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Muslim school in London spied on pupils in its toilets area

Sexism, poor hygiene and, disturbingly, a CCTV camera in the toilet area at the independent Darul Hadis Latifiah school for boys in Bethnal Green has led to its downgrading by education watchdog Ofsted. According to the BBC, Ofsted inspectors pupils were not being: Prepared for life in modern Britain. In addition to the camera, Inspectors […]

Muslim morality campaigner rids school of ‘satanic’ teacher

Music teacher Maria Shestopalova, above, was forced to resign after a self-styled Russian campaigner for morality in schools sent a dossier to her school bosses in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. According to the BBC Timur Bulatov boasted of his success in getting the 21-year-old “purged” on Russia’s version of Facebook, vKontakte. He professes to be fighting decadence […]

Fury in Sweden over leniency shown to Muslim rapists

Sweden’s Interior Minister Anders Ygeman, above, has called for stricter age tests following the gang rape of a boy by five teenagers from Afghanistan. Fury erupted in Sweden last week after it was reported that the gang, who filmed themselves assaulting the minor for over an hour, had only been sentenced to juvenile detention. In […]

Saudi court jails man for supporting women activists

Earlier this year,  Saudi women began been tweeting hundreds of thousands of messages denouncing the practice of male guardianship. Guardianship grants full legal control of almost all of a woman’s lifestyle decisions to her closest legal male guardian, whether it’s her father, her husband or, in some cases, her son. This legal status lasts the […]

No true Muslim takes joy in the tragic death of innocent souls

This week Hussam Aylous, above, the Los Angeles Director of CAIR, the Council on American–Islamic Relations, outraged many for celebrating on Twitter the Russian aircraft crash that killed 92 people. He said that he was “sad” over the crash because the plane that plunged into the Black Sea could easily have had many more people on board. […]

Jesus emerges out of storm to confront Islamic militants

An ‘angry Jesus with eyes blazing like fire’ confronted a bunch of Islamic militants intent on killing Christians ‘somewhere in the Middle East’. Details of the confrontation – which must be true because it appeared a few days ago on Bibles for Mideast, and not The Onion – were provided by “Haroon” (not his real […]

Religious beliefs should not be a barrier to patients’ needs

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has suggested a change to its guidelines that would place patients’ needs above the religious convictions of pharmacists – and in doing so has angered religious groups representing healthcare professionals. According to this report, Christian and Muslim groups say that the “significant” shift suggested by the GPhC, the independent regulator […]

Berlin Christmas market terrorist shot dead in Italy

Anis Amri, 24, above, the Tunisian man suspected of carrying out the Berlin truck attack was shot dead by police in Milan earlier today. Amri, according to The Telegraph, was the subject of a widespread manhunt following Monday’s atrocity which left 12 people dead and 49 injured. The Islamic State jihadist group said they were […]

Goat sacrificed to ensure the safety of a Pakistan plane

PIA, Pakistan’s national airline, has been roundly mocked after officials sacrificed a black goat to bring luck to a plane departing from Islamabad airport on Sunday. The animal was beheaded on the runway by airline officials before the take-off of a turboprop ATR-42 aircraft – the same model as the PIA plane that crashed into […]

Cop shoots Russian diplomat dead, shouts ‘God is great’

Russia’s ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov was shot dead earlier today by Mevlut Mert Altintas, above, a 22-year-old riot squad police officer. The Telegraph reports that the assassin shouted Allahu Akbar – God is great – as he pulled the trigger, and said: We die in Aleppo, you die here. We have made an oath to Mohammed to […]