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Muslim parents are allegedly ganging up on Oldham teacher

Fears that a new Trojan Horse plot has been hatched to Islamise a school in Oldham surfaced after a primary school headteacher claimed she was receiving death threats from Muslim parents. According to this report,  Clarksfield Primary School headteacher Trish O’Donnell, above, is said to have endured “harassment and intimidation” and “aggressive verbal abuse” from […]

Priest jailed for 28 years for abusing vulnerable children

Roy Lovatt, 71, above, a Catholic priest and housemaster at a Yorkshire children’s home, received the lengthy jail sentence at Leeds Crown Court this week after he was was found guilty of four charges of indecent assault and five of serious sex assaults against two boys. Roy Leonard Allen, 72, a colleague of Lovatt’s at […]

Prayer boosted pupils’ grades, lying school principal claimed

Mississippi school principal Lowanda Tyler-Jones, above, had an explanation for the dramatic improvement in the grades of pupils in the Clarksdale Municipal School District: prayer and holy water. When an investigation was launched into possible cheating, Walt Drane, Mississippi Department of Education’s Executive Director of Student Assessment and Accountability said: She indicated to me during […]

Who’s the evil one? Peter Palumbo or Jessica Ahlquist?

In January of 2012, just days after atheist Jessica Ahlquist won her lawsuit to take down a religious mural from Cranston High School West, Rhode Island State Rep Peter Palumbo, above, went on the John DePetro radio show and called Jessica, inset, an ‘evil little thing’, quickly adding that even if she wasn’t evil, she […]

Social integration trumps religious freedom, says ECHR

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled this week that Switzerland was justified in imposing fines on a pair of Muslim parents who refused to send their teenage daughters to compulsory mixed swimming lessons in the city of Basel. The case was brought before the ECHR by two Swiss nationals, of Turkish origin, according […]

Muslim school in London spied on pupils in its toilets area

Sexism, poor hygiene and, disturbingly, a CCTV camera in the toilet area at the independent Darul Hadis Latifiah school for boys in Bethnal Green has led to its downgrading by education watchdog Ofsted. According to the BBC, Ofsted inspectors pupils were not being: Prepared for life in modern Britain. In addition to the camera, Inspectors […]

Muslim morality campaigner rids school of ‘satanic’ teacher

Music teacher Maria Shestopalova, above, was forced to resign after a self-styled Russian campaigner for morality in schools sent a dossier to her school bosses in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. According to the BBC Timur Bulatov boasted of his success in getting the 21-year-old “purged” on Russia’s version of Facebook, vKontakte. He professes to be fighting decadence […]

Homosexual ‘bullies’ force removal of Lord Carey portrait

The Christian Institute has vented it’s anger over a decision by King’s College in London top remove a window depicting former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey. The CI reports that it was removed because of a successful five-year campaign by LGBT “bullies” who had branded Carey a “homophobe”. In 2012, Lord Carey, a King’s College […]

Anti-gay Christian schools cry ‘foul’ over Ofsted findings

A number of private Christian schools have threatened legal action after being told to stop being so damned homophobic by education watchdog Ofsted. According to this report, dozens of schools in the UK follow the widely discredited Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum, a Christian fundamentalist course of learning that sprouted in Texas then infected other […]

Rabbi accuses education body of targeting Jewish schools

At an acrimonious meeting in the London borough of Hackney this week, Rabbi Avraham Pinter, above, attacked Ofsted inspectors, saying that it was “offensive and very patronising” to suggest ultra-Orthodox children attending illegal schools were not getting ‘the best’. In response to concerns about the physical safety of children in illegal schools voiced at a Hackney […]