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In Germany, it is illegal to poke fun at religion on holy days

Not a lot of people know this, but every Germany state has ‘holiday laws’ that prevent people from partying – or showing films that are not approved by the state – on religious holidays. That such silly laws still exist came to the world’s attention when Martin Budich, above, the organiser of a group called […]

Christian Concern urges people to see ‘God’s Not Dead’ sequel

Why? Because they say that the God’s Not Great 2 storyline ‘could be taken out of the case files of Christian Concern’s Christian Legal Centre’. The plot follows school history teacher Grace Wesley (played by Melissa Joan Hart), who comes under fire for answering a student’s question about Jesus. When Grace refuses to apologise for quoting […]

Police protection for comedian who insulted Turkish President

German TV comic, Jan Boehmermann, above, has been placed under police protection after he read an ‘obscene’ poem about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom he accused of having sex with goats and sheep. Erdogan has filed a criminal complaint against the satirist in a case that has prompted a debate in Germany over freedom […]

Porn company punishes North Carolina over anti-LGBT law

North Carolina has been drawing national attention for new legislation that blocks cities and local governments from passing anti-discrimination measures that could protect gay and transgender people. But House Bill 2 has had an unexpected consequence – the loss to residents in the Bible-belt state of a popular porn site called XHamster. After the legislation […]

Anti-gay Bill could cost Georgia a fortune in lost revenue

If the Governor of the US state of Georgia, Nathan Deal, above, signs into law a ‘discriminatory’ Bill, the state could see a raft of big corporations taking their business elsewhere. The Free Exercise Protection Act AKA House Bill 757 House Bill 757, passed last week by Georgia’s legislature, allows faith-based organisations to not hire […]

‘Evil God’ interview shortlisted for religious broadcasting prize

An RTE television interview in which the actor, writer and TV presenter Stephen Fry, above, last year denounced God as ‘utterly evil, capricious and monstrous’ appears on a list of programmes nominated for an ‘excellence in religious broadcasting’ prize’. Fry’s The Meaning of Life interview with Gay Byrne was shortlisted for a prize in the […]

Catholic abuse movie wins Best Picture Oscar award

Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo, above left, star of Spotlight, was among protesters outside Los Angeles’ Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels shortly before it was announced that the movie had won the big prize at the 88th Academy Awards last night. According to this report, Ruffalo tweeted: Standing with the survivors of priest sexual abuse. […]

Sir Terry Wogan: ‘If you haven’t any doubts, you’ve no brain’

Terry Wogan, above, ditched religion in his teens. But a priest who was a close friend of one of Britain’s best loved presenters who died today aged 77, said that Wogan was: Certainly the most spiritual, faith-filled man in the world. According to this report, Fr Brian D’Arcy, above, a regular contributor to Wake Up […]

Movie about an 8-year-old atheist aired again on Irish TV

The multi-award winning short film Rúbaí  – the story of a young girl’s impending first Holy Communion and her refusal be part of the silly ritual – was recently aired for the second time on the TG4 channel. TG4 first broadcast the Irish-language film was part of … wait for it … its Easter weekend […]

BBC’s desperate attempt to portray faith-heads as ‘nice’

Because only loud-mouthed and murderous religious fanatics tend to attract media attention, BBC 2 has decided to launch a new TV series tonight which focuses on the lives of lives of ‘nice, normal, gentle’ Christians, Muslims and Jews. The presenter of the deceptively-titled My Mediterranean with Adrian Chiles is a Catholic convert nicknamed “Holy Joe” […]