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Be fruitful and multiply

Genesis 1.28 goes on to command that the Earth be subdued and to give dominion over living things. Where has that led us? To an astonishing destruction of nature and a frighteningly rapid change of our global climate. So much for the Bible-waving Trump (‘This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop.’) and […]

Brief Candle in the Dark reveals a ‘softer’ Dawkins

Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science is the second volume of Richard Dawkins’ autobiography. The title is a combination of Macbeth’s famous speech and Carl Sagan referring to science as a candle in the dark. I am pleased to report that there is much more of interest to freethinkers than in his […]

Pope Francis is on the path to paganism

The marketing director of a powerful Chicago-based group of climate change deniers has accused ‘bad advisers’ of  leading the Pope along a path to paganism. Gene Koprowski, (inset above), of the barmy but well-funded Heartland Institute, attacked the pontiff at a press conference in Philadelphia last Thursday. The event, which Heartland had billed as a […]

Evolution is coming to Bible-belt Alabama

A 40-member education committee – including people with ‘very strong religious beliefs’ – has decided to update Alabama’s old science standards to include evolutionary theory and climate change. The current state standard, according to this report, says students “should understand the nature of evolutionary theories”, but such knowledge isn’t required. Textbooks used in Alabama science […]

Darwin’s atheism note to be auctioned

A private letter in which Charles Darwin confesses to not believing in the Bible or that Jesus was the son of God is set to sell for more than £50,000. The naturalist and geologist was renowned for keeping his religious views to himself and very rarely discussed the existence of God. He avoided the subject […]

Darwin for youngsters

In Engand lessons about evolution designed for kids aged from ten have begun – thanks to the efforts of the British Humanist Association. A new primary national curriculum in English schools was introduced on September 1. For the first time it includes a module on evolution as part of the year six programme of study […]

Death of atheist Dr Oliver Sacks

Readers of the weekly Freethinker bulletin may recall that, on July 9 of this year, neurologist and author Oliver Sacks was the subject of our  “Born on this day” feature. Sadly, today we learned that Sacks, an atheist who was branded by his mother as an “abomination” because he was gay, has died at the […]

Creationist Science Minister for Denmark

A row has broken out in Denmark following the appointment this week of creationist Esben Lunde Larsen, above, to the post of Science Minister. Larsen (full title: Minister for Education and Research), is, according to this report, known for his scientific scepticism and belief that God created the Earth. When asked by Jyllands-Posten whether humans […]

Why what Tim Hunt said in Seoul matters

On June 7 the biochemist Tim Hunt, above, a Nobel laureate, addressed a lunch for women scientists at the World Conference of Science Journalists in Seoul, South Korea. He started with his own experience: Let me tell you about my trouble with girls … three things happen when they are in the lab … You […]

My Family

It is easy, looking around us, to believe that humans are the pinnacle of evolution, the masters of the world. We have developed tools with which we have spilt atoms, put probes on other planets and cured diseases amongst many thousands of other incredible achievements. We drive to work in super-efficient cars, take calls on […]