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Goat sacrificed to ensure the safety of a Pakistan plane

PIA, Pakistan’s national airline, has been roundly mocked after officials sacrificed a black goat to bring luck to a plane departing from Islamabad airport on Sunday. The animal was beheaded on the runway by airline officials before the take-off of a turboprop ATR-42 aircraft – the same model as the PIA plane that crashed into […]

Forget garlic, it’s cow pee you need to keep Dracula at bay

A government agency in India established to protect cows has claimed that that the sprinkling of the animals’ urine can protect people from ‘evil forces like Dracula and Satan’. According to The Times of India, the Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board, made the claim in a document called Aarogya Geeta, which sets out  the benefits of […]

Priest who pitted himself against Satan’s hordes is dead

Veteran Catholic exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth has died at the age of 91. The National Catholic Register reports that he had performed over 70,000 exorcisms over 29 years. In 1990, he founded the International Association of Exorcists and was President until he retired, in 2000. In one of his last interviews, Amorth blamed “pure atheism” for […]

Man jailed for the murder of Rochdale’s ‘black magic’ imam

Mohammed Syeedy, 21, above, was today jailed for a minimum of 24 years for his role in the brutal killing of Jalal Uddin. The 71-year-old former imam, according to this report, practised taweez, a form of Islamic spiritual healing considered to be “black magic” by some extremists. On hearing the jury’s guilty verdict, Syeedy put […]

St Teresa is being asked by this man to cure Stephen Hawking

Newly-sainted Mother Teresa has been called upon by a Catholic professor – Benjamin Wiker, PhD – to cure Stephen Hawking of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as motor neurone disease or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Oh, and also to stop him being an atheist. Wiker, an Associate Professor of Political Science, Director of Human Life […]

Quebec old folks’ home gets a divine message … from a spud

Catholics are a superstitious bunch, constantly on the look-out for miracles and wondrous signs. So it’s no surprise that the “devout Catholic residents” at Le Mieux Vivre Residence in Grande-Rivière became ecstatic when Alain Lévesque, a cook working at the home, informed them last month that he’d found a “divine” potato with a cross at […]

Got Jinn? Derby-based exorcist claims he has the right tonic

If you are a jinn, be afraid – be very afraid – of Muslim exorcist Ahmed Ali, above, for his powers include the ability to convert you to Islam. According to this report, Ali, of the Al Fajr Centre in Derby, did just that in Pakistan in July when he was called to the house […]

Religious freedom victory for cruel rooster-killing priestess

Despite being convicted on three counts of animal cruelty, ‘high priestess’ Mercy Carrion, above, will still be legally allowed to own live poultry for sacrificial purposes. According to this report, Carrion, from Sterling in Virgina, was sentenced to five days in jail for each offence, suspended as long as she completes a course in how […]

Kentucky man photographs ‘soul’ of fatally injured biker

Saul Vazquez, a truck driver from Powell County, Kentucky, is convinced he captured the moment the soul of a motorcyclist left his body following a crash. A Catholic website carried this headline: Stunning photo shows soul leaving the body. After Vazquez posted the image to Facebook, it went viral, reported CatholicSay: The reason is astonishing. […]

Indonesian boobies thought that a sex doll was an angel

Indonesians living in the remote village of Kalupapi believed that an inflatable doll was an angel which fell from heaven, but later discovered it was a sex toy. The Asian Correspondent reports that one of the villagers by the name of Pardin had discovered the doll while fishing and brought it back to his village […]