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No cringing!

Now that the nightmare in Copenhagen is over, the commentary is rolling in, and as always, some of it is enragingly eager to adopt the point of view of the murderous theocrats at the expense of their targets. Take the BBC’s Malcolm Brabant in Copenhagen for instance, summing up the day after a gunman shot […]

Raif Badawi’s torture

Last May the liberal Saudi blogger Raif Badawi was sentenced to one thousand lashes along with ten years in prison and a one million riyals fine for ‘insulting Islam’ and setting up a web forum called the Liberal Saudi Network. You know what that sounds like? Why it sounds like the action against the founder […]

The new religion of madness

How the Christian concept of mental illness still infests psychiatric treatment. Emerging from the subway in San Francisco, before the sight of the city strains into view, you are hit with the smell of it – a bit of marijuana, a bit of smog, and an unavoidable nasal punch of urine and feces.  There are […]

Life is not lived in black and white

Someone by the name of Lawrence Newman left a comment under the Freethinker article about the tragic suicide of transgender teen, Leelah Alcorn, above: As a logical atheist, it amazes me how other atheists can sit here and act so outraged that these parents are saying they had a son. He WAS a male. This […]

The Geller Effect

BUT for the fact that I decided to treat Talk Radio Europe’s recent ‘telepathy competition’ with the contempt it deserved, I would today be in possession of a ‘million-year-old crystal with unique healing qualities’. Furthermore, it would have been sent directly to me by a man TRE insisted was the world’s most famous “psychic” and […]

Roll me another damn fag!

YOU know those things will kill you? Although the remark was directed at around half-a-dozen latter-day pariahs defiantly dragging on their fags outside a pub, the huffy, obese item who made it was glaring directly at me when she spoke, so I felt impelled to respond. I bloody well hope so, honeypuddle. I have invested […]

Perpetual progress – is it possible?

I ATTENDED the 82nd Conway Memorial Lecture, given on June 26, 2014, by Lisa Jardine, CBE, one of Jacob Bronowski’s four daughters, under the title “Things I Never Knew about my Father” – just as I had attended the 45th lecture of the same series, given sixty years ago by Bronowski himself, under the title […]

Dear Chief Rabbi …

This open letter by JOHN RADFORD, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at East London University, to Britain’s Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks (pictured above) appeared  in the May, 2008, edition of the Freethinker   DEAR Sir Jonathan, I was interested in your article in The Times on Saturday March 1, 2008, entitled “Lose faith in God and […]

A Murder for all Seasons

DALE DEBAKCY examines a crass ‘killing animals for Christ’ trend which has established a foothold in the US and elsewhere – Freethinker, February 2014   JUST when you think that American Christianity can’t be any less self-aware, along comes a movement of such brilliant and crass vapidity as to make all the vile evangelic excesses […]

Prayers and parking fees

I WONDER if other Freethinker readers have noticed the phrase “Pay to Pray” sneaking into local media recently? The context is usually reports about churchgoers having to pay to use car parks or parking meters on Sundays. It might just be a catchy little phrase dreamed up by an unknown sub-editor, but as it’s so […]