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Catholic school shamed in gay row

Earlier this year Lauren Brown, 27, above, was offered a job as a school counselor by St Mary’s Academy in Portland, but the offer was rescinded after the school learned she was a lesbian. Brown, 27, was offered over $41,000 plus benefits if she was to scuttle off and keep schtum about her rejection and […]

NSS challenges Bible-based sex ed

The National Secular Society has urgently raised the issue of faith-based sex education with Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of State for Education, following a complaint it received about a school in Middlesborough. According to this report, the sex and health education policy of the King’s Academy warns pupils of the “consequences” if they ignore the […]

‘Spare refugees the sight of bare skin’

A school in Bavaria has told parents not to let their daughters wear revealing blouses or short skirts because emergency accommodation for 200 Muslim refugees from Syria had been established close by. According to this report, the Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium in Pocking was closed after the refugee centre was set up,  and PE lessons were relocated to […]

Preacher warns of ‘pregnant hands’

Folk who insist that Islam and idiocy are one and the same were proved correct this week when Istanbul-based televangelist Mücahid Cihad Han, above, issued a warning that masturbation could lead to ‘pregnant hands’ in paradise. According to this report, Han, who is active on Twitter and has his own channel on YouTube, made the […]

Pastor prayed God would kill his wife

A Baptist preacher from Homewood, Alabama, told two of his male lovers that he was praying and waiting for the death of his wife months before her murder. According to this report, Richard Shahan, above, was arrested in January 2014 for the murder of his wife, Karen Shahan, as he attempted to board a plane bound […]

Vatican silence over gay ambassador

The Vatican is keeping schtum on reports that it won’t accept a new French ambassador – Laurent Stéfanini, 55, above – because he is gay. According to the BBC, the French government proposed the senior diplomat for the post in January. It normally takes about a month for an appointment to be approved, but three months […]

Anti-gay Indiana outlet forced to close

Crystal O’Connor, above, is fast becoming a poster girl for the religious right in America following news that her family has had to shut their Indiana pizza parlour which won’t do the catering for gay weddings. Memories Pizza in Walkerton – the first Indiana business to declare it would refuse LGBT business – was forced […]

Indonesia: gay sex death penalty urged

The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), the most prominent Islamic clerical organisation in the country, has issued a fatwa calling for the death penalty to be imposed for the ‘crime’ of having gay sex. Jon Green, writing for the AmericaBlog, reported that the edict was issued earlier this month to “remind” the public that homosexuality is a “deviant sexual behaviour” that […]

Bake sale killed by ‘divine discrimination’

An American Seventh-day Adventist University has been forced to explain why it pulled the plug on a bake sale organised to raise funds for homeless gay people. Following a media firestorm over the cancellation of the event, organised by student members of the unofficial LGBT group, AULL4 on behalf of Project Fierce, Andrews University President […]

Bible pest to judge: ‘You are deluded’

Noisy street preacher Michael Overd – accused of making homophobic and Islamophobic remarks  – had the audacity to tell Judge Shamim Qureshi in Taunton Magistrates Court yesterday that he ‘needed to be born again and that he was deluded’. Judge Qureshi, an advocate of shariah law who is also the presiding judge of the Muslim […]