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Former UK imam jailed for abusing a boy in a mosque

Mohammed Rabani, 61, a former imam at a mosque in Sneinton, Nottinghamshire, today (Thursday) received a five-year jail sentence after he was found guilty earlier this month of of three charges of indecent assault committed 25 years ago. According to this report, Nottingham Crown Court’s judge Gregory Dickinson QC told Rabani that the fact that the […]

Ejaculating onto a Koran is wrong on so many levels

Indian Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Naik, above, says masturbation is harmful. He warns that, among other things, its leads to back pain, weakness of memory and eyesight and premature aging. Oh, and it causes legs to shiver. When Naik issued his warning in last December, it would not have occurred to him that someone might […]

Who invited these imbeciles to the US’s Jerusalem embassy?

The Trump administration claims that it hasn’t a clue how two Christian supremacist preachers, Robert Jeffress, left, and John Hagee, became involved in the US’s new embassy in Jerusalem. In the wake of the bloodshed sparked by the opening – at more than 60 Palestinian protesters died when Israeli security forces opened fire on them […]

Outrage as teenage rape victim gets Islamic death sentence

Human rights groups around the world have expressed outrage over the fact that that a Muslim teen in Sudan, Noura Hussein, was sentenced to death this week for murdering husband after he had raped her. According to this report Hussein had no desire to get married. She was about 16, an aspiring teacher who hadn’t even […]

Muslims condemn French call to rid the Koran of its nasty bits

The head of the Great Mosque of Bordeaux, Tareq Obrou, above, is one of a number of Muslim leaders who have expressed outrage over an  ‘almost blasphemous’ letter signed by by 300 public figures who want ‘hateful’ verses in the Koran struck out. According to this report, the letter, titled Manifesto against the new anti-Semitism, has […]

More American Muslims are supporting same-sex marriage

A new report just released shows that opposition to same-sex marriage has decreased across a broad swath of religious groups in the United States – and that, for the first time, Muslims are part of the significant shift towards equality. According to this report, findings from the Public Religion Research Institute’s 2017 American Values Atlas, published […]

Religion trumps equality: court rules against London coroner

Senior coroner Mary Hassell, above, who refused to fast-track Muslim and Jewish burials, has been ordered by the High Court to reverse her policy. Under Jewish and Islamic law, bodies must be buried on the day of death or as soon as possible afterwards, but Hassell came into conflict with Muslim and Jewish groups by […]

Denmark’s bid to ban male circumcision hits the buffers

Denmark’s ruling Liberal Party has come out against a ban on the circumcision of young boys, meaning a controversial citizen’s proposal is unlikely to make it through parliament. According to this report, the citizen’s proposal for the ban had received 44,685 votes at the time of writing, bringing it within a whisker of the 50,000 […]

Removed in the dead of night

Back in October 2016, a US group that monitors far-right hate groups – think KKK and similar racist fomenters of violence – issued a new report/field guide on what it called ‘anti-Muslim public figures’. And on that list it included Maajid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, above – a liberal Muslim reformer and a conservative […]

US Secretary of State pick opposed by Muslims & Jews

Mike Pompeo, above, nominated by President Trump to replace Rex Tillerson for the top diplomatic post, faces stiff opposition from Muslim and Jewish groups who have united to condemn his ‘Islamophobia’. According to this report, as members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee begin hearings on whether to confirm Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State, […]