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Day 1 of Trump: gold curtains in, gays & climate change out

Within hours of Trump’s inauguration, which for all the world looked like the first steps towards a full-blown theocracy, the official White House website expunged a page on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights – and it appears all mentions of climate change have also been erased throughout the site. The Obama administration introduced the […]

Donald Trump indicted by the Order of Perpetual Indulgence

On the eve of Trump’s inauguration, the Order of Perpetual Indulgence Convent of Dunn Eideann in Scotland performed a Rite of Canonical Indictment & Excommunication against America’s 45th President. According to a statement issued earlier today, the ceremony took place in Edinburgh outside Waverley Gate (the former GPO Building) in Princes Street and was conducted […]

‘Notorious Islamophobe’ will pray at Trump’s inauguration

Reports that Franklin Graham, left, will be praying alongside Donald Trump on Friday when the numbskull with the haystack hairdo becomes the 45th President of the the US has upset the Council on American-Islamic Relations. CAIR, according to this report, wants him dropped from the line-up professional god-botherers who will be present at the inauguration […]

Religious jackass is Donald Trump’s choice to head the CIA

In Trump’s new administration, Mike Pompeo, above, a Kansas congressman, will feel right at home with the other Christian schizoids and psychopaths who will govern an America that’s lurched so far to the right that it’s in danger of sliding clear off the planet. Last year, John Brennan, head of the CIA, suggested he would […]

Lawmaker admits dodgy dealings with a Bible college

Micah Neal, above, an outgoing Arkansas state lawmaker, pleaded guilty this week to conspiring with a state senator and others to arrange kickbacks from the funding of two organisations – one a Bible College. As part of his guilty plea, Neal admitted that, between January 2013 and January 2015, while serving in the Arkansas House […]

Singing for Trump would be like to ‘throwing roses to Hitler’

Janet Chamberlin, above, a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, is reportedly getting hate messages for resigning from the choir in protest against its planned appearance at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony. According to this report, the choir’s acceptance of an invitation to sing at the event has divided Mormons, who largely backed Trump in the […]

Dodgy pastor to pray at shady President’s inauguration

President-elect Donald Trump and Paula White have at least one thing in common: they are both hucksters who are dab hands at conning the gullible. So it should come as no surprise that White, a “prosperity” televangelist, will will be praying at Trump’s inauguration.Whether her prayer will be uttered before or after a performance by […]

Playing the part

I heard someone on National Public Radio yesterday remark that we’re all obsessing over politics these days. Hmm … not exactly, I thought. We’re all obsessing over Trump, much as one might obsess over an approaching train if one were nailed to the tracks, but that’s not necessarily politics, at least not as commonly understood. […]

NSS says religion’s role in the UK needs ‘significant reform’

As churchgoing and belief in God continues to decline, the public role of religion in Britain needs ‘significant reform’ says a new report from the National Secular Society. Rethinking Religion and Belief in Public Life: A Manifesto for Change, issued at the weekend, says the the Church of England’s position as the established church with the […]

Christians crow over death of atheist activist Rob Sherman

In Illinois at the weekend, a light plane crashed. It took several days for the authorities to confirm that the pilot who died was a prominent atheist activist, Rob Sherman, above. Christians were quick celebrate his death. Here’s two of many examples: I believe he got what he deserved … he was nothing but a […]