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UK TV programme debates gender of a hypothetical deity

Former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe described as ‘nonsense’ a suggestion that the Church of England should embrace more female language when referencing their Creator. In an mind-numbingly idiotic segment of ITV’s Good Morning Britain last Wednesday, the dotty Widdecombe, a Catholic convert, tackled a statement made by the Bishop of Gloucester, the Right Reverend Rachel […]

Catholic bigots indulge in a petty act of banner burning

An artefact that connected a Chicago Catholic priest with the church in which he served has been cut to ribbons and reduced to ashes. The “sacrilegious” rainbow banner, incorporating a cross, that once hung in the Resurrection Church was burned in a “private” ceremony. It was to be publicly destroyed on September 29 by Fr […]

Pastors made to look fools during Banned Book Week

To mark America’s national Banned Book Week – an anti-censorship initiative launched in the 1980s – Rumford Public Library in Maine put up a public display of titles deemed unacceptable to censors. Turns out that a trio of Rumsford clergyman found the display offensive – and tried to get it banned. According to this Mombian […]

More faith-heads in the House of Lords? Secularists say NO!

The National Secular Society and Humanism UK have rubbished a suggestion put forward by Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth – the Conservative Minister for Faith –  that religious representation in the House of Lords should be extended to non-Christian leaders. After the asinine Bourne, above, said last week that seats reserved for Church of England bishops […]

Christians lash out at Satanists who care for the environment

In Zionville, Indiana, a local chapter of the Satanic Temple are engaged in a highway clean-up campaign – and some local Christians are reportedly appalled. The group had been given the green light to  remove trash through the Indiana Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway programme – and signs were put up along a section of the rural […]

Probe launched into God’s own oil company, drilling in Israel

This you should know about Zion Oil and Gas, founded by American ‘born-again Christian’ John Brown, above: it’s not found a drop oil in Israel despite drilling for around 10 years, it’s $168-million in the red – and it is being investigated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. But, according to this report, the […]

The future of humankind rests on an unblemished red heifer

Creators of religious laws must surely have been giggling hysterically into their beards when they devised sets of laws and rituals that go way beyond all human comprehension. Take the case of the red heifer. Only a joker (or maybe several) would have devised a sorcerous recipe for the establishment of a third holy Temple […]

Teen dies after being forced into a 40-day religious fast

Titilayno A Omosebi, 48, and her husband Kehinde S Omosebi, 49, are facing criminal charges in Wisconsin for causing the death of their 15-year-old son who died while engaging in a lengthy religious fast. According to this report, the youth – Ayanfe O Omosebi – had complained in  a letter to the authorities before his […]

Christian, forced to remove billboard, shrieks ‘persecution’

An elderly Christian nutter from Petrolia in Ontario is deeply upset over the fact that a billboard he rented at a cost of almost $10,000 drew so much ire that he had to remove the message he posted on it. Ralph Baker, 81, claimed in this report that his motivation for renting the billboard was […]

Major fail for bigot who tried to wreck photographer’s business

When a prospective client – a devout Christian – discovered that Houston-based photographer Alicia Verdier, above, was gay, she launched a vicious on-line campaign to aimed at destroying Verdier’s business. But the bigot’s campaign spectacularly backfired when hundred took to social media in support of Verdier, who wrote on her business Facebook page: Thank you […]