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Pakistan: blasphemy fear gets Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ dumped

Pakistani pupils at the Karachi Grammar School (KGS) were due to sing the John Lennon ‘Imagine’ last night at an in-house concert, but administrators took fright when they learned that the performance might fall foul of Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws. According to the Telegraph, alarm bells sounded after a popular conservative journalist highlighted “controversial lyrics” in the song. […]

Belly-dancing Egyptian prof accused of ‘glorifying Satan’

Dr Mona Prince, above, of Egypt’s Suez University, has upset her employer by posting a Facebook video of herself belly dancing. First the university suspended Prince, but it was reported yesterday (Monday) it that has decided to refer her to a disciplinary board over accusations that she was: Glorifying Satan and not adhering to the […]

Abuse: ‘Everything in God’s kingdom happens for a reason’

The headmaster of a Christian school in Nashville alleged told a 12-year-old boy who had suffered repeated sexual assaults to ‘turn the other cheek’ and that ‘everything in God’s kingdom happens for a reason.’ Brentwood Academy, its head Curtis G Masters, above, and other school personnel are now being sued for $30-million by the boy’s […]

Scientific study rejected in Turkey over evolution content

A cardiothoracic specialist at Turkey’s Marmara University Medical School has resigned from his position at the institution after he was told that a study he wrote contained too many references to evolution and would cause ‘problems’ it it were to be published. According to this report, the faculty management rejected Dr Mert Mercan’s paper which […]

‘Jihad’ in, evolution out in Turkey’s new education plans

Turkey’s Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz, above, yesterday unveiled the the final version his country new national school curriculum, which will teach pupils the ‘proper’ meaning of ‘jihad’, but  will not address the subject of evolution. Yilmaz said that evolution out because: It is above the students’ level and not directly relevant. The new curriculum will […]

UK Court of Appeal to rule on school’s gender apartheid

Southall Black Sisters is rallying support for a demonstration to take place this week outside the the Court of Appeal in London where a Muslim school’s practice of gender segregation will be heard. The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow and on Wednesday – July 11 and 12. In calling for support, SBS say here: This […]

OGOD wins South African religious education lawsuit

In April we carried a report that the Organisation for Religious Education and Democracy (OGOD), headed by secularist Hans Pietersen, above, had launched a lawsuit against six schools, alleging that they were illegally foisting Christianity of pupils. Well, today it’s reported here that the High Court in Johannesburg has sided with OGOD, saying that schools […]

Trump kicks church/state separation into the long grass

To the delight of the evangelical clowns who adore him, President Trump said this week that wants more Christian voices in politics and on TV and radio, and that all schools ‘should welcome faith and religion with wide open, beautiful arms’. Addressing the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference on Thursday, Trump told attendees that government […]

New bookshop addition: Humanism For Inquiring Minds

Veteran freethought activist, Barbara Smoker, celebrated her 94th birthday yesterday  – and to coincide with the occasion G W Foote and Co.Ltd, publishers of the Freethinker, added a Kindle edition of Humanism For Inquiring Minds  to our bookshop. Except for “faith” schools, which have special privileges, any school that teaches religion is required to make […]

School teacher disappears after saying gays deserve to die

Californian teacher Michael Stack, above, has reportedly vanished after row erupted over a letter he wrote to his school’s student newspaper, saying that those who commit homosexual acts ‘deserve to die’. The San Luis Obispo High School teacher went missing after he resigned in the face of widespread outrage. According to this report, Stack did […]