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More faith-heads in the House of Lords? Secularists say NO!

The National Secular Society and Humanism UK have rubbished a suggestion put forward by Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth – the Conservative Minister for Faith –  that religious representation in the House of Lords should be extended to non-Christian leaders. After the asinine Bourne, above, said last week that seats reserved for Church of England bishops […]

Sadistic cult leader under investigation in South Korea

A doomsday cult – the Grace Road Church headed by Shin Ok-ju, above – set alarm bells ringing back in 2012 when it was alleged that a mentally ill man was so badly brutalised at a branch of the church in New York that he lost a leg as a result. Over the course of […]

Christians lash out at Satanists who care for the environment

In Zionville, Indiana, a local chapter of the Satanic Temple are engaged in a highway clean-up campaign – and some local Christians are reportedly appalled. The group had been given the green light to  remove trash through the Indiana Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway programme – and signs were put up along a section of the rural […]

Lib Dems in Scotland get cold feet over religious education

A headline last week in The Scottish Catholic Observer read ‘Lib Dems to consider adopting policy to end Catholic education in Scotland’ – and in the report a church spokesperson was quoted as saying ‘This deeply illiberal motion shows contempt for religious freedom and discriminates against parents who choose to send their children to Catholic […]

Spanish actor Willy Toledo is in court accused of blasphemy

Free speech advocates gathered in a Madrid cinema last night to protest the detention of Spanish actor Willy Toledo, inset, who stands accused of ridiculing God and the Virgin Mary. The 48-year-old cinema and TV actor , according to the Guardian, is to face questioning by a judge today (Thursday) for posting a message on Facebook […]

Bleak picture of Catholic abuse revealed in new German probe

A sexual abuse commission funded by the German Bishops’ Conference found that 3,677 mostly male minors had been sexually abused by 1,670 priests between 1946 and 2014. Cardinal Reinhard Marx, above, had intended to make public the results of an independent research team’s probe on September 25, but, according to this report, two major German major […]

Probe launched into God’s own oil company, drilling in Israel

This you should know about Zion Oil and Gas, founded by American ‘born-again Christian’ John Brown, above: it’s not found a drop oil in Israel despite drilling for around 10 years, it’s $168-million in the red – and it is being investigated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. But, according to this report, the […]

Teen dies after being forced into a 40-day religious fast

Titilayno A Omosebi, 48, and her husband Kehinde S Omosebi, 49, are facing criminal charges in Wisconsin for causing the death of their 15-year-old son who died while engaging in a lengthy religious fast. According to this report, the youth – Ayanfe O Omosebi – had complained in  a letter to the authorities before his […]

Scout leader who criticised ‘Muslim costumes’ wins payout

Brian Walker, 62, a Bristol scout leader who was expelled from the movement after insisting that Islamic full-face coverings had no place in scouting, has won an out-of-court settlement. He was ousted in 2017 after writing to the Scouting Association’s official magazine to object to its promotion of a London Gay Pride event, and for […]

Poor ticket sales leads to collapse of Christian festival

Hop across to the Big Church Day Out’s Facebook page and you’ll be told that the BCDO is ‘the UK’s largest annual gathering of the wider church that creates a space for all denominations and ages to gather each year for two exciting days of worship and celebration.’ Oh, and that one can buy tickets […]