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A Clash of the Uncivilised

Trump, Muslim Profiling and the Far-Right’s Assault Donald Trump’s suspension of new refugee admissions for 120 days and the barring of nationals from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia for 90 days (likely to be extended) is fundamentally about a far-right restructuring of US society under the guise of ‘stopping terrorism’ and defending […]

Australian group need cash to fight halal food legal case

A while back, the man pictured above, Mohamed El-Mouelhy, initiated court proceedings against members of an Australian group that suggested that money raised by his halal certification of food products was being channeled to terrorists groups, and that his business was ‘corrupt’. El-Mouelhy’s case, due to be heard later this year, alleges defamation by what […]

Orthodox Church says family violence is a Russian tradition

The Russian Orthodox Church was incensed last summer when lawmakers – acting upon a recommendation by the Supreme Court – criminalised domestic violence. And when something happens in Russia to infuriate the Church, steps immediately have to be taken to soothe it, so on Wednesday, according to this report, Russian lawmakers moved to decriminalise some […]

‘Keep your mouth shut!’

On Wednesday The New York Times talked to Donald Trump’s chief White House strategist, Steve Bannon, above, formerly executive chair of the far-right website Breitbart News. What Bannon had to say is startling. “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while,” Mr. Bannon said during […]

Queen’s former chaplain tells Christians to leave the C of E

The Rev Dr Gavin Ashenden, above, has lashed out at the The Church of England, saying it is ‘dying’ and is ‘more comfortable with politics and power than it is with the Holy Spirit.’ Ashenden, according to this report, resigned his position as chaplain to the Queen last week after he voiced his opposition to […]

Pastor slams evangelical Christians for voting for Trump

Jomo K Johnson, a founding member of the Black Lives Matter branch in Savannah, Georgia and a minister formerly associated with the conservative Presbyterian Church in America, has just published The Gospel: King Trump Version which castigates evangelical Christians for supporting Trump in the 2016 election. The “satirical gospel”, according to this report, is independently […]

Day 1 of Trump: gold curtains in, gays & climate change out

Within hours of Trump’s inauguration, which for all the world looked like the first steps towards a full-blown theocracy, the official White House website expunged a page on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights – and it appears all mentions of climate change have also been erased throughout the site. The Obama administration introduced the […]

Donald Trump indicted by the Order of Perpetual Indulgence

On the eve of Trump’s inauguration, the Order of Perpetual Indulgence Convent of Dunn Eideann in Scotland performed a Rite of Canonical Indictment & Excommunication against America’s 45th President. According to a statement issued earlier today, the ceremony took place in Edinburgh outside Waverley Gate (the former GPO Building) in Princes Street and was conducted […]

‘Notorious Islamophobe’ will pray at Trump’s inauguration

Reports that Franklin Graham, left, will be praying alongside Donald Trump on Friday when the numbskull with the haystack hairdo becomes the 45th President of the the US has upset the Council on American-Islamic Relations. CAIR, according to this report, wants him dropped from the line-up professional god-botherers who will be present at the inauguration […]

Religious jackass is Donald Trump’s choice to head the CIA

In Trump’s new administration, Mike Pompeo, above, a Kansas congressman, will feel right at home with the other Christian schizoids and psychopaths who will govern an America that’s lurched so far to the right that it’s in danger of sliding clear off the planet. Last year, John Brennan, head of the CIA, suggested he would […]