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Ending life support: Christian doctor criticises court ruling

Legal permission will no longer be needed to end life support for patients in a permanent vegetative state when relatives and doctors agree it should be turned off, the UK’s highest court has ruled. According to the Telegraph, the Supreme Court today (Monday) upheld a ruling that a man with an extensive brain injury should be allowed […]

Man who ended his life at 104 did not believe in an afterlife

I was delighted to learn that Australian biologist David Goodall was accompanied to Switzerland for his assisted suicide this week by Philip Nitschke, Director of Exit International, who revealed to media that Goodall had no belief in an afterlife. I am delighted because I met Nitschke in 2009 in the UK where he was, in the […]

High Court judge criticised for lenient euthanasia sentence

Earlier this month pharmacist Bipin Desai, above, was cleared of murdering his 85-year-old father, who ‘had a solid and firm wish to die.’ Mr Justice Green, according to this report, found that Desai had been “wrongly accused” of murder for killing his father with a lethal combination of morphine and insulin, and gave him a […]

Doctor-assisted suicide: bishop slams ‘culture of death’

The Hawaii Senate voted overwhelmingly this week to advance a bill permitting physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients – despite strong opposition from the Catholic Church. Honolulu Bishop Larry Silva, above, in a recent letter to parishioners in his diocese, called the effort to legalise physician-assisted suicide as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and: Another […]

Politician says he knows ‘for a fact’ that God does not exist

John Halligan, above, Ireland’s Minister of State for Training, Skills and Innovation, has outraged faith-heads by claiming that God does not exist, and that some people in the pro-life movement are ‘bastards’. According to this report, he equated anti-abortionists with the Jihadi terror group Isis. If that wasn’t enough to ruffle the fundies’ feathers, Halligan […]

Oh Canada, what have you done now to annoy Catholics?

You’ve just ‘officially crossed the boundary into a place in which the sick, the suffering and dying can be legally dispatched by lethal injection or a glass of liquid poison’ by allowing the nation’s laws against assisted suicide and euthanasia to evaporate. And in doing so, according to pro-life activist Charles Lewis, who writes for […]

Die-with-dignity former nun targeted by religious fanatics

A right-to-die campaigner and former nun Kate Tobin, 50, above, claims she has been targeted by ‘religious fanatics’ who say it’s wrong for her to want to take her own life. The Irish Mirror reports that Tobin, from Clonroche in Wexford, wants to die with dignity before her Multiple Sclerosis takes over completely. But the 50-year-old ex-nun […]

Help this campaign to end assisted dying ban in the UK

Last year, because assisted dying is illegal mainly due to religious opposition in the UK, Jeffrey Spector, pictured above with his wife Elaine, was forced to travel to the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland to end his life. Elaine Spector explained here that her husband was suffering a terminal illness: Jeffrey said that if he had […]

Bishop warns of consequences of doctor-assisted suicide

Catholics could be denied last rites and funerals if they undergo doctor-assisted suicide according to Canadian Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa, above. According to this report, the Church might also refuse to conduct a funeral if  families strongly support and champion their loved one’s assisted-death decision. Prendergast said that Catholics who consider undergoing doctor-assisted suicide […]

Renowned British secularist Lord Avebury dies aged 87

Lord Avebury, pictured above, left, with the National Secular Society’s Keith Porteous Wood, was an honorary associate of the NSS who, in 2009, was awarded joint Secularist of the Year (with Evan Harris) for his role in the abolition of blasphemy. For more than a year he had been suffering from myelofibrosis, a form of […]