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Satanic Temple sign ruffles feathers in a small Texas town

In July this year, the town of Three Rivers (population 1,900) voted to reinstate corporal punishment in its schools – a move that prompted the Satanic Temple to erect a billboard stating its opposition to hitting kids. This upset Lyn Means, pastor of the local First Baptist Church: I’m very sorry that the billboard has […]

In Ireland fewer children are attending Catholic schools

Archbishop Eamon Martin , above, head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, has voiced concern at the ‘increasing numbers of Catholic children no longer attending Catholic schools’. According to this report, Martin said this presents “clear issues” for parents, families and parishes in ensuring that these children are receiving appropriate religious instruction and are being […]

Catholics refused public funds for faith-based sex education

It has just come to light that Catholic school superintendents in Alberta, Canada – headed by Karl Germann, above – applied for  $66,005 of taxpayers’ money at the beginning of this year to develop a ‘parallel’ sex education curriculum that would reflect the Church’s views on sexuality. They were effectively told to get lost. According […]

Parents called ‘extremists’ for opposing Crossteach lessons

Crossteach is one of a number of Christians organisations that exist to brainwash schoolkids, but thanks to a growing awareness among parents that the messages being passed on to their children are designed to foster intolerance, they are facing increased opposition. This most recent example of a parental backlash occurred this week when St John’s […]

NSS welcomes court ruling on school’s gender apartheid

The National Secular Society has welcomed a landmark ruling in the Court of Appeal that an Islamic school’s policy of segregating boys from girls amounted to unlawful sex discrimination. Al-Hijrah School, a state-funded Islamic school in Birmingham, admits pupils of both sexes. But from year five boys and girls are completely segregated for religious reasons […]

Uganda’s new Freethinker Library will help free kids minds

IT’S a lamentable fact that millions of children in Africa are exposed from an early age to Christian propaganda in the form of faith-based learning programmes and truckloads of religious tracts and books brought into the country by missionaries under the guise of ‘foreign aid’. This from Wikipedia: Critics question the mingling of economic, health, […]

Georgia judge rules that’s it’s OK to flip a bird at a pastor

Back in 2014, David Justin Freeman, above, was found guilty of disorderly conduct after he raised his middle finger at a pastor inside a church and shouted about Satan’s influence over public schools. But this week Justice Harold Melton of the Georgia Supreme Court overturned the conviction, and ruled that Freeman was simply exercising his […]

‘Gays are illiberal and unkind. We can only pray for them.’

Commenting on a court case involving Felix Ngole, a Christian student who was excluded from Sheffield University for being homophobic, Andrea Williams, above, Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: Felix’s case is another example of just how totalitarian the LGBT movement is. They cannot tolerate any whiff of dissent. They demand not just […]

Colorado student sues over school’s religious agenda

A Colorado school that was awash with religious propaganda is being sued by a former pupil, Cidney Fisk, above, who claims that she was discriminated against for a her atheistic views. The lawsuit, launched yesterday against the Delta County Joint School District No 50 claims that teachers gave the A-student a failing grade and sabotaged […]

Compulsory hijabs in English schools ‘sexualise’ young girls

The National Secular Society has lodged a complaint with education authorities over the forced wearing of headscarves by girls attending dozens of schools in England. The NSS, according to its website, examined uniform policies on the websites of registered Islamic schools and found that girls potentially as young as four are instructed to wear the […]