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Swiss politician slammed for objecting to Christian ads

Mohamed Hamdaoui, inset, a journalist and left-wing Social Democratic Party representative for the city of Biel and the Bern cantonal parliament, recently ruffled Christian feathers when he posted a picture on his Facebook page of a religious slogan on the side of a public transport vehicle. He said he was really angry and: I feel […]

Australia: comedy duo skewers Prime Minister’s Christianity

Ever since Scott Morrison, inset, seized power last month, the godless masses in Australia – one of the least religious countries on the planet – have been asking themselves how they came to be saddled with a Prime Minister who’s a right-wing evangelical numpty.  Oh wait … numpties was the word used by Morrison to […]

Catholic Church in Australia is far wealthier than it claimed

An investigation, published this week, reveals that the Catholic Church in Australia concealed its massive wealth when it gave evidence at major inquiries into child sexual abuse. In reality, according to this report, the church is worth tens of billions of dollars, making it one of the country’s biggest non-government property owners. At the same […]

Child porn: warning sign to be posted outside pastor’s home

Soon to appear outside James Rankin’s home in Hurst, Texas: a sign saying ‘A person on probation for a child sex offense lives here.’ Rankin, who was an associate pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in Hurst, was ordered to post the sign as part of his sentencing this week for possessing child pornography. He was […]

Oregon man fired for refusing to attend Bible study sessions

After Ryan Coleman, 34, was hired as a painter by a construction company in Albany, Oregon, he discovered that the outfit – Dahled Up – required its employees to  partake in regular Bible study sessions led by a Christian pastor during working hours. According to this report, he went along with this crap for almost […]

‘Fascism in the flesh’: Trump’s state dinner for evangelicals

Reacting to a warning sounded by President Trump that that there will be ‘violence’ if the Democrats win in November, congressman Bill Pascrell Jr said on Twitter yesterday ‘this is fascism in the flesh’. The Democrat who represents the 9th District of New Jersey in the US of Representatives, added: This is the language of a fanatic […]

Pope slammed for advocating psychiatry for young gays

On his way back from his bruising visit to Ireland, a beleaguered Pope Francis was plunged into yet another row – this time for suggesting that parents should seek psychiatric help for their gay children. According to this report, during a press conference aboard a flight from Ireland to Rome, Francis was asked what he […]

Bible is for white people only, wrote man accused of murder

John Daniel Carothers, currently in a Tennessee prison awaiting trial for setting fire to a black man , allegedly wrote a letter from jail to a white supremacist group saying that the Bible was his motivation for the alleged crime. According to this report, Carothers, accused of murdering his black halfway house roommate Robert Miller in […]

The standards of the day

Since the Pope’s weekend in Ireland is in the news, including here, I thought it might be worthwhile to take a peek into Ireland’s history with the Catholic church. We could look in many places; we could draw up headings such as Cruelty, Child Sexual Abuse, Unlawful Imprisonment, Miseducation, with subheads under each. We could […]

Thousands rally against Pope’s visit to a very different Ireland

When Pope John II came to Ireland in 1979 he was given rock star treatment by over 2.7 million people. Contrast that with Pope Francis’s visit at the weekend, when fewer that 130,000 of an expected 500,000 attended a Mass in Dublin’s Phoenix Park. And to reinforce the message that country has shattered the chains […]