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Be merry, god damn it!

Well Baby Jesus’s Pretend Birthday is over for another year, so now that everyone is busy scrubbing gravy stains off the ceiling and wrapping up the leftover spam and chestnut pie for the week’s lunches, let’s refresh ourselves with dispatches from the War on Christmas. Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of it. It’s headline […]

In Jerusalem camels are being used to bless Donald Trump

Oh, and billboards and buses too are carrying a message concocted by a lunatic called Mike Evans, 70, founder of Friends of Zion Heritage Centre in Jerusalem. In reporting on the appearance of the banners and signs, Charisma News trumpeted: Around the world this Christmas, millions of Christians – and Jews – can thank Donald […]

US Christian writer feels the full wrath of Trumpite evangelicals

Until the run-up to the US Presidential election last year Jen Hatmaker enjoyed enormous popularity as an evangelical author and speaker. But things went horribly wrong when Hatmaker made it abundantly clear that she was no fan of Trump, and – worse still – had no problems with same-sex marriage. Yesterday, Politico magazine detailed the […]

Bishop’s hateful rants were meant only for Christian ears

Virginia’s ‘Bishop’ E W Jackson Sr, above, a primary Republican candidate for the US Senate, has offered a bizarre explanation for his hateful rants against gay people, saying they were meant only for Christian ears. Because he so desperately wants to win the seat for Virginia next year, Jackson is now taking a more conciliatory […]

‘Jesus is wonderful’ – Alabama says NO to lunatic Roy Moore

Yesterday voters in Alabama did something many thought impossible. They rejected Republican Roy Moore, left, a Christian fundamentalist, in favour of a pro-gay, abortion supporting Democrat, Doug Jones, right, for the US Senate. The stunning result was nothing short of an embarrassment for President Donald Trump and a disaster for Republicans in Washington as the […]

Religion left out in the cold as Oz debates same-sex marriage

Opponents of gay marriage in Australia suffered defeat after defeat yesterday when religious exemptions were systematically kicked into the long grass as the equality bill was debated. According to this report, tempers flared as a series of conservative amendments to the same-sex marriage bill were voted down by large margins in the Senate, defeated by […]

Atheism in Malaysia must be crushed, says deputy PM

Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, above, Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister, has proposed that any ideology deemed to be a threat to the ‘sanctity of Islam’ should be made illegal. According to this report, Dusuki, who is also Deputy Minister in charge of Religious Affairs, warned that atheism is “unconstitutional”. He was responding to a question posed […]

Robert Mugabe enjoyed God’s protection says Catholic priest

Robert Mugabe’s chaplain believes that God ‘protected’ the Zimbabwean dictator during his 37-years rule, which ended today with displays of wild jubilation. According to this report, Father Fidelis Mukonori, a Jesuit priest and close confidant to Mugabe, led the mediations between the devoutly Catholic 93-year-old ruler and the military chiefs who recent took control of […]

Deranged NY rabbi weighs in to support judge Roy Moore

On Thursday, a conference of crazies took place in Alabama in support of beleaguered judge Roy Moore. Among them was Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, head of Jews for Decency, who is pictured above with the infamous Gordon Klingenschmitt, right. According to this report, the New York rabbi was among about 20 faith and “pro-family” leaders […]

Australia overwhelming says ‘Yes’ to same-sex marriage

Following the result of controversial postal ballot, Australia could have same-sex marriage by Christmas – and enjoy a massive financial windfall in the immediate aftermath. According to this report, gay marriage would provide an estimated cash injection of nearly $1 billion into the Australian economy over the first three years. That’s the “conservative” estimate economists […]