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Homosexuality ‘mandatory’ for UK gays, Christian complains

The fundamentalist Christian head of a quack ‘gay cure’ outfit – Dr Mike Davidson, above – is furious that a second venue has banned the Core Issues Trust‘s anti-gay propaganda film, Voices of the Silenced. According to this report, after the Queen’s University in Belfast refused to screen the film, Davidson said: Clearly in Northern Ireland, […]

Christian Legal Centre steps in after British Scouts ditch bigot

Bristol Christian Brian Walker, above, is being helped by the Christian Legal Centre to challenge the Scout Association which allegedly booted him out because of his faith. According to this report, Walker, 62, says his membership was unfairly taken away after he expressed fears the organisation was increasingly promoting Islam and homosexuality and moving away […]

Christian teacher loses her religious discrimination case

The Christian Legal Centre has suffered yet another loss, this time in regard to the case of Svetlana Powell (inset) a teacher sacked by the T2 Apprenticeship Academy, a government-funded pre-apprenticeship academy in Bristol. On February 2 we reported that Powell, with the help of Christian Legal Centre lawyer Pavel Stroilov, had lodged a “persecution” claim with […]

Clerical abuse: sour start to Pope’s Chile visit ends in fury

After commiserating with abuse survivors in Chile, Pope Francis – to the astonishment and fury of many – then accused them of slandering Bishop Juan Barros just before he left the country this week. Chileans have no doubt that Barros, pictured above in 2015 being targeted by protesters, covered up the activities of Chile’s most […]

Canada: Liberals are becoming an ‘anti-Christian hate group’

That’s the view Jack Fonseca, above, senior political strategist for Campaign Life Coalition. According to this report, Fonseca “excoriated” the Liberals after it was announced that the Canadian Government will ban any employer from receiving summer job grants for students if the employer doesn’t first sign an “attestation” that they agree with equality laws – […]

Not fit to be a social worker: Felix Ngole loses court appeal

The High Court has sided with the University of Sheffield who threw Felix Ngole out of his postgraduate course in social work. The University said it was concerned his publicly expressed antipathy towards gay people could affect his work as a social worker. Ngole appealed against the university’s decision with the help of the Christian […]

Richard Page: Christian Legal Centre suffers another loss

Richard Page, 71, who tried to sue the NHS after he was sacked as a director for speaking out against gay adoption has lost his case. Page was suspended by the NHS Trust Development Authority after he claimed it was better for a child to be brought up by both a man and a woman.He […]

‘Gays are illiberal and unkind. We can only pray for them.’

Commenting on a court case involving Felix Ngole, a Christian student who was excluded from Sheffield University for being homophobic, Andrea Williams, above, Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: Felix’s case is another example of just how totalitarian the LGBT movement is. They cannot tolerate any whiff of dissent. They demand not just […]

‘Marginalised’ Christians: new study paints a bleak picture

A survey published this week by Premier Christian Communications indicates that Christians in the UK are feeling increasingly marginalised. Tim Dieppe, Head of Public Policy at Christian Concern, which offers legal support to Christians who say they have been unfairly treated,  said the results resonate “very much” with their experiences over the years. People try […]

Swedish midwife loses her religious ‘persecution’ case

Ellinor Grimmark, above, has been refused permission to sue a local authority for denying her employment when she refused to carry out abortions due to her religious beliefs. According to this report, the Swedish Labour Court (Arbetsdomstolen) ruled today (Wednesday) that Grimmark had not been discriminated against by Jönköping County Council because the county had […]