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Wichita University pulls the plug on an LGBT exhibition

Artist Genevieve Waller, pictured with one of her creations, had been given the go-ahead to mount an exhibition – “Rainbow in Reverse: Queer Kansas History” – at a Catholic university, but it was forced to cancel the event after protests by local Christians. The exhibition, highlighting the lives of queer Kansans, was due to open last […]

Creationist reappointed to Scottish education committee

Humanists in Scotland are among a number who have expressed concern that an evangelical creationist, Dr Nagy Iskander, above, has been reappointed to sit on the education committee of South Lanarkshire council. Iskander has been described as as one of “Europe’s most active creationists” by Ken Ham, the founder of Answers in Genesis, a US-based […]

London store ‘celebrates sin’ with Garden of Eden biscuits

It didn’t take long for Christian outrage to erupt after news broke that London department store Fortnum & Mason is selling a biscuit collection based on the biblical myth of the Garden of Eden – featuring gay and lesbian couples. Tim Dieppe, speaking on Premier Radio this week, said that the promotion was: A celebration of […]

Clerical abuse: sour start to Pope’s Chile visit ends in fury

After commiserating with abuse survivors in Chile, Pope Francis – to the astonishment and fury of many – then accused them of slandering Bishop Juan Barros just before he left the country this week. Chileans have no doubt that Barros, pictured above in 2015 being targeted by protesters, covered up the activities of Chile’s most […]

‘Good Christians’ in court over abuse of their 13 children

The father of David Turpin, 56, says he does not believe that his son and daughter-in-law, Louise Turpin, 49, had abused their 13 children. According to this report, Turpin’s father, James, said from his home in Princeton, West Virginia, that he did not believe the reports about the abuse. I’m going to talk with the […]

Abuse scandals put a damper on Pope’s first visit to Chile

Pope Francis is in Chile – and the country is less than ecstatic about his visit. Many in fact are downright incensed, their anger manifesting itself in protests and the firebombing of nine churches. The source of their anger, according to this report, was sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests in Chile, and the […]

Thirteen rescued from home of ‘creepy’ Christian parents

A Californian couple – David Turpin, 57, and his wife Louise, 49 – were charged at the weekend with torture and child endangerment after 13 of their children were found shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks in dark and foul-smelling surroundings. Aged between two to 29, the emaciated victims were released by police […]

Archbishop Anthony Apuron faces fresh abuse allegation

Catholic Church officials in Guam say they have notified the Vatican of a new sexual abuse allegation against Archbishop Anthony Apuron. According to the Archdiocese of Agana, a relative of the homophobic Apuron told local media he was abused by the archbishop in 1990. Apuron already faces multiple allegations of sexual abuse of altar boys […]

Two churches sack gay choir members – for being married

The men pictured above are two of three gay guys who are at the centre of a controversy that erupted in a tight-knit Roman Catholic Church parish north of Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Minnesota. Last month Travis Loeffler, left, Bob Bernard and Dominic Mitchell were dismissed from their churches’ choirs after a newly appointed priest – Father […]

Church in California offers cannabis as a ‘sacrament’

San Jose City Attorney Rick Doyle has requested a permanent legal injunction to stop a church from providing marijuana as a ‘sacrament’ – and a court hearing is scheduled for January 22.  The the Coachella Valley Church, according to this report, is operated by Pastor Grant Atwell,  a Campbell, California, massage therapist and photographer, who dispenses […]