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What a surprise: study found that prayer won’t cure AIDS

The Chicago Tribune today carries a shocking report detailing the amount of taxpayers’ money used to fund studies into quack therapies in the US. For example, scientists were given $666,000 in federal research money to investigate whether distant prayer could heal AIDS. They found it could not. And a study that cost $374,000 found that […]

UK gymnast learns mumbo jumbo is not to be mocked

A short parody of an Islamic prayer session, complete with ‘magic carpet’, landed Louis Smith in hot water after it was circulated online. According to this report, the gymnast – who won a silver medal for Great Britain on the pommel horse in Rio – was videoed with fellow gymnast Luke Carson shouting “Allahu Akbar” […]

There’s an awful lot of oil in Oklahoma, so let’s thank God

Oklahoma’s Republican Governor Mary Fallin, above, has officially designated October 13th as a day of prayer for the oil industry. Oilfield Prayer Day is the brainchild of Reverend Tom Beddow, who, as the head of Oklahoma’s Oil Patch Chaplains, travels around the state to provide ministry to employees in the oil industry. He hopes that […]

Small car, big heart?

People still talk sentimental drivel about what a nice man the Pope is. It may be that he is a nice man in a personal sense – he may be the kindest, warmest, sweetest guy you’d ever want to meet. We’ve heard that he’s a simple-lifer, preferring a humble little guest house to the gilt […]

‘Don’t doubt Trump’s faith’ says VP nominee Mike Pence

Religious voters in the US should have no reservations about Donald Trump’s commitment to Christianity, says Mike Pence, above left, the Republican Governor of Indiana. According to this report, Vice-President nominee Pence said there is no question as to the authenticity of the Republican presidential nominee’s faith. During the Family Research Council’s annual Values Voters […]

Bigot made homeless by flood of ‘near biblical proportions’

Whenever natural disasters occur, Christians such as Tony Perkins, above, who heads a hate group called the Family Research Council, tend to lay the blame on sin in general – and abortion and homosexuality in particular. But Perkins, who was forced to flee his Louisiana home this week when it was hit by a flood […]

Devout California Mayor played strip poker with a boy aged 16

Mayor Anthony Silva, above, is a very godly man – so much so that last year he gave the Almighty a key to his city, Stockton in California, in a stupid and tasteless stunt that following the shooting of a six year old girl. Well, Silva is back in the news because he got himself […]

Atrocities and the churches

On the Sunday morning after the brutal murder of a young, idealistic UK politician, I turned on the BBC news to hear that ‘memorial church services for Jo Cox are being held around the UK this morning’, though they forgot to add ‘and lonely, cash-strapped vicars around the country shouted ‘Kerr-ching!’ Yes, I am a […]

Charlatan appointed Trump’s Christian policy advisor

Frank Amedia, of Touch Heaven Ministries in Ohio, above, is a self-proclaimed faith-healing prophet who believes he can perform ‘miracles’, including controlling the weather. According to this report, Trump has taken on Amedia as his new “liaison for Christian policy”. Amedia is a controversial televangelist associated with the New Apostolic Reformation. His biography on his […]

Faced with a lawsuit, Ohio school bans ‘The Lord’s Prayer’

Thanks to an intervention by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), the East Liverpool High School in East Liverpool, Ohio has scrapped its 70-year-old tradition of singing ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ at graduation ceremonies. According to this report, the FFRF wrote to the school saying that the song violates the law and requested that no religious […]