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Yoga may not send you to Hell, but it won’t get you to Heaven

Matt Walsh, above, described here as ‘a hipster Christian blogger’ and ‘basically an outright asshole’, last week went gunning for Christians who see no harm in yoga. He reported here that he tweeted: It’s kind of amazing to see all of the Christians who think nothing of going to a yoga class. There are many […]

German right-winger converts to Islam. Gays are the reason.

Arthur Wagner, 48, a far-right German politician, has caused an upset in his hardline, anti-Muslim ADF party by converting to Islam. Now it’s reported that some members of the Alternative für Deutschland party want him kicked out. He had been a key state legislative committee member for the AfD party in the German state of […]

US’s ‘most unpopular Governor’ plunges into religious waters

When it was announced by the Trump administration last year that Catholic Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, above, was to be nominated as an Ambassador for Religious Freedom,  Minority Leader Anthony Hensley suggested that the state would be well rid of Brownback. In a statement, Hensley said: Sam Brownback will be remembered for becoming the most […]

In parts of London Muslims & Jews say they are scared to die

Pressure is being put on a well-respected London coroner, Mary Hassell, above, to resign because she stands accused of being ‘insensitive’ to Jews and Muslims by failing to release bodies for burial fast enough. A member of the Jewish community told BBC Radio 4 tonight that the areas covered by St Pancras Coroner’s Court where […]

Humanist denied UK asylum

A British Humanist organisation has criticised the UK government for denying asylum to an ex-Muslim, saying that the Home Office has ‘a fundamental misunderstanding of equality and human rights protections with regards to non-religious people.’ Humanists UK was reacting to news that Hamza bin Walayat, who renounced Islam and became a humanist, had his application […]

What on earth was this German TV channel thinking?

This is what’s being shown on German State TV. Germany is running out of time. — /pol/ News Network Unleashed (@PNN_Unleashed) January 14, 2018 According to a Twitter post: It was shown on Lindenstrasse, Sunday evening soap on Das Erste. Very mainstream. Every household in Germany pays for this state funded dreck, as I […]

There is a tsunami of atheism in the ‘Muslim world’

I was recently interviewed by Thomas Mahler for the French Le Point. The Freethinker is the first to publish the English version of the interview which has made a lost of waves in France. Born in Tehran in 1966, Maryam Namazie left Iran after the advent of the Islamic Republic in 1979. This leftist woman, […]

Turkish academic claims Noah had a mobile phone & steel ark

Yavuz Örnek, above, a Turkish academic, has become an international figure of fun for claiming last week that Noah used a mobile phone to call his son shortly before the flood which, according to biblical and quranic mythology, engulfed the planet. According to this report, speaking on state-run channel TRT 1 on January 6, Örnek, […]

Making babies for Lord Kartik

The Indian province of West Bengal has an absurd Hindu custom that involves the placing of Kartik idols on the doorsteps of households with childless couples on last day of the ‘holy’ month of Kartik. Often a note is left with the idol warning couples of the sin they would be committing by not offering […]

Franklin Graham is warned not to incite hatred in the UK

Despite the fact that almost 7,500 people have signed a petition calling for Graham to be barred from entering the UK, he will be in the country in September to lead a ‘Festival of Hope’ evangelical extravaganza in the northern seaside resort of Blackpool. But, according to this report, he has been warned by local […]