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Voodoo in the US: five-year-old girl ‘permanently disfigured’

Sisters Peggy LaBossiere, 51, and Rachel Hilaire, 40, pictured in a Massachusetts court, were arrested after they allegedly  subjected the child to a demon-busting voodoo ceremony that permanently disfigured her. According to this report, the pair also threatened to cut off the head of the girl’s eight-year-old brother with a machete. The boy said his sister […]

African ‘doctor’, trained by angels, brutally killed in US

Pastor Raphael Happy-Ikenwilo, 53 – pictured above with his wife Jennifer – died in Maryland, Baltimore, last Saturday after being hit by a car then stabbed several times. According to this report, the pastor claimed he was sent to the US by God in 2012, and that he had been he trained by angels as […]

‘Possessed’ woman fatally injured after being set on fire

Vilma Trujillo Garcia, 25, above, died yesterday in Nicargua just days after a bunch of deranged Christians threw her onto a bonfire because they thought she was possessed by the devil. According to this report, an Assemblies of God Church pastor and four members of his flock have been arrested after the mother of two […]

Rwanda takes serious steps to eradicate witchcraft in football

One of Rwanda’s top football teams, Mukura Victory Sports, above, were recently involved in an incident at a match in which they, and rivals Rayon Sport, accused each other of using witchcraft. The Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA), acted swiftly, according to this report. At an extra-ordinary meeting FERWAFA’s executive committee and all first division club presidents […]

Wizard fell to earth after his ‘spiritual Google map’ failed

A naked man found in the fortified grounds of a church in Benin claimed that he had fallen to earth when his ‘spiritual Google map’ stopped working. According to this report, he told church workers who found him at the City Gate Church in Benin that he was a wizard on a flight from Delta […]

Got Jinn? Derby-based exorcist claims he has the right tonic

If you are a jinn, be afraid – be very afraid – of Muslim exorcist Ahmed Ali, above, for his powers include the ability to convert you to Islam. According to this report, Ali, of the Al Fajr Centre in Derby, did just that in Pakistan in July when he was called to the house […]

Religious freedom victory for cruel rooster-killing priestess

Despite being convicted on three counts of animal cruelty, ‘high priestess’ Mercy Carrion, above, will still be legally allowed to own live poultry for sacrificial purposes. According to this report, Carrion, from Sterling in Virgina, was sentenced to five days in jail for each offence, suspended as long as she completes a course in how […]

Witchcraft crime on the rise in the UK

A BBC investigation into faith-based crime, broadcast yesterday on Radio 5, claimed that a special Metropolitan Police team – Operation Violet – has seen a significant increase in reports of crimes related to witchcraft in London. But other areas don’t have such specialist expertise and half of police forces in the UK are failing to […]

Muslim faith healer murdered in London

The dead man is Zakariyya Islam, 46, above, a co-founder of the Ruqya centre in Whitechapel which specialises is curing people of ‘demonic possession’ and related ‘spiritual’ afflications. According to this Evening Standard report, last year the father of three hosted a conference – “The World of Jinns” – at the East London Mosque which […]

UK PM slammed for hate pastor meeting

The UK gay Humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) had roundly condemned  the UK Prime Minister’s handshake with African homophobic witch-hunting Pastor Rev Enoch Adeboye. Prime Minister David Cameron was photographed schmoozing with the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God at the recent Festival of Life programme held in London, where […]