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Demand for atheism rises in countries under Islamic rule

The scientist and author Richard Dawkins is giving away translations of The God Delusion in countries under Islamic rule like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan. The reason behind the decision is the thirst for atheism in such countries. Whilst 3.3 million copies of the bestseller have been sold since 2006, the unofficial Arabic pdf alone […]

Belgian authorities seize Saudi Arabian controlled mosque

The Grand Mosque of Brussels, leased rent-free by Belgium to Saudi Arabia since 1969, has been taken back by the government in a move aimed at combating radicalism. According to this report, the 99-year lease was been terminated last week “with immediate effect”. The announcement last Friday is Belgium’s first official confirmation of the move […]

Love letter created to counter ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ missive

Muslim Engagement and Development, a national charity promoting political and social engagement and countering Islamophobia in the UK is circulating a “Love a Muslim Day” letter in a bid to counter one that incites violence towards Muslims. While the original “Punish a Muslim Day Letter” offered “rewards” for acts of abuse and violence – burning […]

Hate letters sent to UK Muslims sparks police probe

Letters offering ‘rewards’ to people who abuse or attack Muslims and mosques are being investigated by UK counter-terrorism forces. At the foot of each letter is a box that says: For further enquiries please contact HM Courts and Tribunal Services, 102 Petty France, London  SW1. According to this report, the letters – titled “Punish A […]

Sweden pledges to impose a ban on religious schools

Outlining its education policy ahead of this year’s General Election, Sweden’s governing Social Democrats yesterday pledged to ban religious schools in an effort to combat segregation. At a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden’s Minister for Public Administration Ardalan Shekarabi, above, said the Swedish education system needs to be based on the values and principals in […]

Another atheist has a run-in with hosts on Egyptian TV

Last year we reported that Egyptian atheist and human rights activist Ahmed Harqan had stormed out of Rania Mahmoud Yassin’s Al -Assema TV show after the presenter asserted that Egypt ‘unfortunately’ had 866 atheists, and that atheism was spreading ‘like wildfire’ in her country. We now learn that a second atheist, Mohammad Hashem, above, was […]

Circumcision ban ‘would hand Hitler a posthumous victory’

A heated debate has erupted in the wake of Iceland’s plan to abolish male infant circumcision – a ban that, according to  UK Jewish academic Dr Irene Lancaster, above, should be rigorously opposed by all observant Jews, even if it means breaking the law. Writing under the headline “Banning circumcision would give Hitler a posthumous […]

God tells Christian to sculpt a lion. It will be gifted to Israel.

Back in 2006, Texas sculptor Max Greiner Jr allegedly received a message from God, telling him to create a giant lion. He completed the Lion of Judah in 2017, and, according to this report, Christians are now trying to raise around $100,000 to fly the 1,034 lb sculpture to Israel to honour the 70th anniversary of […]

UK Muslims demand removal of ‘hateful’ messiah billboards

UK Muslims have reportedly launched a ‘coordinated campaign’ to have ‘offensive’ Ahmadiyya billboards removed from sites in London, Manchester and Glasgow. An email template opposing the billboards – seen by Christian Today  – claims that: The billboard incites hatred, it is deeply offensive and hurtful to millions of British citizens. The email urges other Muslims […]

Icelandic lawmakers are acting ‘like Nazis’ over circumcision

Jewish leaders in four Nordic countries have reacted angrily to a ban on non-medical circumcision proposed by Icelandic lawmakers. In an open letter deploring a bill that would prohibit the genital mutilation of male infants, Aron Verständig, Dan Rosenberg-Asmussen, Ervin Kohn and Yaron Nadbornik referred to the Nazi prohibition on brit milah, Jewish ritual circumcision. They […]