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Atrocities and the churches

On the Sunday morning after the brutal murder of a young, idealistic UK politician, I turned on the BBC news to hear that ‘memorial church services for Jo Cox are being held around the UK this morning’, though they forgot to add ‘and lonely, cash-strapped vicars around the country shouted ‘Kerr-ching!’ Yes, I am a […]

Charlatan appointed Trump’s Christian policy advisor

Frank Amedia, of Touch Heaven Ministries in Ohio, above, is a self-proclaimed faith-healing prophet who believes he can perform ‘miracles’, including controlling the weather. According to this report, Trump has taken on Amedia as his new “liaison for Christian policy”. Amedia is a controversial televangelist associated with the New Apostolic Reformation. His biography on his […]

Faced with a lawsuit, Ohio school bans ‘The Lord’s Prayer’

Thanks to an intervention by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), the East Liverpool High School in East Liverpool, Ohio has scrapped its 70-year-old tradition of singing ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ at graduation ceremonies. According to this report, the FFRF wrote to the school saying that the song violates the law and requested that no religious […]

Wizard in frock slams America over gays and transsexuals

Cardinal Robert Sarah, who has the exalted title of Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacraments, attacked gender ideology, same-sex marriage, and transgender toilet policies when he addressed the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC  on Tuesday, which ironically happened to be International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. He described them […]

‘Illegal’ schools are unsafe and provide sub-standard education

Following a report earlier this month that New York rabbis are strongly resisting official attempts force ultra-Orthodox schools to provide pupils with a proper education, the BBC reports today that more than 100 suspected illegal schools are being operated in the UK. Half are religious in nature, with a third of those being Islamic and […]

Homophobic priest exposed after using gay dating app

Father Rory Coyle, 35, of Armagh, about 40 miles from Belfast, has taken a leave of absence after being caught with a Grindr profile. According to this report, an unnamed whistleblower who engaged with the priest, contacted a local Catholic newspaper , Thinking Catholic, and revealed he’d exchanged texts with  Coyle more than once. He […]

Tennessee votes to scrap law that protects faith healers

When Jacqueline Crank, above, was convicted in 2012 for child neglect after choosing faith healing rather than medical help for her cancer-stricken daughter, the case drew attention to a Tennessee “spiritual treatment” law, enacted in 1994, that that protected faith-healing believers from prosecution. The reason Crank was prosecuted because she went down the “wrong” healing […]

Victim of faith-healing parents wants them prosecuted

A disabled 20-year-old Idaho woman who was born with a hole in her heart that was ignored by her faith-healing parents wants them prosecuted. According to this report, Mariah Walton, above, relies  heavily on an oxygen tank and may have to undergo a dangerous heart and lung transplant – hardships that could have been avoided […]

Nigerian president lashed out a staggering £8-million on prayer

When former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, above, faced a ‘convert-to-Islam-or-resign’ demand from the country’s bloodthirsty Muslim terrorist group, Boko Haram in 2012, he did what any God-addled head of state would do in the circumstances: he turned to prayer. But prayer does not come cheap in Nigeria, and it has just been revealed here that […]

Renowned British secularist Lord Avebury dies aged 87

Lord Avebury, pictured above, left, with the National Secular Society’s Keith Porteous Wood, was an honorary associate of the NSS who, in 2009, was awarded joint Secularist of the Year (with Evan Harris) for his role in the abolition of blasphemy. For more than a year he had been suffering from myelofibrosis, a form of […]