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The new religion of madness

How the Christian concept of mental illness still infests psychiatric treatment. Emerging from the subway in San Francisco, before the sight of the city strains into view, you are hit with the smell of it – a bit of marijuana, a bit of smog, and an unavoidable nasal punch of urine and feces.  There are […]

Humanists to help ‘witches’ of Ghana

Back in May, 2012, The Voice of America reported that in northern Ghana, efforts were being made to disband six shelters for women accused of sorcery, known as “witch camps”. Policy makers and some non-profit groups are working together to get the women reintegrated into their communities, but the plan is running into obstacles. More […]

Muslim cleric shot dead in Sydney

Australian commandos have stormed a cafe in Sydney, ending a 16-hour siege by a gunman identified as an Iranian refugee who took dozens of hostages. Man Haron Monis, 50, who was on bail for being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife and was facing more than 40 sexual and indecent assault charges, was […]

Godlessness gains ground in Ghana

Sceptics in Ghana are not only making waves locally but also internationally according to leading Nigerian humanist and human rights campaigner Leo Igwe. Writing this week for SpyGhana, Igwe drew attention to the fact that the Humanist Association of Ghana is organising an international conference on December 20-21, 2014. Earlier this year, Roslyn Mould from […]

Nigerians at odds over faith school

Yemi Adedeji, left, of the Evangelical Alliance, supports the opening of a faith school in Kent by a witchcraft-besotted Nigerian church. Human rights campaigner Leo Igwe strongly opposes it. According to this report, Winners’ Chapel International – currently under investigation by the Charity Commission – wants to open the school at its Dartford site, but […]

Pope praises a dizzy of demon hunters

An International Association of Exorcists conference, being held in Rome this week, has earned praise from Pope Francis. The first gathering of its kind brings together a cackle of 300 clerics from 30 countries, all hell-bent on ridding the world of demons. The Pope is reportedly delighted with their efforts to combat “the Devil’s works”, and […]

Seven die in horrific witch-killing spree

Tanzanian victims were attacked and burnt to death by a mob of villagers who accused them of engaging in witchcraft. According to this report, police said yesterday they have arrested 23 people in connection with the massacre. The police chief for the western Kigoma region which borders Burundi, Jafari Mohamed, said: Five of those killed […]

Faith-based child abuse is increasing

Police in London have investigated almost 30 cases of child abuse linked to witchcraft and spirit possession in the past year. According to this report, the investigations range from allegations of children having chilli peppers rubbed in their eyes to rid them of evil spirits to youngsters who were swung around by preachers and had […]

Witchcraft ‘expert’ sues her critics

Nigerian evangelical preacher and ‘witch hunter’ Helen Ukpabio is demanding half a billion pounds in damages. The dangerous charlatan is suing the British Humanist Association and the Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network, alleging that both organisations had “misrepresented” her teachings. According to the BHA, the  “Lady Apostle”, as she is known, claims to have […]

NSS: ‘This new school would put kids at risk’

The Department for Education has confirmed that a church linked to abusive, witch-hunting Nigerian pastor David Oyedepo has applied to open a UK school this September. A Guardian report yestersay said that the school – which would accept children from the age of four – is linked to Winners’ Chapel International, headed by the multi-millionaire pastor […]