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North Carolina megachurch was used as a hub of slavery

She loves Jesus. And dogs. And infants. She’s got big hair and a well-practised smile. So why is Jane Whaley, of North Carolina’s Word of Faith Fellowship, getting mercilessly savaged by the press, AP in particular? Well, back in February this year, we reported that Whaley, 77, was running her megachurch like a sadistic dictator. […]

Christians angry over Boots’ ‘morning after’ pill climb-down

In a shockingly badly-worded response to criticism over its overpriced ‘morning-after’ pills, Boots UK’s chief pharmacist Marc Donovan said the company did not want to be ‘accused of incentivising inappropriate use, and provoking complaints, by significantly reducing the price of this product ‘.  This led to an immediate backlash. People threatened to boycott Boots for […]

Pastor’s wife was treated as a ‘sex slave’ and frequently raped

In a harrowing TV interview, Australian Joy Harris, 63, above, spoke for the first time this week about the horrific treatment she suffered for years at the hands of her abusive husband, an fanatical Baptist pastor who is currently serving a five year jail term for raping her. Speaking in a 60 Minutes exclusive, the […]

In just four days C of E trashed a bunch of biblical truths

Susie Leafe, above, Director of the conservative Christian group Reform, has slammed the C of E’s latest General Synod meeting which voted to condemn gay conversion therapies. Leafe, according to this report, said: In the space of four days, the General Synod of the Church of England have, in effect, rejected the doctrines of creation, […]

‘Marginalised’ Christians: new study paints a bleak picture

A survey published this week by Premier Christian Communications indicates that Christians in the UK are feeling increasingly marginalised. Tim Dieppe, Head of Public Policy at Christian Concern, which offers legal support to Christians who say they have been unfairly treated,  said the results resonate “very much” with their experiences over the years. People try […]

Latest Ark Encounter twist screws the folk of Kentucky

In a sneaky move that could rob Kentucky’s Williamstown and Grant County of much-needed revenue,  Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter has flogged its main parcel of land for $10 to its non-profit affiliate, Crosswater Canyon. The move followed a decision by Williamstown not to exempt Ham’s biblical theme park from paying a safety fee that would fund […]

Britain is flouting gay marriage bans in foreign countries

Earlier this year Lyle Shelton, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, above, got all huffy when he discovered that gay couples were getting married in the British consulate in Sydney.  He said: Just because Britain has made a decision, doesn’t mean Australia has to follow suit. We’re seeing the negative consequences of the decision […]

Pastor who ‘killed Satan’ threatens to go on strike

Deranged South African pastor, ‘Prophet’ Paseka Motsoeneng, above, is unhappy over attempts by the authorities to regulate churches. So unhappy that, according to this report, he is planning to shutter his church if his followers don’t stump up the cash he needs to challenge the CRL Rights Commission. The threat comes just days after Pastor […]

‘Lack of intellectualism’ lies behind Christian homophobia

In an Open Church Network video released this week one of the UK’s most prominent evangelicals, Revd Canon Steve Chalke, above, claims that there has been a lack of intellectualism by evangelicals in their approach to certain biblical passages. They have ‘misinterpreted’ these passages which have subsequently been ‘weaponised’ to attack members of the LGBT […]

Sense at last: C of E agrees that ‘gay cures’ are wrong

A  Private Member’s Motion proposed by Jayne Ozanne, above, saying that conversion therapy had ‘no place in the modern world’ has been backed by the Church of England. According to the Guardian, Ozanne – who underwent conversion therapy resulting in two breakdowns and two spells in hospital – said conversion therapy was: Abuse from which […]