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‘You can’t touch saints’: zealots threaten to torch cinemas

Orthodox Christians in Russia have began a campaign of intimidation against a movie it regards as ‘blasphemous’ – and one radical Christian group even sent hundreds of letters to cinemas, warning they would “burn” if they dared screen Matilda. The film, according to the BBC, is based on the love story of Russia’s last tsar […]

Spanish nun sparks fury by claiming Mary was not a virgin

Sister Lucia Caram, 51, popular in Spain for her TV cookery programmes and her outspoken political views, has upset the Catholic Church by claiming that Mary was no virgin. The nun, who has 180,000 followers on Twitter, received a sharp rebuke after she said on a chat show at the weekend that she didn’t really […]

UK comedy show is an ‘act of terrorism’ against Muslims

A petition calling for the banning of a BBC2 comedy sketch – The Real Housewives of ISIS – has branded it ‘an act of terrorism against Muslim women’. The creator of the petition, Emma Bird, stupidly gives the impression that the sketch was to herald the start of a new comedy series about Muslim women. […]

Comedian’s ‘haunted bread’ comment sparks investigation

Father Kevin McNamara, above, has lodged a complaint with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) over what he claimed was the ‘ridiculing of the Eucharist’ on the Late Late Show. McNamara went scuttling off to the TV watchdog after comedian David Chambers referred to the Eucharist as “haunted bread” on show. According to this report, the […]

Peppa Pig unsuitable for young Australian Muslims, says cleric

A controversial Muslim leader in Australia, Sheik Shady Alsuleiman, above, is a key figure in a campaign to have more shariah-compliant TV programmes broadcast to counter ‘haram’ cartoons like Peppa Pig. Alsuleiman, according to this report, is the President of the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) and is urging followers to support shows embracing and illustrating […]

Theroux’s Scientology movie won’t be screened in Ireland

Back in October 2015, Louis Theroux’s film, My Scientology Movie, was shown at the London Film Festival back in October 2015, where it received extensive praise from critics and audiences.  The Telegraph critic Tim Robey wrote: It’s no hard-hitting exposé, but Louis Theroux’s attempt to get under Scientology’s skin is a giddy, Pythonesque delight. He […]

Christian TV entertainer charged with raping a girl

Toby Willis, above — father of a litter of 12 home-schooled kids – was arrested at the weekend and charged with the rape of an underage girl. Willis and his conservative Christian brood first came to the attention of US TV viewers when they featured on TLC’s reality show The Willis Family. A TLC spokesman […]

New animated movie slammed for being strongly anti-religious

Sausage Party, released in the UK this weekend, is a raunchy, animated adult comedy about food items that come to life, but Christian website Movieguide is less than amused: Filled with crude content and foul language, Sausage Party has a strong pagan, immoral worldview marred further by a strong pro-atheist, anti-faith message. Central to the […]

Grovelling apology over Fireman Sam’s Koran slip-up

Channel 5, operated in the UK by the US media company Viacom, has been forced to withdraw an episode of  Fireman Sam, in which one character appears to tread on a page from the Koran. According to the BBC, a scene in the children’s programme shows a fireman slipping on a pile of papers – […]

Republicans’ convention targeted by atheists and gays

When delegates arrive next week in Cleveland, Ohio, for the Republican Party’s national convention, they will be be confronted by two giant billboards calling on them to stop being so damned religious and homophobic. According to this report, the first billboard, above, was erected by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, and the second by Planting […]