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Monstrous Christian accused of abuse at N Carolina church

Jane Whaley, 77, above, who runs the Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale, North Carolina, with her husband Sam, stands accused in AP investigative report of running the church like a sadistic dictator. Congregants, according to the AP’s Mitch Weiss, were regularly punched, smacked, choked, slammed to the floor or thrown through walls in a violent […]

Paedophile priests better inside the church than out

Last year it was reported that paedophile priest Mauro Inzoli, above, had agreed to pay out a sum of €125,000 his victims, aged between 12 and 16. Each received €25,000. Inzoli, known as “Don Mercedes” for his love expensive cars and under-aged boys, was defrocked in 2012 but was later, controversially, welcomed back to the priesthood […]

Christian parents jailed for life for causing their son’s death

Rather than seek medical help for their diabetic son Alexandru, above, a Calgary couple – Emil Radita, 60, and Rodica Radita, 54 – prayed for his recovery. The result was that Alexandru Radita, 15, died a painful death in 2013 – and his parents, found guilty of first-degree murder, were jailed for life this week. Justice […]

Faith-based company is to close its 240 stores in America

In 2015 Family Christian, a chain of stores selling books and tacky religious gifts, went bust, leaving creditors out of pocket to the tune of millions of dollars. But a Michigan judge, in granting the company a Chapter 11 bankruptcy sale, allowed the business to carry on trading. Company President Chuck Bengochea said at the […]

Christians say no to a condom factory on ‘holy’ ground

At the end of last year, 120 Orthodox Christians in the village of Bogolyubovo (a name which means “lovers of God”) gathered to protest against a plan to turn an abandoned brick factory into a condom manufacturing plant. According to this report, demonstrators prayed, holding icons, a large cross, and signs that said, “No condom […]

Denmark hits Koran burner with its ancient blasphemy law

The ‘crime’ of blasphemy in Denmark has been around for over 150 years, and the last time it was used – unsuccessfuly – was in 1971. But it’s being dusted off again to prosecute a Danish man who posted a video of himself torching Koran on Facebook. According to this report, the 42-year-old put the […]

Reality is preferable to ‘foolish’ religion, says NH Republican

Responding to an article lamenting the rise of secularism in New Hampshire,  State Representative Brandon Phinney, above, emphasised the positive aspects of the trend and said it was ‘rather foolish to hold onto archaic beliefs that deny reality’. Phinney, according to this report,  is the highest-ranking known openly atheist Republican politician in the country. The […]

‘You can’t touch saints’: zealots threaten to torch cinemas

Orthodox Christians in Russia have began a campaign of intimidation against a movie it regards as ‘blasphemous’ – and one radical Christian group even sent hundreds of letters to cinemas, warning they would “burn” if they dared screen Matilda. The film, according to the BBC, is based on the love story of Russia’s last tsar […]

South Korean woman jailed in Germany for exorcism death

A court in Frankfurt this week sentenced a 44-year-old woman to six years in prison for her role in an exorcism that led to the death of her 41-year-old South Korean cousin. The trial, according to this report, also involved four other South Korean nationals who were all related to the female victim, including her […]

Humanism book aimed at youngsters blasted by cleric

Free Presbyterian minister Rev David McIlveen, above, is urging people in Northern Ireland to challenge a book on humanism that is being distributed to schools. According to this report, McIlveen, said: We know that humanism is basically anti-God and therefore anti-Christian. I think to advocate humanism can’t go unchallenged and I think it is important […]