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Gay couple face 100 lashes each for breaching sharia law

Back in 2014, Indonesia’s Aceh province approved a law known as qanun jinaya which punishes people for having sex outside marriage with up to 100 lashes with a cane. Now it’s being reported that a couple face 100 lashes each after neighbours reported them to the shariah police for having gay sex. Officers said the […]

Spanish police arrest Muslim couple for abuse of daughter

In a case indicative of Spain’s determination to clamp down on Islamic extremism and child abuse, a husband and wife were arrested this week for abusing their daughter who had who strayed from their devout Muslim lifestyle. According to this report, the girl from San Javier in Murcia was insulted and beaten for her “Western” […]

Imam in hiding after calling for closure of Islamic schools

Australian imam Mohammed Tawhidi, above, claims he has been forced into hiding after voicing support for the ideas of anti-Islam campaigner Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Tawhidi, of the Islamic Association of South Australia, said he agrees with Ms Ali’s call to close Islamic schools in Australia. He has also rejected extremist groups. Ali cancelled her tour […]

International Atheist of the Year ceremony held in Poland

At the weekend, the International Atheist Award was jointly handed in Warsaw to Michael Nugent, of Atheist Ireland and Fauzia Ilyas, founder of the Atheist & Agnostic Alliance Pakistan (AAAP) which is affiliated to the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB). They are pictured above with holding their awards. The ceremony, organised by the Kazimierz Lyszczynski Foundation, […]

Muslim call to prayer dance remix sparks death threats

El Guitone nightclub in Nabeul, Tunisia has been shut down and is currently under investigation after video clips appeared on social media of Dax J, above, playing a remix of the Muslim call to prayer . Death threats against the British DJ soon followed, according to this report. Dax J had been making the rounds in […]

Teacher in trouble for saying Adam & Eve story is a myth

Parents of children attending a Muslim school in New York are furious that an English teacher, Nina Kossman, above, told a class that Adam and Eve did not exist. They are even angrier with Kossman for showing pupils a picture of the naked pair by 17th-Century artist Paul Rubens. Imani Al-Amin, an assistant to the […]

Kindergarten resists Muslims’ demand to sack gay teacher

Muslim parents in Germany who want a a gay teacher removed from a kindergarten have been told to put up or shut up. The parents, according to this report, threw their tantrum in the northern district of Reinickendorf after they discovered the teacher’s sexuality. They then threatened to gather names for a petition against him. […]

Not much wisdom

There’s this idea that even if you’re not a believer and you don’t see Holy Books as divinely dictated, still they’re a good source of wisdom. I’m not convinced of that. There’s a lot of gorgeous language in the King James translation of the Bible, to be sure, and some of the remarks attributed to […]

Ultra-Orthodox Jews are spared the sight of a female Smurf

The billboard above – advertising a a new Smurf movie – has been censored to ensure that Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Bnei Brak in Israel aren’t offended. According to this report, the original poster for Smurfs: The Lost Village, shows four of the tiny blue humanoids – but one one, a blonde Smurfette, was cropped from […]

‘If my son was killed for being an atheist, I’ll become one too’

Those words were reportedly spoken by R Hameed, the Muslim father of H Farook, 31, above, an atheist who was murdered in India ten days ago, allegedly by members of a Muslim radical group, Speaking to The Indian Express, 54-year-old Hameed said: If the police version is true, that he was murdered by a radical […]