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Woman weds Jesus but the groom was otherwise tied up

Catholics do stoopid on a scale few other religions can match. This was most recently demonstrated in Fort Wayne when Jessica Hayes, 38 – ‘a beloved theology’ teacher at Bishop Dwenger High School – took Jesus Christ to be her awful lawful wedded husband. Jesus, who apparently had better things to do than attend this silly […]

Jesus and the Antichrist are black & God wants apartheid

As the solar eclipse of 2017 draws closer, those of a religious bent appear to be getting a tad loonier than usual. Pictured above is Ben Gabar Israel, right, of the Israel United in Christ Church which has recently established an branch in Las Vegas, and pastor Gene Kim of San Jose Bible Baptist Church […]

‘Godless’ UN will be preached at by mad Michelle Bachmann

A megachurch operated out of California by pastor Jim Garlow has unveiled a new ministry – one that will target the United Nations. The Skyline Church‘s “minister” to the UN was named as Michelle Bachmann, above, a former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives. Bachmann, a dominionist Christian, is as crazy as […]

Exposed: Belfast brain surgeon who offers quack gay cures

Josh Parry, above, a reporter for the Liverpool Echo. went undercover to investigate a church that claims to cure homosexuality – and discovered that its pastor, Dr Desmond Dele Sanusi, inset, works as an NHS brain surgeon in Belfast. In this report, Parry revealed that  the Liverpool branch of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles […]

Pastor’s hand ‘accidentally’ slipped into a woman’s panties

Police in Michigan are reportedly investigating Mitch Olson, above, senior pastor at Grace Ministry Center in Kimball, who has been accused of sexually assaulting a former parishioner during an anointing session to cleanse her of ‘sexual sins’. According to this report, his alleged victim is Justine Morden, 20, inset, who trusted Olson to help her […]

Abuse: ‘Everything in God’s kingdom happens for a reason’

The headmaster of a Christian school in Nashville alleged told a 12-year-old boy who had suffered repeated sexual assaults to ‘turn the other cheek’ and that ‘everything in God’s kingdom happens for a reason.’ Brentwood Academy, its head Curtis G Masters, above, and other school personnel are now being sued for $30-million by the boy’s […]

Gay man finds God; goes on the rampage against LGBT people

At the end of July this year, a delightful short animated film about a young lad losing his heart to a another boy was posted on YouTube – and immediately became an international hit. Since July 31, In a Heartbeat has attracted over 21,000,000 views – and a scathing attacking from Doug Mainwaring, above, a […]

Evangelical Christians blight Lake District town of Keswick

Hop across to Evangelical Focus, and there you will find a a report that over 4,000 people recently converged on Keswick to do a bunch of dotty Christian stuff over a three-week period, including listening to lectures by Canadian theologian Don Carson, pictured above. The Keswick Convention mercifully ended in the first week of August, […]

N Ireland police cheered at huge Belfast Pride event

Despite some insisting that the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) should not participate in this year’s Belfast Pride event, around 40 uniformed officers from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and other UK police forces were among the 8,000 people who marched yesterday from Custom House Square in the city centre. Watched by an […]

NT is accused of ‘intolerance’ by the Christian Institute

The National Trust, a charity established to take care of British heritage sites, has been accused by the Christian Institute of ‘intolerance’ for ‘punishing’ a group of volunteers who baulked at wearing LGBT badges or lanyards. According to the Trust’s website: Many of our places were home to, and shaped by, people who challenged conventional […]