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Preacher says he met an angel in ‘really tight’ ballet pants

Canadian evangelist  and faith healer Todd Bentley, 42, has homo-erotic fantasies – and he’s happy to share them with his followers. The founder of Fresh Fire Ministries USA said during a summer  “Supernatural Debt Forgiveness Jubilee Service” that in Albany, Oregon – in around 2004 or 2005 when he was aged about 28 –  he […]

Top Hindu: Don’t use sacred imagery for ‘mercantile greed’

The job of being President of the Universal Society of Hinduism (USofH) entails – among other important things – admonishing companies for messing with Hindu deities. And US-based Rajan Zed, above, who heads the USofH, is a nothing if not a world champion admonisher. Earlier this year he had a right go at Amazon for […]

‘Prophet’ tricked family into digging up a dead relative

After swallowing the New Testament myth about Lazarus, and how he was brought back to life by a geezer called Jesus, an Ethiopian family agreed to dig up a relative and allow a ‘prophet’ to revive the corpse. It went badly. Despite being told repeatedly to “get up” by “prophet” Getayawkal Ayele, who lay on […]

Thai ghostbusters round up 600 lost souls with hell money

Hell money is a form of joss paper printed to resemble legal tender bank notes and are burned in China and across East Asia in various supernatural ceremonies, including the rounding up of ghosts. The latest report of hell money-burning comes from Thailand, where bonfires of the fake banknotes took place this week to attract […]

Hell: real or fake?

Barry has already reported on the recurring story of “the pope says there is no hell … or does he?” but I want to point out some Profound Theological Questions the issue raises. Let’s start with the Catechism, via the Washington Post: The Catechism of the Catholic Church says, “The teaching of the Church affirms the […]

Thai girl dies after drinking ‘holy water’ given by monks

The teenage girl shown in the framed picture died in Thailand last weekend after three monks made her drink ‘holy water’ to overcome a ‘black magic curse’. According to this report, police in Chaiyaphum’s Kaeng Khro district are now trying to find the monks who went on the run after the the girl died. During […]

Pastor jailed for causing death of a ‘demonic’ two-year-old boy

Aracely Meza, above, pastor at a Texas church called Iglesia Internacional Jesus es el Rey, was jailed last Friday for 99 years for starving a child she believed was possessed by the devil. According to this report, Benjamin Aparicio died on March 22, 2015. Weeks before his death, Meza, 52, had ordered that food be withheld from him […]

The Catholic Church needs fresh blood if it is to survive

The woman pictured above is American Catholic Katie Prejean McGrady and right now she is in Rome, together with around 300 young people from all over the world who are discussing the future of the Catholic Church with the Pope. Reporting for the Religion News Service, Thomas Reese wrote: The pope shows he understands that […]

Burning wood will combat pollution. It’s a religious thing

In a Hindu religious ceremony scheduled to last nine days around 350 priests yesterday began burning 50,000 kg (55 tons) of mango wood in special firepits – to combat pollution. According to this report, the ceremony, known as a “mahayagya”, began at in the Meerut district. It was organized by the members of Shri Ayutchandi […]

Indian lawmaker wants ghostly government building exorcised

BJP MLA Habibur Rehman, above, told Indian media this week that he has asked to Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje to conduct religious ceremonies to rid the state’s secretariat building of ‘negative energies and evil souls’. Rehman, according to this report, is one of a number of lawmakers who believe that the building is haunted, […]