Topic / ‘Persecution’

Christian baker Jack Phillips sues over alleged harassment

Phillips, above, owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in suburban Denver, this week filed a lawsuit against Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission, alleging that it was on a ‘crusade to crush’ him. The lawsuit, according to this report, centres on an incident in which Phillips refused to make a cake for Autumn Scardina, a Denver attorney, who […]

Canadian law school ruling is a ‘blow to religious freedom’

When the Supreme Court in Canada recently ruled that the law societies of Ontario and British Columbia are now permitted to deny Trinity Western University’s (TWU) proposed law school accreditation because of its Christian standards of morality, wailing and gnashing of teeth predictably followed. According to this report, Gerald Chipeur, above, the Alliance Defending Freedom […]

Faith-centred gym shuts down after nixing a gay pride event

If you ‘live, move, and breathe in God’s world’ a warm welcome would have awaited you at CrossFit Infiltrate, an Indianapolis gym. But on June 6 the gym’s Jesus-lovin’ management shut down its premises following a furious backlash that occurred after management cancelled a gay pride event. A note left on the door by the […]

Christian couple lose custody case. Jesus was their lawyer.

In one of the weirdest performances ever seen in a court of law, the deranged parents of a toddler spoke in tongues and used a stuffed lion as an interlocutor to argue that anti-Christian bias led to their toddler being placed in foster care. According to this report, the couple – known as AJ and […]

Crazy evangelist who sparked cinema panic plays victim card

Pastor Michael Webber, who caused people to panic when he stood up to preach in a California cinema recently, wants people to know that he’s not mad, laments the fact that when he gets up to gabble about God people curse and throw things at him – and that being charged with a misdemeanor was […]

In California Christians fear that Bibles could be banned

In passing legislation to combat quack ‘gay cure’ therapies, California may have made it illegal to sell Bibles. Christians are in full panic mode … again! An op-ed published by The National Catholic Register today said that after Assembly Bill 2943 passed the state assembly in April, Christian groups and religious-freedom advocates warned that the measure […]

Oh no, we’ve been robbed of Trunews by YouTube Nazis!

I was a bit miffed to learn yesterday that YouTube had kicked the Trunews channel, run by evangelist Rick Wiles, above, into the long grass. Why? Because Wiles’s broadcasts are so damned nutty they serve as a warning to viewers that this is what happens when people’s brain’s are running on Jesus. I mean, where […]

God’s not Dead series: latest stinker fails spectacularly

The third in the God’s Not Dead series bombed at the Easter weekend, bringing in a ‘lousy’ $2.6 million. It appears that folk have had it up to here with the tedious and deceitful messages of the three movies: that god-fearing Christians are constantly being pitchforked by left-leaning atheist tyrants. According to this World Religion […]

Homosexuality ‘mandatory’ for UK gays, Christian complains

The fundamentalist Christian head of a quack ‘gay cure’ outfit – Dr Mike Davidson, above – is furious that a second venue has banned the Core Issues Trust‘s anti-gay propaganda film, Voices of the Silenced. According to this report, after the Queen’s University in Belfast refused to screen the film, Davidson said: Clearly in Northern Ireland, […]

Christian Legal Centre steps in after British Scouts ditch bigot

Bristol Christian Brian Walker, above, is being helped by the Christian Legal Centre to challenge the Scout Association which allegedly booted him out because of his faith. According to this report, Walker, 62, says his membership was unfairly taken away after he expressed fears the organisation was increasingly promoting Islam and homosexuality and moving away […]