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Creationism and other idiotic beliefs trashed by Julie Payette

Oh, how I wish we had more politicians like Julie Payette, Canada’s Governor General, who have the courage to stand up in public for plain common sense. In a week that saw Rick Perry, America’s godly Energy Secretary, making a complete arse of himself by saying that fossils fuels could reduce sexual assaults in Africa, […]

Kenyan censor appalled by photograph of ‘crazy gay lions’

When Ezekiel Mutua, the head of the Kenya Film Classification Board, saw a photo of two male lions apparently having sex, he instantly blamed gays whom he suggested might have influenced the animals. He is quoted here as saying: These animals need counseling, because probably they have been influenced by gays who have gone to […]

Superstition is not the answer to India’s mounting problems

India’s Junior Education Minister Satyapal Singh, above, recently stated that engineering students should be taught about ancient Indian scientific discoveries. He said that the first airplane was invented by an Indian eight years before the Wright brothers. Indian Prime Minister Modi, while addressing a gathering of doctors and medical staff at a Bombay hospital in […]

Sweet Jesus! Confectionery store declares it’s not haunted

Nigel Parrott, above, has put a sign in his Great Yarmouth sweet shop telling ghost hunters that the only spirit they are likely to find there is that of Jesus. The dotty Christian was reacting to the fact that his 18th century shop – Sweet Dreams – had been listed in a ghost walk as […]

Uganda’s new Freethinker Library will help free kids minds

IT’S a lamentable fact that millions of children in Africa are exposed from an early age to Christian propaganda in the form of faith-based learning programmes and truckloads of religious tracts and books brought into the country by missionaries under the guise of ‘foreign aid’. This from Wikipedia: Critics question the mingling of economic, health, […]

African ‘doctor’, trained by angels, brutally killed in US

Pastor Raphael Happy-Ikenwilo, 53 – pictured above with his wife Jennifer – died in Maryland, Baltimore, last Saturday after being hit by a car then stabbed several times. According to this report, the pastor claimed he was sent to the US by God in 2012, and that he had been he trained by angels as […]

Irish road problem: finger of blame pointed at … fairies!

Until today I had never heard of fairy forts. Then along came a report from the Irish Times which says that a relatively new road is cursed because fairy forts were destroyed in its construction. The theory that it’s the-fairies-wot-did-it was put forward by Ireland Independent Teachta Dála Danny Healy-Rae, above. He insists that a […]

Poles apart: religion and the real world

When I was growing up in a religious Polish family I found myself really close to the church. I spend years helping with all all the ceremonies, and watching people who were attending them. I could not speak against the religion as this would have been unacceptable, but what I could do was simply observe […]

Goat sacrificed to ensure the safety of a Pakistan plane

PIA, Pakistan’s national airline, has been roundly mocked after officials sacrificed a black goat to bring luck to a plane departing from Islamabad airport on Sunday. The animal was beheaded on the runway by airline officials before the take-off of a turboprop ATR-42 aircraft – the same model as the PIA plane that crashed into […]

Forget garlic, it’s cow pee you need to keep Dracula at bay

A government agency in India established to protect cows has claimed that that the sprinkling of the animals’ urine can protect people from ‘evil forces like Dracula and Satan’. According to The Times of India, the Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board, made the claim in a document called Aarogya Geeta, which sets out  the benefits of […]