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Mormons’ baptism blunder

APART from wearing “magic” underwear, the Mormons are associated will all sorts of other bizarre and comical practices, not the least being the baptism of dead people. Of course, the dead need not accept such posthumous baptisms – dearly departed souls can apparently accept or reject the Church of Latter-Day Saint’s baptismal rites. It’s anyone’s […]

Mormons are hypocrites and liars

The Mormons were cock-a-hoop last year after the success of Proposition 8, the campaign to eradicate marriage rights for same-sex couples in California. But, in the wake of the passage of Proposition 8, the Church of Latter Saints stood back, essentially saying: It was nothing to do with us, guv – a big boy done […]

Catholic Church attacked by Mormons

It takes a very special kind of stupid to vandalise a church, then post evidence of your crime on the Internet. But, hey, who ever said that religious folk were intelligent? Three young Mormon missionaries carried out the attack at the Sangre de Cristo Catholic Church in San Luis, USA, in 2006, but their deed […]