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Greek priests express horror over new transgender law

Thanks to a law approved by the Greek parliament, people can now legally change their gender on all official documents – and Metropolitan Nicholas of Phthiotis, above, centre, is furious. According to this report, he thundered: Do you see how far these Greek Orthodox deputies have sunk? … They have brought blasphemy upon the human […]

Answers in Genesis plans to boost creationism in Canada

Meet Calvin Smith, a man with a mission to stupidify Canada. Smith, according to creationist Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis outfit, has been chosen to correct a fault among Canadians: their resistance to creationist bullshit. The ridiculous Ham, above, right, says here: According to a recent study, a mere 15% of Canadians have any kind […]

Georgia judge rules that’s it’s OK to flip a bird at a pastor

Back in 2014, David Justin Freeman, above, was found guilty of disorderly conduct after he raised his middle finger at a pastor inside a church and shouted about Satan’s influence over public schools. But this week Justice Harold Melton of the Georgia Supreme Court overturned the conviction, and ruled that Freeman was simply exercising his […]

South African charlatan claims success in banishing gay spirits

‘Bishop’ Hamilton Nala, whose  beliefs are as outlandish as his choice of clothes, is being held up to ridicule in South Africa over his claims that he has the power to eradicate spirits who make people gay. On Tuesday night, according to this report,  Nala – a clown who claims he can cure HIV and […]

Women, having only half the brains of men, shouldn’t drive

If you’re reading this, the world did not, as predicted, end this weekend. Nor, alas, did the stupidity of Muslim clerics, like the unlovely Sheikh Saad al-Hajari, above. According to this report, al-Hajari, the head of the Saudi government’s religious edict authority in the southern province of Assir, recently spoke out against “the evils of allowing […]

In Brazil a mad judge rules that homosexuality is a ‘disease’

The cartoon above was widely circulated this week after a judge in Brazil – a  country apparently suffering a ‘plague’ of evangelists – ruled in favor of a ‘gay cure’ evangelical Christian therapist. According to the Independent, federal judge Waldemar de Carvalho ruled that homosexuality could be considered a disease when he backed crackpot psychologist, […]

Jewish and gay: Texas disaster volunteer ‘sacked’ by church

Carmen Hix, pictured above left with her partner Christia Fiddmont-Norfleet, got the bum’s rush from a Texas church at which she was volunteering after it was discovered that she was Jewish – and a lesbian. According to this report, after seeing the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey in her area, Hix – a 64-year-old Navy […]

Portland, Tennessee, to be targeted by angry drag queens

Back in 2014, Portland – a city of about 12,000 with 42 churches – found itself in the midst of a row when religious pillocks erected a huge anti-gay billboard above a busy highway. At the time, Vietnam veteran and Portland resident Ronnie Monday, who initiated placing the billboard, said he felt the statement was […]

Christians angry over removal of cross from food packets

Food chain Lidl has been forced to apologise for removing a cross from a church used in the branding of a range of Greek-style food. Following a wave of complaints about the supermarket’s Eridanous range,the company, according to this report, said: We are extremely sorry for any offence caused by the most recent artwork and […]

Jewish woman, ‘poisoned’ by bacon, sues Detroit restaurant

An omelet served to Angela Montgomery was supposed to be vegetarian. But when the 30-year-old Jewish woman from Michigan discovered it contained bacon, all hell broke loose. “I’ve been poisoned,” she howled, and filed a lawsuit against a branch of Denny’s. The lawsuit says Montgomery: Is a practicing Jew whose religion forbids the eating of […]