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Satanic Temple launches drive against school evangelism

For way too long, evangelical Christian groups in the US have virtually remained unopposed in their efforts to cram young minds with Jesus and threats of hell. The Satanic Temple decided enough was enough, and have launched an initiative called After School Satan, (motto “Educatin’ with Satan”), saying: It’s important that children be given an […]

‘Stealth’ exorcisms needed in the US

If you plan on exorcising an entire country – something that happened recently in Mexico – don’t go shouting about it before you start attacking demons with crucifixes, holy water and mumbo-jumbo invocations. Why? Because there is usually backlash in the form of scepticism and ridicule, according to Father Gary Thomas, pastor at Sacred Heart […]

Statue Christians vow to destroy is unveiled

A public unveiling by the Satanic Temple of a statue of Baphomet was forced to take place at a secret venue yesterday after Christians vowed to destroy it. According to this report, threats against the huge $100,000 bronze monument which stands almost nine foot high, included this gem: This Is complete bullshit. I can’t wait […]

Satanists threatened over Xmas display

The  Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple yesterday set up “Snaketivity Scene” outside the Capitol in Lansing – prompting threats of hell. The group, according to this report, does not worship Satan, but promotes individuality, compassion and views outside Christian and many conservative beliefs. Said Jex Blackmore, above, the Satanic Temple’s spokesperson: I think that […]

Vandal breaks the Ten Commandments

A controversial monument at the Oklahoma Capitol is in pieces after someone slammed a car into it. The vandal drove up a ramp near the Oklahoma Capitol steps last night and smashed into the $10,000 granite monument. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain George Brown said the miscreant abandoned the car and fled the scene. Investigators are […]

FSM devotee sues prison authorities

Stephen Cavanagh, 23, (inset) wants $5-million in damages from the Department of Correctional Services and Nebraska State Penitentiary officials because of their refusal to recognise his Pastafarianism. According to this report, while the Nebraska prison system accommodates an eclectic array belief systems  – 20 in all, including Satanism – it regards Pastafarianism as “a satirical […]

Satanists’ devilishly cunning stunt

A Florida school board which allows religious material circulated among pupils has inadvertently paved the way for satanic literature. Last month, a Florida judge ruled that if the Orange County school district allowed Christian groups to disseminate Bibles and other Christian-orientated baloney in its schools, it would also have to allow non-religious groups to do […]

Mexican boy blinded in a satanic ritual

The child’s mother – Maria del Carmen Garcia Rios, 28, above – and and five relatives have each been jailed for 30 years for using a spoon to to gouge out his eyes. According to this report, five-year-old Fernando Rios was blinded in a bizarre satanic ritual by his mother, aunt, two uncles and grandparents when […]

Judges v Satan in bizarre death sentence appeal

MUSING aloud, a Texas appeal court judge asked earlier this year (2010) whether Satanism should be considered a religion, because religions revolve around worshipping a higher power. Said Judge Lawrence Meyers: Satan’s not an almighty being. The Devil emerged as a key character in the appeal court hearing of Irving Davis, 27, who wants his […]