning wood will combat pollution. It’s a religious thing

In a Hindu religious ceremony scheduled to last nine days around 350 priests yesterday began burning 50,000 kg (55 tons) of mango wood in special firepits – to combat pollution. According to this report, the ceremony, known as a “mahayagya”, began at in the Meerut district. It was organized by the members of Shri Ayutchandi […]

Torture of young boys a feature of this Hindu religious festival

Friday, March 2, saw the culmination of the Attukal Pongala festival in Kerala – and the outbreak of row sparked by a senior police officer who blasted the cruel treatment of young boys in the name of religion. The devout – mainly women – are invited to “experience the euphoria of religion, faith and beliefs” […]

Church wedding celebration featured dozens of rifles

The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary in Pennsylvania yesterday held a wedding event that saw celebrants enter the premises bearing AR-15s rifles. Fortunately, no-one was killed or injured, because the guns – literally dozens of them – were not loaded. Nevertheless state police stood outside the sanctuary, along with a smattering of protesters, while crown-wearing […]

Woman dies after claiming God cured her lesbianism & cancer

Mari Lopez, above, a Texas woman who used YouTube to tell the world that God had freed her from a ‘gay lifestyle’ and had cured her of cancer, has died of cancer. The news of her death last December was made known on YouTube last week by her niece her niece Liz Johnson. Lopez, according […]

Pastor says White House was ‘cleansed’ of Obama voodoo

Mad American doomsday pastor Paul Begley, above, has been accused of lying about a ‘spiritual cleansing’ of the White House by the Trump team after the Obama’s vacated the place. The lunatic, according to this report, claimed that the First Lady, Melania Trump, made sure that the White House was “completely exorcised” before she would move […]

Most eminent citizens

The American evangelical preacher and publicity hound Billy Graham died last week age 99. Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune reported, people were lining up to ‘pay their final respects to a man who reached millions with his message of salvation thorough Jesus Christ.’ A secular reader might wonder what ‘his message of salvation thorough Jesus Christ’ […]

Indian lawmaker wants ghostly government building exorcised

BJP MLA Habibur Rehman, above, told Indian media this week that he has asked to Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje to conduct religious ceremonies to rid the state’s secretariat building of ‘negative energies and evil souls’. Rehman, according to this report, is one of a number of lawmakers who believe that the building is haunted, […]

Billy Graham isn’t dead, he has simply ‘changed addresses’

On February 12, Anne Graham Lotz, 69, daughter of world famous evangelist Billy Graham, provided a health update for his devotees ahead of his 100 birthday on November 7, 2018: He can’t see; he has a hard time seeing because of macular degeneration. He’s fairly deaf, I have to use a microphone and he wears […]

Drugs, porn & hookers … a few of this vicar’s favourite things

A Church of England vicar in London – Stennett Kirby, 64 – is reportedly on ‘sick leave’ after he was exposed this weekend as a drug-taking enthusiast of porn and prostitutes. According to this report, he was allegedly caught on camera appearing to smoke crack, snort cocaine and watch porn in the £1.5 million vicarage […]