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Teacher’s sex offences blamed on strict Muslim upbringing

Linda Hardan, 22, a former substitute teacher in New Jersey, has been sentenced to a three-years in prison for sending raunchy nude photos and  engaging in oral sex with three different male teen students. According to this report, Hardan’s defence attorney, Alissa Hascup, told judge Miguel de la Carrera that Hardan’s strict Muslim upbringing had […]

Birmingham sets aside burial space for damaged Korans

Damaged Korans that need to be disposed of will soon have their own burial ground, thanks to a decision by Birmingham City Council. According to this report, devout Muslims are expected to carefully bury old, worn out and damaged copies on pieces of land where people do not normally walk. The special burial site approved […]

Jilted Christian attacks former boyfriend with acid and scalpel

Nurse Lidia Fisiba, 26, above, was arrested in India this week for allegedly spraying acid on her ex-boyfriend’s face and slashing his cheeks with a scalpel after he refused to marry her and convert to Christianity. The victim, according to this report, is L Jayakumar, 32, a cloth merchant from Prakashnagar who is undergoing treatment […]

UK comedy show is an ‘act of terrorism’ against Muslims

A petition calling for the banning of a BBC2 comedy sketch – The Real Housewives of ISIS – has branded it ‘an act of terrorism against Muslim women’. The creator of the petition, Emma Bird, stupidly gives the impression that the sketch was to herald the start of a new comedy series about Muslim women. […]

Cardinal: ‘Soon we’ll all be Muslims because of atheism’

Monsignor Carlo Liberati, above, bishop emeritus of Pompeii, has warned that ‘atheism’ and ‘paganism’ – along with the acceptance of moral decadence that ‘goes against God’ – are to blame for the increasing Islamisation of Italy and other parts of Europe. According to this report, he said: In 10 years we will all be Muslims […]

‘Notorious Islamophobe’ will pray at Trump’s inauguration

Reports that Franklin Graham, left, will be praying alongside Donald Trump on Friday when the numbskull with the haystack hairdo becomes the 45th President of the the US has upset the Council on American-Islamic Relations. CAIR, according to this report, wants him dropped from the line-up professional god-botherers who will be present at the inauguration […]

Synagogue arson attack was a ‘protest’, not a hate crime

A regional court in Germany ruled this week that an attempt to set fire to a local synagogue in 2014 by three Muslims was an act meant to express criticism against Israel’s conduct in its ongoing conflict with Hamas, and was not an expression of anti-Semitism. The court sentenced the three men – Muhammad E, […]

Burqa ban will serve to boost the sex industry in Morocco

A bad-tempered debate has erupted on the Morocco World News website following a report that the Muslim country has banned the sale, production and import of burqas. Someone called Zigma Zigma suggested that the ban would serve only to boost Morocco’s “sex industries” by drawing in more foreigners. Christian M Davidson rubbished the suggestion: Come […]

Social integration trumps religious freedom, says ECHR

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled this week that Switzerland was justified in imposing fines on a pair of Muslim parents who refused to send their teenage daughters to compulsory mixed swimming lessons in the city of Basel. The case was brought before the ECHR by two Swiss nationals, of Turkish origin, according […]

Anglican bishop slams Koran reading in a Glasgow Cathedral

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, above, has called on the Scottish Episcopal Church to ‘discipline’ those responsible for allowing a Muslim woman to recite from the Koran at an Epiphany service at St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow last week. According to this report, Nazir-Ali angrily reacted after a video showing Madinah Javed reading from the Koran was […]