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Artist Abel Azcona cleared of blasphemy by a judge in Spain

Last year performance artist Abel Azcona horrified Catholics in Pamplona, Spain, when he used 242 stolen consecrated hosts to spell out the the word ‘pederastia‘ at an exhibition he mounted in a city gallery to highlight the Church’s systematic rape of children. According to this report, Azcona procured the Catholic crackers by pretending to receive […]

Indonesian Islamists riot over Governor’s alleged blasphemy

Indonesian police used tear gas and water cannon at the weekend to quell a violent protest staged by thousands of hard-line Muslims. Demonstrators accused Basuki Tjahaja Purnama – a Christian and the first ethnic Chinese to hold the post of Governor of Jakarta – of having insulted the Koran, and want him to be prosecuted. […]

Blasphemy acquittal is no guarantee of Asia Bibi’s safety

If Pakistan’s Supreme Court decides tomorrow (Thursday) to quash the death sentence imposed in 2010 on Asia Bibi, above, who was found guilty of blasphemy, chances are that Muslim fanatics will do all in their power to kill her. According to this BBC report (July 2015): Thousands have protested against her and said they would […]

Man faces jail for pulling the plug on Buddhist broadcast

Dutch citizen Klaas Haytema, 30, above, is awaiting trial on a charge of insulting religion by disconnecting an amplifier broadcasting a late-night sermon from a Buddhist hall in the tourist city of Mandalay in northern Myanmar. Haytema, according to this report, silenced the amplifier because: I wanted to sleep desperately. I couldn’t stand the noise. […]

Egyptian TV presenter approves shooting of Jordanian writer

Reporting on the assassination a week ago of prominent Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar,  Hani Nahhas, above, of Alhadas Elyoum TV, told viewers that Hattar’s “blasphemy” did not count as free speech and that he deserved to ‘stand trial in God’s court. They say [Hattar] is a martyr, killed for the sake of freedom of speech, but […]

Teenage blogger jailed in Singapore for the second time

Fifteen months after he was given a prison sentence for ‘wounding religious feelings’, teenage blogger Amos Yee, above, was today sentenced to six weeks imprisonment for a similar ‘crime’ and fined $2,000. According to this report, the 17-year-old was found guilty of eight charges – two for failing to turn up at a police station […]

Theroux’s Scientology movie won’t be screened in Ireland

Back in October 2015, Louis Theroux’s film, My Scientology Movie, was shown at the London Film Festival back in October 2015, where it received extensive praise from critics and audiences.  The Telegraph critic Tim Robey wrote: It’s no hard-hitting exposé, but Louis Theroux’s attempt to get under Scientology’s skin is a giddy, Pythonesque delight. He […]

Jordanian writer, on trial for insulting God, is shot dead

Nahid Hattar, above, was hit earlier today by three bullets outside court in the capital Amman where he was standing trial for allegedly sharing a satirical cartoon on his Facebook page. According to the BBC, Hattar’s killer was arrested and police are investigating the murder. The prominent writer and political activist was detained in August […]

Turkish pianist finally cleared of insulting ‘Islamic values’

Back in 2012 we reported on the plight of internationally famous pianist, Fazil Say, who was arrested in Turkey for using the Internet to  insult ‘Islamic values’. Well, after a four-year judicial battle, Say has finally been exonerated by the Supreme Court of Appeals, which ruled by a majority vote that his Twitter posts should […]

Blogger arrested for playing Pokémon Go in a church

Ruslan Sokovsky, above, a young Russian blogger from Yekaterinburg, has been arrested for playing Pokémon Go in a church, then posting a video of his ‘crime’. Sokovsky, according to this report, was acting in defiance of an earlier warning broadcast by a Russian state news programme against catching Pokémon on the state border or in […]