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Denmark hits Koran burner with its ancient blasphemy law

The ‘crime’ of blasphemy in Denmark has been around for over 150 years, and the last time it was used – unsuccessfuly – was in 1971. But it’s being dusted off again to prosecute a Danish man who posted a video of himself torching Koran on Facebook. According to this report, the 42-year-old put the […]

Muslim parents are allegedly ganging up on Oldham teacher

Fears that a new Trojan Horse plot has been hatched to Islamise a school in Oldham surfaced after a primary school headteacher claimed she was receiving death threats from Muslim parents. According to this report,  Clarksfield Primary School headteacher Trish O’Donnell, above, is said to have endured “harassment and intimidation” and “aggressive verbal abuse” from […]

Common humanity should be at the core of our politics

I was born in Iran; I am a migrant, a refugee. But I am not the “authentic other” that xenophobes love to hate nor am I the “authentic Muslim” promoted by the Islamists. To me, they are two sides of the same coin. In this day and age, migrant or “Muslim” very often automatically equals […]

Muslims voters told to support Labour or risk Allah’s wrath

Muslim voters in Stoke-on-Trent have been urged to vote Labour in an upcoming byelection in order to keep out Ukip’s Paul Nuttall, above, the party’s new leader. According to The Guardian, the Lib Dems alerted the police after messages sent to some Muslim voters in Stoke-on-Trent suggested they could go to hell if they failed […]

Valentine’s Day in Indonesia sees condoms confiscated

Acting on complaints from residents, police in the city of Makassar on Sulawesi island, yesterday raided shops and seized condoms. According to this report, a police official said: These raids were done after we received reports from residents that the mini-marts were selling condoms in an unregulated way, especially on Valentine’s Day. Indonesia’s highest Islamic clerical council declared Valentine’s Day forbidden […]

Malaysian ‘purity police’ swoop on pig bristle paint brushes

Thousands of paint brushes suspected of containing pig bristles were seized last week by Malaysian authorities after consumers in this Muslim-majority nation demanded a crackdown. Pigs and dogs are considered unclean by many Muslims, who make up some 60 per cent of Malaysia’s 30 million people. It is illegal in the country to sell products […]

Religion may cure Muslims with mental health issues

That’s the view of Dr Ghazala Mir, above, of Leeds University’s Institute of Health Sciences. She believes that therapists who have traditionally shied away from involving religion – and often regard it as the cause of mental illnesses – are wrong. According to the BBC, Mir said: We know that in Muslim populations people can […]

Court hears ‘vile’ Muslim child abusers shout ‘God is great’

Tayab Dad, above left, and Amjad Ali, right, shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ (‘God is great’) when they were sentenced in Sheffield Crown Court this week for their involvement in the sexual abuse of two girls in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, nearly 20 years ago. According to this report, they were among six men who were jailed this […]

From cult member to apatheist

Where do I start narrating my God apathy? My teenage years, or from way back to my childhood? My childhood it is! I was raised in a family of Grail Message adherents. It’s very unlikely you’ve heard of them as the Grail Message is not a popular religious movement. The Grail Message was written by […]

A Clash of the Uncivilised

Trump, Muslim Profiling and the Far-Right’s Assault Donald Trump’s suspension of new refugee admissions for 120 days and the barring of nationals from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia for 90 days (likely to be extended) is fundamentally about a far-right restructuring of US society under the guise of ‘stopping terrorism’ and defending […]